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Video: This Is Peaty–Episode 7

11.08.2013 //

Another hectic week, with bikes, beer, ladyboys and bars, we were all ruined and ready for home.
Check out the full story inside Episode 7.

Friday Five: Stretching And Warming Up

11.08.2013 //

A good dynamic warm-up is an important piece of your strength and conditioning session. It reduces the risk of injury, gives you movement practice, and is a great place to incorporate some corrective drills into our program. Monika Marx of Marx Conditioning gives you some smart suggestions.

Video: Opposites Attract

11.08.2013 //

Scott’s Genius LT has always been a bike with a serious mission–to excel on everything from day-to-day trail riding to high-speed gravity pursuits. There’s a wide gulf between those two camps, yet the Genius LT has always aimed to bridge it, with just the flick of a switch.

Photo of the Day: Dan Barham

11.07.2013 //

Dylan Sherrard. Kamloops, BC

Video: Sven Martin Shoots Crankworx

11.07.2013 //

This feature takes us behind the scenes with Sven Martin, one of the most recognized downhill dirt shooters at the world’s premiere mountain bike festival, Crankworx–the largest mountain bike festival ever.

Video: Instinct in the Monashees

11.07.2013 //

Rocky riders, Wade Simmons and Kevin Calhoun, headed to the Monashee Mountains near Revelstoke, British Columbia to shoot an autumn alpine video of the new carbon Instinct. Mother Nature, however, had different plans and decided that some decent snowfall was in order, which makes for some excellent video. Check it out.

Video: Winter Does Not Suck in Sunny Spain

11.06.2013 //

Winter has arrived and that means a contingent of mountain biking Brits will wake up, ponder their cold, wet and miserable near future, and decide to bugger off to some place warm. Italy, the south of France… Spain.

News: Launches Instagram Contest

11.06.2013 //

Wish you could show off your own trails and your skill with a camera? We’re starting a contest that’ll give you the opportunity to do that.

Video: What is ‘Cross?

11.06.2013 //

What is cyclocross? While that question may sound a bit “entry-level,” there’s still some quality footage and content in this video, which goes to the right source for information: Belgium. The video also taps into the minds of the best racers to have lined up at a cyclocross race, which might just be the most brutal thing you can do with an hour of your time each winter. Check it out.

Photo of the Day: Ryan Creary

11.06.2013 //

Kathy Nomura. Southern Chilcotins, BC

Photo of the Day: Margus Riga

11.05.2013 //

Garett Buehler. Whistler, BC

Video: Yeti Tribe Gathering – Telluride, Colorado

11.05.2013 //

Each year hundreds of Yeti Freaks from all over the world journey to the mountains of Colorado for a weekend of epic riding, tasty food and cold beer…

Video: Mobilize Me

11.05.2013 //

For most of us, bikes aren’t a necessity. They may feel that way–a day without riding can feel like torture–but most of us don’t rely on a bike to feed our family, to bring home a paycheck or to simply survive. It’s different in more desperate corners of the world.

Photo of the Day: Scott Markewitz

11.04.2013 //

Andreu Lacondeguy.. Whistler, BC

First Impressions: 2014 Marin Attack Trail XT8

11.04.2013 //

If you’ve been paying attention to all the Interbike/Eurobike/Outerbike posts this season, you’ve probably seen a hell of a lot of bandwidth sacrificed in praise of the Marin Bicycle’s new mountain bikes, which, and I’m going to be blunt here, is a big change.

Tested: Durango Pucker 650b Ti SS

11.03.2013 //

The pucker Ti is a blast to ride. At less than 23 pounds, the singlespeed rewards out-of-the-saddle efforts with astonishing speed. our bike was equipped with 34×20 gearing, which might be too low for the über-fit, but was perfect wintertime gearing in the mountains.

Photo of the Day: Sterling Lorence

11.03.2013 //

Rebecca Rusch and Sondra Williamson. Sun Valley, ID

Photo of the Day: John Gibson

11.02.2013 //

Andreu Lacondeguy and Arnaud Kugener. Chatel, France

Tested: Xpedo Spry Flat Pedals

11.02.2013 //

With their sticker price of just $70, Xpedo’s new Spry flat pedals are one of the more affordable, lightweight flat pedals on the market. We’ve been bashing on these a bit and have some thoughts on both the pros and cons of the wallet-friendly pedal.

Photo of the Day: Mattias Fredriksson

11.01.2013 //

Chris Winter. Zermatt, Switzerland.

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