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Elements of Perfection: Soul

09.06.2011 //

Part 5 of the 5-part “Elements of Perfection” video series from Whistler Bike Park. “Some question its presence. As if chairlifts and full-face helmets somehow diminish the passion behind our gravity-fueled pursuit. What we know is that it has never been about equipment or high-speed quads or dual crown forks. Instead, it’s about substance, and

Like us on Facebook or it’s Curtains for the Squirrel

08.29.2011 //

If we don’t get at least 1,000 new Facebook fans ( by Friday, September 2, it’s curtains for Squirrel.

Nigel Peake’s Bicycle Travel Journal and 11 Questions

08.28.2011 //

Every once in a while, a product floats across our desks that excedes all expectations. Maybe it’s our journalistic love for notebooks or maybe it’s the intrigue behind the artwork and tiny brown envelopes scattered throughout, but we think the Bicycle Travel Journal is pretty darn rad. This journal was created by Nigel Peake, an

One Week In Paradise – BC Bike Ride

08.27.2011 //

Written by Seb Kemp Photos by Nicolas Teichrob Day One: Lift-off! The De Havilland chugs across the lake and we lift slowly off of the water. The noise from the engines would muffle any conversation, that is, if the incredible scenes didn’t already do so. Everyone present on the plane is glued to the window.

The Atherton Project – Season 3, Episode 7

08.25.2011 //

The Athertons head to Whistler, BC, and judge a bikini contest.

Coming to Interbike? Come see your friends from Bike magazine at Circulus.

08.25.2011 //

Coming to Interbike? Come see your friends from Bike magazine at Circulus. Not going to make it? Check us out online, September 14-16.

Somebody Out There Likes Us (and Chris Van Dine)

08.24.2011 //

We got a very nice package in the mail today thanking us for putting CVD on the cover. Hmmm… Thanks for the nice letter and gift.

Ross Schnell Interview: Trestle All-Mountain Enduro

08.24.2011 //

Rad Ross Schnell talks about the overall concept behind the Trestle All-Mountain Enduro.

GoPro HD: Whistler MTB Experiment‬al Array

08.23.2011 //

A short, but rad, edit with Mike Montgomery and Kelly McGarry on the Crankworx 2011 Red Bull Joyride course showing some of GoPro’s experimental technology. For those wondering this is what GoPro used to get the 3D effects:

Mechanic Mondays

08.22.2011 //

On this weeks episode of Mechanic Mondays, Squirrel shows you how to shrink a 29-inch tube to fit a 26-inch tire. Special thanks to Harlin Price for the tip.

Mark Weir’s take on the Trestle All-Mountain Enduro

08.22.2011 //

By: Joe Parkin After getting Bike’s own Ryan ‘Squirrel’ LaBar’s take on this weekend’s Trestle All-Mountain Enduro—both in written and verbal form—I figured we should probably look for a saltier view. After all, releasing our resident reporting rodent from the office and sending him to a mountain-bike race was sure to make him stoked enough

Trestle All-Mountain Enduro Recap and Photo Gallery

08.22.2011 //

Photos: Liam Doran The first stage of the inaugural Trestle All-Mountain Enduro was a chainless downhill, where Mother Nature decided to make things interesting by throwing random downpours, cold winds and lightning in the mix. It was this stage that saw downhill racer Brian Buell take an early, and surprising, lead over Ross Schnell. Over

Squirrel Travels to the Trestle All-Mountain Enduro

08.21.2011 //

By: Ryan LaBar It had been too long, really, since my last signature spiral of comedic poor luck that strikes while traveling. In fact, it had been over a year of smooth flying since my last episode (falling asleep at the gate and missing my flight in Vancouver, BC). I’d looked forward to the Trestle

SRAM X0 – Ross Schnell

08.19.2011 //

Here’s a little look at Ross Schnell’s life in Fruita, his bikes, his amazing garage and the wealth of trails outside his front door.

EVS Looking to Sponsor Riders

08.18.2011 //

The folks at EVS just sent this over. – No late resumes will be accepted – New resumes are requested for continued support (even if you have one in from last year) – All age and skill levels are welcome to apply for sponsorship – Resumes are best submitted through the following options: 1. Email

Hard Is The Way: Yeti-Fox Race Team Episode 2

08.17.2011 //

The Yeti-Fox Race Team’s young riders take to the US Open and the Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup.

Santa Cruz’s Carbon V10 Swingarm Prototype

08.16.2011 //

Source: Santa Cruz Santa Cruz has become known for leaking photos of its upcoming projects and prototypes. Here is the latest of those photos taken off of Santa Cruz’s 104 Bronson blog site. Very little information was released on the carbon swingarms, other than the blatant hint that there is a (very strong) possibility that

Danny MacAskill – Industrial Revolutions

08.15.2011 //

Another amazing video from street trials rider, Danny MacAskill.

The Whistler Mountain Bike Park Reaches its One-Millionth Rider

08.15.2011 //

The Whistler Mountain Bike Park hosted its millionth unique rider on August 12, making it the first lift-accessed mountain Bike Park in the world to reach this number of riders. The Whistler Mountain Bike Park is in its twelfth season of operation and is considered by many the number one lift access mountain bike park

Strider World Cup to be Held at USA Pro Cycling Challenge

08.13.2011 //

Source: Strider Sports International Strider Sports International, a no-pedal balance bike manufacturer, is bringing its Strider World Cup event to the final stage of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge (USAPCC) on Sunday, August 28th in Denver, Colorado. As part of the USAPCC Finish Line Festival, the Strider World Cup event showcases head-to-head Strider racing between

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