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News: Iconic Images Up for Grabs

11.20.2013 //

We’re selling 42 of the most iconic images to have ever graced the pages of BIke Magazine. This is your chance to nab some for yourself. Best of all–the proceeds all go to support WORCA and the great trail work they perform around Whistler.

News: A Nod to the Man Who Changed It All

11.19.2013 //

We may mock the Sting-Ray today–the goofy Ape Hanger bars, the banana seats, the requisite tassles and flower basket… This bike, however, laid the foundation for BMX and mountain biking. Here’s a nod of respect to the children’s chopper and the man who created it.

Photo of the Day: Scott Markewitz

11.19.2013 //

Paul Basagoitia. Page, AZ

News: December Issue Soon to Hit the Street

11.18.2013 //

The December issue of Bike Magazine will soon hit the streets and it’s full of stories and reviews that’ll be the cause of countless deadlines missed, meetings skipped and pet cats left unfed. Our apologies to your cat. Here’s a peek at the goods in the upcoming issue.

Photo of the Day: Sterling Lorence

11.18.2013 //

Southern Chilcotins, BC

December 2013

11.18.2013 //

DECEMBER 2013 ISSUE ANGEL’S SHARE An exploration of Scotland’s storied single malts (and a wee bit of single track). RUNAWAY TRAIN A family of four finds freedom on the high route from Missoula to Banff. DREAM BUILDS AND EDITORS’ PICKS We test a lot of bikes and we always get asked, “Which bikes do you

Photo of the Day: John Gibson

11.17.2013 //

Cam Zink. Chatel, France

Video: “Hills of Home” Teaser

11.16.2013 //

This might be the first teaser I’ve seen for a cross-country video in…I dunno, forever and then some, really. The production value on “Hills of Home” looks impressive; it makes watching a U23 racer in Lycra (Pirmin Kuss) shredding Schwarzwald singletrack on his hardtail look downright cool, whirch frankly, is no small feat. Viva the variety.

Photo of the Day: Mattias Fredriksson

11.16.2013 //

Danny MacAskill. Stockholm, Sweden

Video: Fall Follow

11.16.2013 //

Germans catch air, fall leaves drift to the ground…shredding ensues.

Video: “Not Bad for 10-Year Olds”

11.15.2013 //

To celebrate their decade aboard Specialized bikes, Matt Hunter and Darren Berrecloth have teamed up with legendary photographer Sterling Lorence to capture more of the iconic imagery which has established them at the top of the freeride world. Here’s a video showcasing that effort and chronicling a decade of great riding.

Tested: Specialized S-Works Enduro 29er

11.15.2013 //

I really hate 29ers. I think they are for old men to ride when they’re not playing golf. I’m sure that’s why I got the assignment to test the highly anticipated 29-inch Specialized S-Works Enduro Carbon….

Dirty Words: Take Me Home, Unpaved Roads

11.15.2013 //

November is one of the best times for riding gravel roads here in Virginia. The nearby Horse Country has a long history of unpaved roads that are great for riding a nice horse with a comfortable trot or a comfortable bike with a smooth grind over pea gravel. The bike has an advantage because it doesn’t eat expensive winter hay and grain.

Photo of the Day: Dan Barham

11.15.2013 //

Callum Jelley. Whistler, BC

Long-Term Test: Syntace W35 MX Wheelset

11.14.2013 //

There are wide rims. There are very wide rims. And then there are the Syntace W35 MXs. With a sprawling internal width of 28.5 millimeters, these lightweight, all-mountain rims are a good 4 millimeters wider than what you’ll find on many downhill hoops.

Video: Kelly McGarry’s 72-foot Canyon Gap POV

11.14.2013 //

That 72-foot canyon gap? It’s here. Watch the helmet cam footage from Kelly McGarry’s 2nd place run at Red Bull Rampage 2013.

Photo of the Day: Ryan Creary

11.14.2013 //

Maah Daah Hey Trail, North Dakota

News: Score a Ride with Santa Cruz Bicycles & the Syndicate

11.13.2013 //

Thirty percent off any Santa Cruz Bicycles model you want? Ride with the Syndicate in Santa Cruz? VIP tickets to the premier of Steve Peat’s new movie? Online retailer, The Clymb, is offering all that, but it’s happening in just a few days–you have to jump on this now.

Video: Wink Grant–Insight

11.13.2013 //

Wink’s definitely quiet, and it might be cliché to say this, but he lets his riding do the talking. He’s quietly established himself as one of the most stylish riders in mountain biking. Contests seem to go a long way towards determining your reputation on the bike these days, but Wink’s managed to do this without the exposure that a big slope-style result brings.

Video: Tyler McCaul’s God Luck and Good Speed

11.13.2013 //

Crashes, fireworks, big tricks, boobs and good times. A montage to challenge all montages…

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