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Photo of the Day: Ryan Creary

08.23.2013 //

Nick Quinn. Fruita, CO

Photo of the Day: Nicolas Teichrob

08.22.2013 //

Curtis Robinson. Coast, BC

Video: In the Woods Part Two

08.22.2013 //

Following on from his acclaimed first installment, Peoplegrapher’s Lukas Tielke is back again to produce one of the best short films of the year so far. Amir Kabbani’s skills on a bike are pushed to the next level aboard his all mountain machine and Belgian wonder kid, Thomas Genon, also makes an appearance to stamp some new school slopestyle riding on the proceedings.

Video: Who Can Pull Off the Trickiest Line?

08.22.2013 //

The second installment of the RockShox game of Bike with Aaron Chase. This weeks competitor was Brett Rheeder. Check out the video of the boys having a little friendly competition of who can pull off the trickiest line.

Video: Smith Optics at Crankworx 2013

08.22.2013 //

The Smith Bike Team came together in Whistler, BC for the annual Crankworx event. From Graham Agassiz, Matt Hunter, and Mike Hopkins doing laps in the park, to the crew sending it at the Whip off World Championships, and the Grand Finale where Brandon Semenuk took home the win, the Smith Bike Team was on the scene.

VIdeo: Mavic Trans-Provence Teaser

08.22.2013 //

next month, 72 riders from all over the World including 20 of the planet’s top Enduro athletes will line up close to Sisteron for a 5th edition of wild, gravity-fuelled racing and adventure. Here’s a taste of what’s to come.

Photo of the Day: Margus Riga

08.21.2013 //

Self Portrait. North Vancouver, BC

Video: Duncan Philpott’s Deep Summer Slideshow

08.21.2013 //

Every contest has a dark horse–a rookie that could shake things up, but, frankly, did pretty well just to be included in the big show. Duncan Philpott was that guy in this year’s Deep Summer Challenge photo competition. Well, he was supposed to be that guy…right up until the time he kicked off the show and impressed everyone in sight.

News: Last Day to Win an Ibis of Your Choice

08.20.2013 //

Downieville is a great place to ride, but it didn’t get that way by accident. It took work to make this place stellar–and it still does. The Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship is working daily to add and improve trails to the area and they deserve your help. Donate five bucks (until August 21st) to the cause and you’ll earn a shot at winning any Ibis bike of your choice. Do the math–it’s a hell of a deal. And if you don’t win the bike? Well, the trails around Downieville will be better because of your charity. It’s a win-win all the away around.

Video: Enduro Racing with the Giant Factory Off-Road Team

08.20.2013 //

Giant Bicycle racers, Josh Carlson, Adam Craig and Kelli Emmett, talk about enduro racing and how it’s shaping both next year’s bikes and their own experiences as riders this season.

Photo of the Day: Scott Markewitz

08.20.2013 //

Scott Bradfield. Courmayeur, Italy

Off Track Podcast: Mont-Sainte Anne/Crankworx Remix

08.20.2013 //

Welcome to the greatest show on earth about racing. Tristan Merrick and Seb Kemp are joined today by Mad Dog Boris, ace photographer Sven Martin and Enduro World Series Director, Chris Ball. Today’s topics? Mont-Sainte Anne and Crankworx. Check it out.

Photo of the Day: Sterling Lorence

08.19.2013 //

Andrew Shandro and Mark Weir. Chilcotins, BC

Gallery: Shattered–the Aftermath of Crankworx

08.19.2013 //

Nine days. That’s how long Crankworx runs now. Nine long–exhilarating, yes–but seriously long days of riding, working, partying, cheering, crashing and groggily getting up to repeat it all over again. By the time you eventually pack up your muddy bike and limp back down the Sea-to-Sky corridor for home, you are officially shattered. This gallery by Reuben Krabbe is an ode to that feeling.

Exclusive: Haruki Noguchi’s Deep Summer Slideshow

08.18.2013 //

Simply being selected to compete in Crankworx’s annual Deep Summer Challenge is a sign that you’ve officially arrived as a professional photographer. Making it onto the podium at the end of the night? That takes skill, vision and a lot of hard work. Here’s a great example–this time, from Harookz Noguchi.

Photo of the Day: Reuben Krabbe

08.18.2013 //

Stephen Matthews. Whistler, BC

Exclusive: Garrett Grove’s Deep Summer Slideshow

08.17.2013 //

Here’s the second-place slideshow from Deep Summer 2013. We sat down with its creator, Garrett Grove, and got his take on the competition itself, his competitors and what it takes to put together some of the best mountain bike images of the year.

Gallery: Crankworx Giant Dual Slalom

08.17.2013 //

Rivalry at its most naked, the Dual Slalom’s pits two competitors, side by side, with the clock’s second hand as the guillotine dropping to eliminate one rider per round.

Photo of the Day: John Gibson

08.17.2013 //

Paul Basagoitia. Virgin, UT

Exclusive: 2013 Heavy Pedal Tour–Winter Park

08.16.2013 //

Our first stop on the tour was at Trestle Bike Park in Winter Park, Colorado. Trestle ranked as one of our favorite stops on last year’s tour. Did we still feel the love for Trestle? Check out the story.

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