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5 Minute Break: Why #1: Dan Gronross

05.13.2012 //

Source: Dan Barham The first of a series of short films exploring the one word that seems to be missing from much of the bike industry – “why?” Dan Gronross has lived in British Columbia for eight years, and for the longest time rode mountain bikes exclusively, much of it in Whistler’s Bike Park, until

Dirty Words: Sh*t Bikes Owned But Not Loved

05.11.2012 //

Sh*t Bikes I have owned but not loved

…and in Other News – Surf City Surf Dog Event Announces New Title Sponsor

05.09.2012 //

We get tons of press releases. A lot of times they are fantastically humorous and/or outrageous. We’ve decided to share some of our favorites with you, unedited, in our new section called: “…and in Other News.” …and in Other News: HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. –Book That Event, owners and organizers of the Surf City Surf Dog

5 Minute Break: Continental Athletes – Driver Safety Training at Contidrom

05.09.2012 //

Source: Red Bull Continental Athletes Danny MacAskill, Martin Söderström, Dan and Rachel Atherton, Richie Schley, Kenny Belaey, Marc Beaumont and Thomas Litscher were invited by Joerg Malcherek from Continental for a Security Driving Training at the Contidrom test driving ground in Germany. Watch as these pro mountain bikers drive powerful cars on different courses and

Video: Fabien Barel Presents – Introduction to the Season (Series)

05.08.2012 //

Source: Mavic Fabien Barel and Mavic have embarked on a unique journey: Fab is traveling the world to experience the all-mountain life with his friends, some of the best riders on the planet. Here’s a preview of what the upcoming season (5 videos, 1 per month) will bring.

5 Minute Break: Mavic – Twenty-niner testing with Cannondale Riders

05.08.2012 //

Source: Mavic Mavic engineers found some singletrack to test the latest Crossmax 29er wheels with Marco Aurélio Fontana and Manuel Fumic of the Cannondale Factory racing team. By taking feedback early in the season from these elite riders, Mavic can optimize products for the upcoming model year. And, this testing also allows investigation of special

Nemo Equipment Losi 2P Tent Review

05.08.2012 //

My first experience with Nemo Equipment’s Losi 2P tent was at a Scott Bikes product launch a few years back. Scott set up a two-night camping and riding trip in Sun Valley, Idaho. Nemo was one of the gear sponsors for the launch, providing the journalists and Scott employees with tents to use during the trip.

News of the Tweet: Douchebaggery

05.07.2012 //

Well, the word is out that I am lurking on profiles and following tweets. Like a social media sheriff – a bent and corrupt one – I’m keeping an eye on it all.

5 Minute Break: Nepal Mountain Bike – Himalayan High

05.05.2012 //

Source: Himalayan Rides The Mustang region in the Himalayas of Nepal is a land so beautiful, it has long been the ultimate dream for adventurers all over the world. Here, the sacred peaks of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri – shining with snow all year round, tower over the Kali Gandaki River, forming the deepest valley on

Gallery: In the Shadow of Illampu

05.04.2012 //

By Nicolas Teichrob Two years ago while traveling through South America, I stumbled across the quaint town of Sorata, Bolivia. Located approximately a 4-hour drive north of the capital city, La Paz, Sorata sits at 2,678 meters above sea level, and is surrounded by the glaciated mountain peaks of the Cordillera Real. The grandness of

Dirty Words: Crazy Thoughts

05.04.2012 //

I wish I could put a recording device inside my head to preserve all the crazy thoughts that go through my mind while riding my bikes.

This Is Peaty – Episode One 2012

05.04.2012 //

Source: Steel City Media This Is Peaty Episode One takes you on an international whirlwind adventure. Starting at the legendary Ingle Gym, Sheffield, along with close friend and Heavyweight boxer David Howe, Steve hasn’t been slacking in the off-season, that’s for sure. Getting in quality Downhill runs in the UK is tough for someone like

5 Minute Break: The Nomads

05.03.2012 //

Video by Dan Barham Arthur Gaillot, Chris Johnston and Dylan Wolsky recently joined together to create “The Nomads”, a team looking to tackle a punishing schedule of enduro mountain bike races around the globe.

Video: Shimano’s New D.R.D. Optional Standard Explained

05.02.2012 //

This video helps to explain Shimano’s new D.R.D. optional standard. According to Shimano, this new standard helps provide crisper shifts, greater durability and easier wheel removal and installation. One of the main points that Shimano wants to get across with the D.R.D., is that they are not forcing this standard on the industry, and will

5 Minute Break: Degree Masters of Movement – Darren Berrecloth

05.01.2012 //

This video is a deodorant commercial, and it is awesome. Darren Berrecloth in Cameron, Arizona, doing what he does best–riding gnarly big-mountain lines.

RockShox Sektor TK Review

05.01.2012 //

Most of my experiences with mid-level suspension forks have not been good. Usually the damping is off, or the spring rate is a bit funny, or they resemble a loud, squishy boat anchor that leaks oil. Basically, they are usually the first things I recommend to upgrade on mid to entry-level bikes.

News of the Tweet: Necessary Evil

04.30.2012 //

By Seb Kemp I don’t own a TV, nor do I wish to. However, the internet and all its hording pirate sites allow seemingly unlimited access to the few bits of TV worth watching. Recently I have been strung into watching Game Of Thrones which, if you aren’t aware of this book-turned-TV show, is based

5 Minute Break: Paul Basagoitia Lands First Natural Terrain Double Backflip

04.30.2012 //

Source: Teva Taking place just outside Page, Arizona, Paul Basagoitia is the first mountain biker to land a natural terrain double backflip. Basagoitia’s accomplishment is one he’s been working on for years. “It felt great when my wheels touch the ground because I don’t think my body could have handled another hit,” says Basagoitia. “It

Dirty Words: Share the Stoke

04.27.2012 //

By Sal Ruibal There are a lot of people out there riding bikes, but not like WE ride bikes. For us, bikes are our wings, attached to our bodies but not touching the ground. We float on the air in our tires and hop over logs and rocks with ease. We gyroscope around berms with

Video: Wade Simmons and Thomas Vanderham Riding ‘Cross Country’

04.26.2012 //

Source: Rocky Mountain Bikes Most mountain bikers aren’t lucky enough to have a quiver of bikes to choose from on any given day, nor are they blessed with places to shuttle a freeride or downhill bike. As professional freeriders and North Vancouver residents, Wade Simmons and Thomas Vanderham are lucky enough to have a range

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