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First Impressions: Teva Links Mid Shoes

06.19.2012 //

Teva Links Mid $120 When it comes time to bolt flat pedals to my bike I more often than not end up reaching for my Teva Links shoes for their solid pedal feel and Goldilocks’ Baby Bear grip. A few weeks ago Teva sent us its beefed up version of the Links, the Links

News of the Tweet: Little Voices Loud Noises

06.18.2012 //

Twitter allows us to shout out to the world (the world being your number of followers) without actually having to raise your voice. You can even act as the voice of your whole nation. @Sweden is the official twitter account of Sweden and each week a different citizen is chosen at random and gets handed

5 Minute Break: Team Yeti Cycles/Fox Racing at Val Di Sole and Fort William

06.18.2012 //

Source: Yeti Cycles Follow team Yeti Cycles / Fox Racing as they race the second and third stops of the World Cup Downhill in Val Di Sole, Italy, and Fort William, Scotland. The 2012 season truly begins with two of the toughest tracks on the circuit. Presented By: Yeti Cycles and Fox Racing Riders: Jared

Dirty Words: Aimless Rants and Crazed Ravings on a Filthy, Stinky Day

06.15.2012 //

By Sal Ruibal Aimless rants and crazed ravings on a filthy, stinky day: Rant #1: These are the dog days of summer and summer isn’t even here yet. The East Coast isn’t the best coast even on its best days. That’s because the humidity is greater than the humanity. Oh, the humanity! The best reason

Shimano Zee Pricing and a Glimpse at its Uncharacteristically Colorful Ad Campaign

06.14.2012 //

By Ryan LaBar If you were to look through your Bike magazine archives at Shimano’s ad campaigns, you’d notice that one thing remains pretty constant—a very serious and very technical tone. So, when we saw some bright greens, pinks, oranges and blues alongside a photo of doughnuts in the “Crush Every Line,” Zee ads, we

First Impressions: Shimano Saint M820 Group

06.13.2012 //

By Ryan LaBar There are few places that’ll beat down and test bike parts faster and harder than the Whistler Bike Park. I spent three days riding Shimano’s new Saint M820 group in the park, with conditions ranging from dry and dusty to sopping wet. Shimano deviated from its normal three-year release cycle with the

News of the Tweet: Inane Entertainment

06.12.2012 //

By Seb Kemp Britt is halfway through her year of buying nothing new — no gear, no iphone, no nada. Here’s what she’s learned. — Adventure Journal (@adventurevida) June 8, 2012 I get drawn to certain tweets, not just for the benefit of this weekly workout but also in my day-to-day scanning of Twitter

Dirty Words: Pedal Pushers at the Skills Park

06.08.2012 //

By Sal Ruibal Photos: Chris Nystrom We’ve all seen the type: Shaggy looking guys hanging around the playground at the local park, whispering to the fresh-faced kids headed for the Little League ball field. “Pssst, lil’ dude,” they say. “Check this out. It’ll make you feel ten times better than playing baseball. First one’s free,

Getting Off_Track at the World Cup – Val Di Sole, Italy

06.07.2012 //

Here’s what our Instagram ninja (@Off_Track) was able to capture from the World Cup Downhill at Val di Sole, Italy: Welcome to The Hell. This track is one of the gnarliest and scariest on the circuit. It claimed more than one rider. Rach and Gee Atherton are thieves, and banned from Pete’s toolbox. The day’s

5 Minute Break: Santa Cruz Syndicate – Val Di Sole 2012 UCI DH#2

06.06.2012 //

Heres a brief recap of the Santa Cruz Syndicate’s Val di Sole results. Mixed fortunes abounded here – Josh Bryceland qualified 7th but then slipped a pedal and did some dirt surfing in the final. Peaty got pinballed by the course (along with just about everyone else), finishing 14th when the dust settled. Greg Minnaar,

Video: Trek World Racing DH – Val di Sole 2012

06.06.2012 //

Video: Trek World Racing Here’s a rad video Trek put out on the behind the scenes of the Trek World Racing team, of Aaron Gwin, Neko Mulally and Justin Leov, at Val di Sole, Italy. This video shows a bit of how Gwin managed to gap the entire field by 7 seconds.

5 Minute Break: Endless Gap – Where We’re From

06.06.2012 //

Source: Scott Sports The Endless Gap is a freeride crew consisting of four riders, connected by their passion for mountain biking. Their new video is all about the trails that the crew grew up riding. The crew have been building these trails in the soft moss and rooty Swiss soil for the last few years

Life Behind Bars: Foam pits, fishing and shotguns – Episode 3

06.05.2012 //

Source: Red Bull In the third episode of “Life Behind Bars,” Brandon Semenuk and Logan Peat head down to Woodward West in Tehachapi, California, to get some solid riding in. While Peat is sidelined with a leg injury, they meet up with fellow rider Kyle Strait where they practice some cork 3s into the foam

Review: Time X-Roc S Pedals

06.05.2012 //

By Ryan LaBar I bought my first pair of Time ATAC pedals about 9 yeas ago, and put them through 4 years of hard riding before finally retiring them (one had a cracked body). Since then, I’ve a spent a good deal of time on just about every other brand’s clipless pedal offerings. So, I

News of the Tweet: Our Best Candidates

06.04.2012 //

By Seb Kemp I don’t pay huge attention to US politics [Editor’s Note: Kemp is a Brit currently living in Canada] (like most of the US electorate). I don’t ignore it, I’m just too busy getting distracted by Gwinisms in my Twitter feed, a choked Facebook timeline, and ex-pro racers wearing bikinis and shaving their

5 Minute Break: Strength in Numbers – Aptos, California

06.04.2012 //

Source: Anthill Films The quaint beachside community of Aptos, California is located ten minutes south of Santa Cruz down highway CA 1. Across the road from the bustling Post Office sits a vacant lot. This is home to the aptly named and world-renowned Post Office Dirt Jumps. These jumps have given rise to a community

Video: SPY Bushe/Montgomery Road Bike Backflip – Behind the Scenes

05.31.2012 //

Source: Spy This is a brief behind the scenes look into the now famous SPY Tour of California cycling commercial featuring Matthew Bushe and Mike Montgomery. Considered to be the most unique road bike action caught on film in recent memory, this short doco features unseen,crazy footage of Montgomery doing ridiculously sick stuff on a

5 Minute Break: 26TRIX Recap

05.31.2012 //

Source: Rasoulution The bike park in Leogang, Austria, played host to the 26TRIX fueled by Monster Energy event, as part of the Out of Bounds Festival for the 7th time on May 24-27, 2012. This dirt jump competition was won with a surprising run of the 18 year old Belgian Thomas Genon. With a technical

Life Behind Bars: California MTB Dreamin – Episode 2

05.29.2012 //

Source: Red Bull Brandon Semenuk and Logan Peat hop in the famous Mustang Mach 1 and head all the way south from British Columbia down to Santa Cruz, California for some great mountain biking. This episode contains cops, greasy hash browns, epic trails, and a ninja security guard.

News of the Tweet: Revolutionary Means

05.29.2012 //

By Seb Kemp Last week Francis Fukuyama presented an article that asserted that even though social media tools like Facebook and Twitter may have helped mobilize and coordinate protestors to bring about the fall of the authoritarian regime in Egypt, it hasn’t actually help a liberal candidate be put forward for the upcoming elections. Instead

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