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News: Blather from the Bowels of Interbike–Day 2

09.20.2013 //

Interbike 2013 rolls on and we’ve got more photos, more thoughts and more insights (well, more or less) on the latest trends and happenings bubbling up from the bowels of Vegas.

Video: Tour De Vegas

09.19.2013 //

Interbike is more than bikes and gear. It’s an experience: a mutant, sleep-deprived, mind-bending experience. Sorta like Las Vegas itself. We could slaughter a lot of nouns and verbs here in an attempt to summarize that experience, but we’d never do it justice…here’s a tour through some of the classic Vegas experiences–machine guns, porn super stores and all.

Gallery: From the Tradeshow Floor–Day 1

09.19.2013 //

Day one of Interbike 2013 kicked off today and while many of the Bike staff were sidetracked by the local sights and scenes, there was a bit of time to go and see the new products and bike-related weirdness on display.

Gallery: Outdoor Demo Day Two

09.18.2013 //

Interbike–that annual tradition of trudging from one tradeshow booth to another–is always preceded by On Dirt Demo, two days of actually riding bikes in the Nevada desert. Here are some of the things that caught our eye on our second day in the sun.

First Impressions: 2014 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon EVO 29er

09.17.2013 //

There are actually 11 Stumpjumper FSR bikes and three frame-only options to choose from, ranging in price from $2,900 to $9,500. The back-in-black model here—the Expert Carbon EVO 29er—is the angry, pissed off member of the sprawling Stumpjumper family. Here are our first impressions, straight from the dirt, here at Interbike 2013.

Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review–Yeti SB66c

09.16.2013 //

The Yeti SB66c has been called a “quiver-killer”. Of course, that’s been said of a lot of bikes, but is there another ultra-light, six pound all mountain bike that has been raced to a World Cup DH podium? Nope. The Yeti SB66c is a rare bike, no doubt about it–light and efficient enough to tackle all-day climbs, yet capable of smoothing the ugliest lines on technical descents.

Video: World Cup DH 2013–the Highlights from Hafjell

09.16.2013 //

Wet, brutal…the rain hit the ground hard in Hafjell on Sunday and so did a hell of a lot of good riders. Here’s a snapshot of the carnage, the sorrow and the glory in yesterday’s round of World Cup DH racing. Here, in short, are the Hafjell highlights.

Photo of the Day: Scott Markewitz

09.16.2013 //

Katie Holden. Whistler, BC

Photo of the Day: Sterling Lorence

09.15.2013 //

Anthony Messere. Surrey, BC

Jinya Nishiwaki – Summer Time

09.15.2013 //

Summer’s coming to a close–you can feel it in the air. This video captures that end-of-summer feeling. It’s the perfect inspiration to go out there and get some while the getting’s good.

Video: Hafjell DH Bonus Footage

09.15.2013 //

While we wait for footage and results from the DH finals at Hafjell, here’s a teaser of the action.

Video: World Cup XC Action in Norway

09.14.2013 //

Here’s all the cross-country racing action from today’s World Cup in Hafjel, Norway. Check it out.

Video: Chris Akrigg–Trial Trails

09.14.2013 //

Just when you thought trials riding was impressive, but not terribly relevant to actually getting out and riding trails, Chris Akrigg comes out with this video that shows just how much better your daily ride could be if you had half of the man’s skills. A very cool video.

Photo of the Day: John Gibson

09.14.2013 //

Joe Schwartz. Balfour, BC

Photo of the Day: Mattias Fredriksson

09.13.2013 //

Åre Bike Festival in Åre, Sweden

News: Trials star, Martyn Ashton suffers significant spinal injury

09.13.2013 //

Martyn Ashton, international mountain bike trials legend, suffered a life-changing injured during a trials demo on September 1st. Here’s the update on Ashton’s status and current plans for the future.

News: Santa Cruz Debuts Latest Heckler

09.13.2013 //

The new Heckler is here: six inches of single=pivot travel and 27.5-inch wheels on a Bronson-esque geometry.

Video: This Is Peaty–Hafjell World Cup Course Preview

09.13.2013 //

Steve Peat along with #allthelads take you own a flat-out run down the 2013 Hafjell world cup track.

The Bakery: Season of Change

09.12.2013 //

The pits at races are full of campers and RV’s, kids and family pets, general chaos and parents who look around and exclaim “I wouldn’t change this for the world.” The scene is more National Lampoon than Norman Rockwell, but the opportunity to travel as a family and be inspired by their children’s commitment to a sport is all the reward needed to balance a parent’s devotion.

Video: The Staycation–A Vancouver Island Adventure

09.12.2013 //

Rocky Mountain’s athletes enjoy traveling all over the world to ride their bikes in unique, beautiful locations, but sometimes there’s something to be said for staying home–or at least staying on your home trails. This is a “stay cation” that most of us would kill to do.

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