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Photo of the Day: Scott Markewitz

09.16.2013 //

Katie Holden. Whistler, BC

Photo of the Day: Sterling Lorence

09.15.2013 //

Anthony Messere. Surrey, BC

Jinya Nishiwaki – Summer Time

09.15.2013 //

Summer’s coming to a close–you can feel it in the air. This video captures that end-of-summer feeling. It’s the perfect inspiration to go out there and get some while the getting’s good.

Video: Hafjell DH Bonus Footage

09.15.2013 //

While we wait for footage and results from the DH finals at Hafjell, here’s a teaser of the action.

Video: World Cup XC Action in Norway

09.14.2013 //

Here’s all the cross-country racing action from today’s World Cup in Hafjel, Norway. Check it out.

Video: Chris Akrigg–Trial Trails

09.14.2013 //

Just when you thought trials riding was impressive, but not terribly relevant to actually getting out and riding trails, Chris Akrigg comes out with this video that shows just how much better your daily ride could be if you had half of the man’s skills. A very cool video.

Photo of the Day: John Gibson

09.14.2013 //

Joe Schwartz. Balfour, BC

Photo of the Day: Mattias Fredriksson

09.13.2013 //

Åre Bike Festival in Åre, Sweden

News: Trials star, Martyn Ashton suffers significant spinal injury

09.13.2013 //

Martyn Ashton, international mountain bike trials legend, suffered a life-changing injured during a trials demo on September 1st. Here’s the update on Ashton’s status and current plans for the future.

News: Santa Cruz Debuts Latest Heckler

09.13.2013 //

The new Heckler is here: six inches of single=pivot travel and 27.5-inch wheels on a Bronson-esque geometry.

Video: This Is Peaty–Hafjell World Cup Course Preview

09.13.2013 //

Steve Peat along with #allthelads take you own a flat-out run down the 2013 Hafjell world cup track.

The Bakery: Season of Change

09.12.2013 //

The pits at races are full of campers and RV’s, kids and family pets, general chaos and parents who look around and exclaim “I wouldn’t change this for the world.” The scene is more National Lampoon than Norman Rockwell, but the opportunity to travel as a family and be inspired by their children’s commitment to a sport is all the reward needed to balance a parent’s devotion.

Video: The Staycation–A Vancouver Island Adventure

09.12.2013 //

Rocky Mountain’s athletes enjoy traveling all over the world to ride their bikes in unique, beautiful locations, but sometimes there’s something to be said for staying home–or at least staying on your home trails. This is a “stay cation” that most of us would kill to do.

Photo of the Day: Dan Barham

09.12.2013 //

Seb Kemp. Nepal.

Photo of the Day: Ryan Creary

09.11.2013 //

Nick Quinn. Canmore, AB

Off Track Podcast: World Championships Wrap Up and More

09.11.2013 //

Today, Off Track host, Tristan Merrick, is joined by Joey Schusler–racer, all-around bad-ass adventurer and (we don’t know how he does it) full-time “desk jockey” at Yeti Cycles. Schusler gives his insights on the action at Worlds, Joey’s own performances this year, life at Yeti Cycles and much more.

News: Manitou Shows off New All-Mountain Fork

09.11.2013 //

It’s been ages since Manitou had a fork that could go toe-to-toe with anything from Fox, RockShox or Marzocchi. That’s changed now with the debut of the Mattoc–a fork that borrows DH technology from the famed Dorado and squeezes it into a lightweight, single-crown package.

Video: Broers–An Excellent Case of Sibling Rivalry

09.11.2013 //

This short film by Liam Mullany explores the family history of Bas and Tom van Steenbergen, touches on how the brothers’ sibling rivalry has shaped them into the riders they are today, and showcases their diverse skills as riders.

Video: Cold Rolled–Snow Biking in the “UP”

09.11.2013 //

Fall is coming. Heck, it might even be here already if you happen to reside somewhere outside the sun belt. And what comes next? If you live in Michigan’s remote Upper Peninsula (“the UP”), the answer is snow. Lots and lots of snow. That, however, doesn’t stop the riders up in Marquette from riding….

Video: #whyMTB Chapter 3: Vanessa Hauswald

09.10.2013 //

What is the meaning of mountain biking? Why do we ride? In this third chapter, we return to our backyard in Sonoma County and meet Vanessa Hauswald, a former Petaluma English teacher now serving as the Executive Director of the Norcal League.

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