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The Web Monkey Speaks: Safety is Overrated

10.12.2015 //

Lying on my back, concussed into a stupor, it occurs to me that there are plenty of safer things to do than ride a mountain bike. Problem is, most of them just aren’t worth doing.

The Best Value Bikes of 2016

10.08.2015 //

This year is brimming with blinged out, high-zoot, lightweight and thoroughly badass mountain bikes. Those adjectives, however, don’t always share real estate in the same sentence with words like “value.” So, what the hell, here’s a list of some bikes that I think present a good value. They aren’t “cheap,” they might not even be “affordable,” but they are all a hell of a lot of bike for the buck.

Review: Trek Slash 8 27.5

10.06.2015 //

Trek’s Remedy model often overshadows its rowdier stable mate, the Slash. Trek’s Slash, however, takes the ability to brawl up a solid notch or two, with 6.3 inches of rear suspension, a more gravity-oriented geometry and both a stouter frame and parts pick.

Preview: Race Face Agent Winter Shorts

10.01.2015 //

Not all shorts are equal when it comes to winter. Race Face’s new Agent Winter Shorts bring a few new features to the table.

Review: Santa Cruz Tallboy C

09.30.2015 //

When Santa Cruz’s Tallboy debuted in 2009 it quickly established itself as The Bacon of 29ers. But does it hold up to the new breed of full-suspension wagon wheelers?

The Web Monkey Speaks: My Bad

09.28.2015 //

I haven’t pushed my kids on the bike-riding thing. I never wanted to be one of those parents who tries to mold their kids into a smaller version of themselves. But when does being hands-off as a parent lapse into being half-assed as a parent?

Preview: Ibis 941 Wheelset

09.23.2015 //

Ibis’ 941 wheelset encapsulates just about every trend that’s whipped through the wheel market these past six years, but it has much more than just trendiness going on.

The Web Monkey Speaks: Coming Home

09.13.2015 //

You can’t go home again…That famous sentiment is one of those things in life that makes increasing (and depressing) sense as you grow older. You can’t relive the past, recapture the glory of your youth or, in some cases, even recognize the place that you used to call home. But you can try…

Preview: Specialized Recon Mixed Terrain Shoe

09.10.2015 //

Old-school aesthetics, new-school features. Specialized’s new Recon Mixed Terrain shoe is an interesting mix of road and dirt technologies.

Tested: Osprey Escapist 32

09.03.2015 //

Bikepacking is pretty damn cool. Extending out rime in the outdoors so that we move beyond the brief, impersonal rip through the countryside? I’m all for that. The gear that’d let you extend your stay, however, has been lacking. That’s where the Osprey Escapist series comes in.

Tested: LifeProof Bike and Bar Mount

09.01.2015 //

Smart phones are unbelievably cool chunks of mobile technology. The question is this: How do you actually mount them to your bike? It’s hard, after all, to partake of all that awesome when the thing is slumbering away in the depths of your jersey pocket or hydration pack.

The Web Monkey Speaks: A Few of My Favorite Things

08.31.2015 //

Every August hordes of bike geeks descend upon Friedrichshafen, Germany to fondle all the shiny new crud and post web stories about it all… Well, before we get all titillated about 2016, allow me to take a moment to reflect on some of the tech-related crap that I was hot and bothered about in 2015.

Review: Specialized Camber Comp Carbon

08.22.2015 //

Vernon’s final take on the middle child in Specialized’s mountain lineup.

Exclusive: Gathering Storm

08.20.2015 //

We just lost some of the best trails in America, and it’s going to happen again. Here’s why.

The Web Monkey Speaks: Pixelated Presence

08.17.2015 //

It’s silly, this constant cataloging and rating of life. The Facebook posts about what we’re about to eat, the rush to constantly pull out a smartphone and tweet what is happening around us…It all misses the point of, you know, living your life.

Tested: Pearl Izumi Launch Glove

08.13.2015 //

Pearlizumi beefed up its Launch glove for 2015. The good news? The glove retains its excellent feel and fit, but gained a bit of brawn.

Tested: Bontrager Lithos Helmet

08.06.2015 //

The Lithos has been kicking around the helmet world for a while now, but this latest model differs greatly from past versions.

The Web Monkey Speaks: Creeping Death

08.03.2015 //

Democrat and Republican, head hunter and vegetarian, puritan and porn star–we once were all on board with what a cycling sock should look like. But that was then and this is now–a now full of really stupid-looking socks.

Tested: Hot `N Spicy Pork Rinds

07.30.2015 //

When you are 13 hours deep into a drive and you stumble into the gas station at two in the morning, bleary eyed and gacked to the gills on two Red Bulls and four cans of Starbucks Double Shot Espresso…you have a tendency to forget all about kale. At times like that, you find yourself reaching for a bag of evil. You get the pork rinds…

Tested: Bontrager Ion 700 R USB Headlight

07.23.2015 //

You don’t expect a whole hell of a lot from a light that fits into a tube the size of a lipstick case, but Bontrager’s Ion 700 R USB headlight packs a punch despite its diminutive size.

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