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Video: Mountain Biking Chamonix

10.21.2013 //

Considered to be ‘the extreme capital of the world’ and home to Europe’s mightiest landscapes, Chamonix Mont Blanc, France, has a lot to live up to. But is it all it’s cracked up to be? The Trail Ninja gets down and dirty with Chamonix’s toughest mountain bike trails and discovers a secret or two.

Photo of the Day: Dan Barham

10.21.2013 //

Dylan Sherrard, Kamloops, BC

Video: Road Rage

10.20.2013 //

The premise is simple: go downhill fast. What makes this competition a bit more interesting, however, is that this isn’t a downhill mountain bike race; Red Bull’s Road Rage is a race down Colorado’s Guanella Pass–and it’s all asphalt. BMX bike, road bike, mountain bike–as long as it has two functioning brakes, you can race it in Road Rage.

Photo of the Day: Ryan Creary

10.20.2013 //

Fernie, BC

Photo of the Day: Nicolas Teichrob

10.19.2013 //

Curtis Robinson. Utah

Tested: Troy Lee Designs 5400 Knee Guards

10.19.2013 //

Knee pads don’t just have to be part of the freerider’s costume. Before trying Troy Lee Designs’ 5400 Knee Guards, I didn’t expect them to be so versatile. I thought they would act as a perfect double act in the winter – knee warmers and protection – but come the summer would probably be relegated to being worn around my ankles on long, hot climbs. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find they never needed to leave my knees.

Video: The Relentless Pursuit of Balance – Engineering and Development

10.18.2013 //

In this video we take an close look at the development process of SRAM’s MTB wheels by meeting the engineers, technicians and product managers that produced and tested the SRAM wheels Nicolas Vouilloz chose for his successful return to racing, and which are now available to all riders.

Photo of the Day: Margus Riga

10.18.2013 //

Bariloche, Argentina

Preview: Mavic Notch Helmet

10.17.2013 //

Making a good helmet these days is no simple task–that’s particularly true of enduro lids, which need to be light and breathe well, yet also need to offer a bit more coverage than your garden-variety, Swiss Cheese replica cross-country helmet. The Notch is Mavic’s recent addition to the market. Here are some thoughts after stinking this one up in Sedona.

Photo of the Day: Scott Markewitz

10.17.2013 //

Cam Zink. Whistler, BC

Video: Andi Wittmann’s Nine Knights Giant Glory

10.17.2013 //

Giant-sponsored rider Andi Wittmann takes us behind the scenes at the Nine Knights freeride contest and talks about an event that he helped create, as well as the setup on his Giant Glory that he rode at the 2013 Nine Knights event in Livigno, Italy.

Exclusive: 2014 Bible of Bike Tests Begins

10.16.2013 //

Bike Magazine’s Bible of Bike Tests–our annual gear guide–has begun and this time around we’re testing some of the year’s best bikes on the trails of Sedona, Arizona.

Video: Kyle Strait’s Winning Rampage Run

10.15.2013 //

Kyle Strait’s killer run at Red Bull Rampage made him the winner of Red Bull Rampage and the only rider to win the competition more than once.

Exclusive: 2013 Heavy Pedal Tour–Aspen (Snowmass)

10.14.2013 //

Words and Photos by Natty and Trey Val-hal-la (noun) Norse mythology. Hall of Heroes. The hall in which Odin received the souls of slain heroes. A place of honor, glory or happiness: Heaven. As we would soon discover, the trail at Snowmass named Valhalla is indeed heaven on two wheels. When we found out that […]

Video: 2013 Heavy Pedal Tour–Aspen (Snowmass)

10.14.2013 //

Before we arrived at Snowmass we spoke a few times on the phone with one of the marketers. With a modest tone, She said, “we only have a few trails”. What she neglected to say is that one of the current three trails is worth riding 100 times over again.

Video: Could You Do This When You Were 10?

10.13.2013 //

What were you doing at age 10? Here’s 10-Year old Seth Sherlock, absolutely owning Squamish B.C.

Photo of the Day: John Gibson

10.13.2013 //

24 Hours of Adrenaline. Alberta, Canada

Video: Rampage Rain Day – Paul Basagoitia

10.12.2013 //

A longtime veteran of the mountain bike competition scene, Paul Bass returns for his second Red Bull Rampage, giving us a very candid view of what…

Video: Rampage Rain Day Turns Into Super Session

10.12.2013 //

Rain moved into the area on Wednesday evening and continued through the night, so Thursday’s practice at Red Bull Rampage was cancelled and the riders were forced to take a day off from the official competition schedule. Bad weather wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, however — watch the core of the sport in the video […]

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