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Pisgah Stage Race – Adam Craig Interview

10.02.2011 //

We caught up with Adam Craig after the Pisgah Stage Race. Here’s what he had to say about the event. Wait on the bonus footage of Craig in a pie eating contest.

Stund: Season 3 – Episode 1

09.27.2011 //

A rad video from Mike Kinrade, Garett Buehler and Kurt Sorge’s home trails in Nelson, BC.

Trans-Provence Day One Recap

09.26.2011 //

By Andreas Hestler The Trans-Provence, now in its third edition, has been stated as the ‘Definitive All-Mountain MTB Race’. It has been flying under the radar for the last two years, but it would seem that the secret is now out. The field this year is deep, talented and motivated, as much for the singletrack

Interbike: Coverage Recap

09.25.2011 //

We covered a lot of interesting new products, trends and events at Interbike this year. We’d hate for you to have missed any of it. Here is all of our 2011 Interbike coverage so far. Urge’s All Mountain and Veggie Down-O-Matic Helmets Squirrel: International Male Model DT Swiss XMM 120 29er Fork Interbike: Rolf Prima

Urge’s All Mountain and Veggie Down-O-Matic Helmets

09.24.2011 //

Urge’s new All Mountain (the model name) helmet sports an aluminum-tubed roll cage molded into the helmet. Urge claims that even with the metal structure the helmet comes in lighter than the Fox Flux. Part of this is because the Urge doesn’t have a traditional retention system, but rather the straps are crossed in the

Interbike: Rolf Prima Ralos Mountain Bike Wheels

09.22.2011 //

After a long absence from the mountain bike world, Rolf Prima is back. The company, which is famous for its paired-spoke lacing patterns, rolled out its new Ralos XC/trail wheels at Interbike. These hoops will be available in both a 26-inch and 29-inch version (the Ralos6 and Ralos9 respectively). The Ralos9 wheelset, shown here, tips

2011 Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival Recap

09.22.2011 //

By: Stephanie Nitsch Brian Matter (of team Gear Grinder) won his fourth championship title at the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival in Hayward, Wisconsin, making him the first man to do so in the history of the event. Matter’s time of 2:00:59.9 on the 40-mile track broke the previous course record by almost two full minutes

Bike magazine/Porsche Duathlon at Willow Springs

09.21.2011 //

Words: Joe Parkin Photos: Anthony Smith Video: Scott Smith Every professional athlete I’ve ever met has really just been a larger, stronger and faster 12-year old, with an insatiable desire to try new things. And every professional wheel-sports athlete I’ve ever met has had some strong interest in other wheel sports. In other words, most

Interbike: Jett Elevation Tech Hoodie

09.21.2011 //

It’s hard not to love a good hoodie. They are stylish and functional, but cotton generally doesn’t equate to a high-performance garment. Jett realized the advantages that hoodies offer, and took hooded-comfort technology to the next level with its Elevation Tech Hoodie. Loads of style, functionality (the hood is large enough to fit over a

Updated: A Look at Diamondback’s 29er Future

09.21.2011 //

Jon Kennedy, Diamondback’s marketing guru and mastermind behind the Dixon, runs through some of this new bike’s features. Diamondback’s view of the 29-inch-wheeled future–a bike tailor-made for aggressive descenders who want to take full advantage of the larger wheel size. Expect a production version of this bike as soon as 2013. You heard about this

Interbike: Vernon’s Top 10 Widgets and Trends

09.20.2011 //

By: Vernon Felton Interbike used to be the place where new and shocking products were unveiled to much surprise and acclaim. Mmmmm….not so much anymore. Sea Otter, Eurobike and dozens of Big Brand press launches have stolen much of the “new and improved” wind from Vegas’ sails. That said, there’s still some pretty cool (and

Oakley Gloves, Packs and Goggles

09.19.2011 //

While Oakley is putting a hiatus on its apparel line for 2012, the company is still running strong with its gloves, packs and eyewear. Oakley has partnered with Troy Lee Designs for a line of goggles. Oakley will also have a line of retro-styled goggles dubbed its Heritage Series. Oakley’s Factory Lite aren’t just feathery,

Interbike 2011: Friday Product Highlights

09.18.2011 //

By: Zach White Giro Feature MSRP $75 Available later this month Giro has borrowed some of their snow sports helmet design and put it into the new Feature, a $75 “all-mountain” helmet. Using an in-form fit system with a much larger contact point – almost exactly like their snow helmets – the helmet offers much

Interbike 2011: Thursday Product Highlights

09.16.2011 //

By: Zach White Mission Workshop Sanction pack MSRP $279 Available Now Sailboats are expensive. Mission Workshop’s new Sanction packs are expensive, too. But considering the entirely-US-made packs are manufactured from Dimension Polyant sail material to keep weight impressively minimal while maintaining bomber, lifetime warranty strength, the Sanction seems a bargain at twice the price. Well,

Fox Racing Shox: Rip Off The Strip / Smart Pump Concept Launch

09.15.2011 //

It wouldn’t take much to entice a mountain bike journalist away from the tornado of appointments, sore feet and sunburn that can be the Interbike Dirt Demo. And when Fox Racing Shox offers the chance to spend the day riding in and driving off-road vehicles…. Well it’s a no brainer. Fox Racing Shox likes to

Top Talent Issues Circulus Challenge

09.09.2011 //

Photo: David Reddick Whether you’re coming to Interbike next week in Las Vegas or you’re forced to stay home with the pet cats, you should at least know that your friends at Bike and Paved magazines will be posted up at the Circulus—and that we’ll be posting all the news that’s fit to put on

Contour Launches the ContourROAM

09.08.2011 //

Contour recently announced the launch of its new ContourROAM camera. The ContourROAM is the company’s first fully waterproof camera, and also features a super wide-angle 170-degree rotating lens. The new design includes an Instant On-Record Switch (power on and start recording sliding switch) enabling users to instantly start recording, so there is no question whether

Better than Evel Knievel….

09.08.2011 //

Better than Evel Knievel…. Canadian freeriders might send it hard, but not compared to Ray. Oh, these guys upload a new video just about every day. Check out the YouTube Channel for more:

POC Bike Excursion – Danny MacAskill, Daniel Dhers and Martin Söderström

09.07.2011 //

Danny MacAskill, Daniel Dhers and Martin Söderström shred near POC’s Swedish headquarters.

Team Monster/Specialized – 2011 DH World Championship

09.07.2011 //

A behind the scenes of Team Monster/Specialized’s (Sam Hill, Brendan Fairclough and Troy Brosnan) races at the 2011 DH World Championship in Champery, Switzerland.

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