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The Web Monkey Speaks: Creeping Death

08.03.2015 //

Democrat and Republican, head hunter and vegetarian, puritan and porn star–we once were all on board with what a cycling sock should look like. But that was then and this is now–a now full of really stupid-looking socks.

Tested: Hot `N Spicy Pork Rinds

07.30.2015 //

When you are 13 hours deep into a drive and you stumble into the gas station at two in the morning, bleary eyed and gacked to the gills on two Red Bulls and four cans of Starbucks Double Shot Espresso…you have a tendency to forget all about kale. At times like that, you find yourself reaching for a bag of evil. You get the pork rinds…

Tested: Bontrager Ion 700 R USB Headlight

07.23.2015 //

You don’t expect a whole hell of a lot from a light that fits into a tube the size of a lipstick case, but Bontrager’s Ion 700 R USB headlight packs a punch despite its diminutive size.

The End of the Beginning: Remembering Scot Breithaupt

07.21.2015 //

Scot Breithaupt founded the sport of BMX racing before he was even old enough to drive a car. The man influenced many of mountain biking’s most famous racers. Unfortunately, Breithaupt’s demons caught up with him earlier this month.

The Web Monkey Speaks: Circulus, Where Are You?

07.20.2015 //

You can say that a miniature velodrome is nothing more than a novelty, but for a few years, Circulus was a phenomenon in its own right. Then the track suddenly dropped off the radar, which only added to its cult status. Whatever became of Circulus?

Preview: Industry Nine PillarCarbon Enduro 27.5

07.16.2015 //

Over the years, Industry Nine has earned a reputation for building lightweight wheelsets that can still take a beating. Do Industry Nine’s latest carbon wheels maintain that tradition of bomber durability? That’s what we were wondering.,,

Review: Cannondale Jekyll 3

07.08.2015 //

Click the handlebar-mounted travel adjuster and the Jekyll morphs from downhill slayer to climbing stud.

The Web Monkey Speaks: Buzzkill

07.06.2015 //

I understand that the rest of the world loves summer and the whole ritual of courting melanoma at the beach, but I’m waving the flag of surrender over here. Color me a wimp, but I’m done with the heat, the funk and the flies. I’m ready for a little winter in July.

Tested: Specialized Zee Cage II with Tool

07.02.2015 //

It’s a water bottle cage. No, it’s a multi-tool. Actually, it’s both. Here’s the story on Specialized’s Zee Cage II with Tool.

Review: Kona Process 153

07.01.2015 //

Read Vernon’s final take on Kona’s all-mountain slayer.

Tested: Fox Demo Freeride Shorts

06.25.2015 //

Some people might assume that a product with the word “Freeride” attached to it is only going to be well suited to the gravity types, but Fox’s Demo Freeride shorts are ideal for anyone who hankers for all-day pedals in the backcountry.

The Web Monkey Speaks: Are You Going to Wear That?

06.22.2015 //

There’s a golden rule that applies to cycling apparel: Everything that riders think looks cool, will only look cool for approximately X minus 3 years, where X represents the date the graphic designer actually dreamed up the design. By the time that bitchin’ lime green jersey or pair of plaid knickers reaches your local bike shop’s shelves, it’s a ticking time bomb of lame.

Tested: Troy Lee Designs SE Gloves

06.18.2015 //

You put a glove on your hand and it…well, it covers your hand doesn’t it? I mean, when a glove walks into a job interview, it kind of knows what it’s signing up for. It’s a straightforward sort of gig…and yet some gloves still manage to suck mightily.

Long-Term Test: Xpedo Spry Pedals

06.11.2015 //

While eighty bucks ain’t chump change, it’s a relatively good deal for a durable set of flat pedals. But the question was this: were the Xpedo Spry pedals actually durable? Would they stand the test of time? A year and a half later, here’s the answer…

The Web Monkey Speaks: Screw Retro

06.08.2015 //

When it comes to mountain bikes, Vernon wants to keep the past where it belongs: in the past.

Preview: Easton Heist 30 Wheelset

06.04.2015 //

Wheels have gotten stupid expensive. While Easton’s Heist wheels aren’t going to qualify as “cheap” or “inexpensive” in anyone’s book, they sell for less coin than a lot of wheelsets these days. More to the point, they have a hell of a lot going for them.

Tested: Five Ten Freerider Contact

05.28.2015 //

The Freerider Contact is a flat-pedal shoe that seeks to offer what Five Ten is famous for (outstanding grip), but in a sleeker, lighter package. Here’s how it fared after a winter of abuse.

News: Kona Opens Shop Where It all Began

05.25.2015 //

Bellingham, Washington needs another bike shop like Las Vegas needs another drive-thru marriage chapel or all-you-can-eat buffet. This small, northern border town is already packed with places that’ll true a wheel or sell you some lube…. and yet Kona Bicycles is opening their own shop here. Why? What’s the story?

Tested: Bell Super 2R

05.21.2015 //

Bell’s Super 2R is supposed to be two helmets in one: unsnap a couple of buckles and it transforms from full-face helmet to cross-country lid. Sounds impressive. How does it actually pan out on the trail?

Preview: Giant Trance Advanced 27.5 2

05.14.2015 //

There are carbon frames that cost nearly as much as this bike–Giant’s least expensive carbon Trance model. So what’s the catch? Are the parts crap? Here are some first thoughts after a few months aboard the Trance Advanced 27.5 2.

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