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Exclusive Video: 90 Seconds with Dylan Sherrard

08.15.2013 //

Kona rider Dylan Sherrard is known as not only an incredibly poised rider, but also a genuinely nice guy and, keeping with our anti-bro-brah mission here at Crankworx, we thought we’d profile the rider who is poised to enter tomorrow’s Whip Off Worlds competition and raise some eyebrows.

Exclusive: Teichrob Wins Crankworx Deep Summer Competition

08.15.2013 //

Nicolas Teichrob produces the winning slideshow in the annual photography smackdown–we have his entry and his feedback on victory night–as well as candid thoughts from the judges as to what they were looking for from Deep Summer 2013 contestants.

Photo of the Day: Dan Barham

08.15.2013 //

Seb Kemp. Nepal.

Photo of the Day: Steve Lloyd

08.14.2013 //

Dustin Schaad. Wasatch Mountains, Utah.

Exclusive Feature Story: Half Full

08.14.2013 //

Can one trail possibly be “the best”? It seems a ludicrous idea…unless, of course, you’ve happened to ride Squamish’s Half Nelson trail. Half Nelson has a way of convincing non-believers, thrilling the jaded and making you wish you lived within riding distance of Ted Tempany’s masterpiece.

Exclusive: Introducing Bike Magazine’s Heavy Pedal Tour 2013

08.14.2013 //

It’s on like Donkey Kong–Bike Magazine’s Heavy Pedal Tour is in motion and Natty and Trey are back in the van (or camper, to be exact) traveling the West in search of the best bike parks in existence.

News: Jared Graves’ Race Journal

08.14.2013 //

Yeti racer tells the story of his victory (and the week leading up to it) at the Whistler enduro

Exclusive: Our Playground

08.13.2013 //

There are countless cool places to cut loose, ride and escape it all. This is one of our favorites.

Photo of the Day: Ryan Creary

08.13.2013 //

Nick Quinn. Crested Butte, CO

Video: Crankworx Canadian Open Enduro

08.13.2013 //

Round 5 of the Enduro World Series went off in Whistler and the Whistler Mountain Bike Park as the ultimate test of bike handlnig skils, fitness and mental toughness. Australia’s Jared Graves won his first round of the EWS while French legend Anne Caroline Chausson had her own maiden victory of the series.

Photo of the Day: Nicolas Teichrob

08.12.2013 //

Curtis Robinson. Whistler, BC

News: Downieville Needs Your Support

08.12.2013 //

Downieville is a great place to ride, but it didn’t get that way by accident. It took work to make this place stellar–and it still does. The Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship is working daily to add and improve trails to the area and they deserve your help. Donate five bucks (until August 21st) to the cause and you’ll earn a shot at winning any Ibis bike of your choice. Do the math–it’s a hell of a deal. And if you don’t win the bike? Well, the trails around Downieville will be better because of your charity. It’s a win-win all the away around.

Video: Mont-Sainte Anne DH Finals

08.12.2013 //

What went down at Mont-Sainte Anne World Cup? Catch the complete rundown here.

Video: Dissent Family Vacation

08.12.2013 //

Just like your family vacations…wait, no, probably not like your family vacations at all, unless your family had a habit of packing James McSkimming, Mark Matthews, Bas van Steenbergen, Dustin Gilding, Harrison Mendel, Spencer Graf, Kirk McDowall and Anthony Evans into a car and roosting around the country. Check it out.

Photo of the Day: Margus Riga

08.11.2013 //

Darcy Turrenne. Victoria, BC

Video: Cedric Gracia Through My Eyes 6 – Whistler Part.1

08.11.2013 //

Would it be a Cedric Gracia video without the guy putting a cucumber in his pants? Probably not. The cucumber is in here, as well as a ton of good riding sequences. Enjoy.

Video: Crankworx Whistler 2013 – Dual Speed & Style

08.11.2013 //

The Dual Speed & Style saw Sweden’s Martin Soderstrom take his momentum from a win at the GT Dual Speed & Style at Crankworx Les 2 Alpes last month and put it to good use today to take gold in Whistler as well.

Photo of the Day: Scott Markewitz

08.10.2013 //

Eric Porter, Park City, UT

Video: Nico Vouilloz’s relentless pursuit of balance – Enduro Racing

08.10.2013 //

“The Alien” gives his take on enduro, the season so far and his approach to the Enduro World Series

Photo of the Day: Sterling Lorence

08.09.2013 //

Matt Slaven. Tucson, AZ

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