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Inspired Launches Danny MacAskill Signature Trials Bike

10.24.2011 //

Source: Inspired Bicycles Inspired Bicycles recently announced the launch of Danny MacAskill’s signature “Skye” 24-inch street bike. Named after the small Scottish island where MacAskill grew up, the Skye has been developed to meet the specific demands of today’s progressive street and trials riders. Continual testing and feedback from MacAskill, as well as Inspired’s prior

Yeti Bikes Does Downieville

10.24.2011 //

The Downieville Classic is over half a year away–is it too early to be excited about it?

Goodbye, Brevard

10.22.2011 //

By Vernon Felton We called the United Parcel Service operator this morning and suggested they bring a truck—a big truck—because we had a massive load of merchandise in need of a return trip home. While the UPS guy has undoubtedly seen his share of cardboard boxes, he was dumbfounded when he rolled up to camp

Riding Brevard, North Carolina

10.21.2011 //

By Vernon Felton An RV rolls off Cascade Lake Road and wallows to a stop at the Corn Mill Shoals parking lot on the west side of Dupont State Forest. The license plate reads Florida and the rig is loaded with mountain bikes. About five riders jump out and gear up for a ride. At

IMBA Acknowledges Existence of Clandestine Hit Squad

10.20.2011 //

In Bike magazine’s November issue Grimy Handshake column, Mike Ferrentino let slip his suspicion of a secret IMBA hit squad: … Which brings us to the questionable act of poaching trails—the riding of mountain bikes on trails that are clearly designated as off-limits to bicycles. For the sake of this column, let’s just stick with

Trailer: From the Inside Out

10.19.2011 //

Official trailer for the anticipated film from The Costal Crew and Anthill Films. From the Inside Out was filmed entirely in British Columbia, the birthplace of freeride, and features some of the sport’s best riders, including: Brandon Semenuk, Steve Smith, Thomas Vanderham, Matt Hunter, Graham Agassiz, Mike Hopkins, Kenny Smith & The Coastal Crew.

Gallery: Retallack Lodge – A Future Big-Mountain Destination

10.19.2011 //

By Garrett Grove I had heard faint whispers that the legendary Retallack Lodge (located in the Selkirk Mountains of BC, Canada) had teamed up with well-known trail builder Riley McIntosh to begin the process of opening the famed ski territory for summer time mountain biking. So when an email from one of the Lodge’s trail

Bike Test: Turner DHR

10.18.2011 //

Scroll down for video from a day of testing on the Turner DHR. Tester 1: Joe Parkin Years Riding: 28 Test Locales: Whistler & Southern California One of the greatest benefits to being the editor of this magazine is that whenever I feel a strong desire to review a particular bike, I can add it

Chromag Bikes: Hardtail Soul

10.17.2011 //

This might be an advertisement for Chromag, but it showcases some absolutely beautiful riding and scenery.

Stund: Season 3 – Episode 4

10.17.2011 //

Episode 4 takes riders from the Sunshine Coast to the alpine ridges and slopes of the Purcell Mountains for some true Freeriding.

Bike Magazine Parties With the Pisgah Gnome

10.15.2011 //

As you hopefully know, we, Bike magazine, have been in Brevard, North Carolina, testing 2012’s latest and greatest mountain bikes. It was our first day of testing when we heard of the Pisgah Gnome game.

Homegrown in North Carolina – SylvanSport GO

10.14.2011 //

The GO trailer is basically a combination ultralight pop-up camper/gear mover.

SRAM’s New Super Wheel – the Rise 60

10.13.2011 //

At 1,330 grams (that’s with old school QRs, front and rear), these things aren’t rockin’ a spare gram anywhere.

Homegrown in North Carolina – Frames by Stickel and Industry Nine Wheels

10.12.2011 //

The Brevard/Asheville area is home to a slew of framebuilders, machinists and innovators—many of which are building innovative product right here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Frames By Stickel and Industry Nine Wheels are just two examples of this.

Cane Creek

10.11.2011 //

One of the things that has struck us during our time in North Carolina (where we’re testing bikes for our upcoming Bible of Bike Tests) is the sheer number of innovative companies that call this place home.

Bike Bible Team Does Zombie Squirrel Alleycat

10.09.2011 //

Photos: Dan Barham Words: Bad Vlad and the Apparatchiks Bike magazine’s Bible crew was lucky enough to stumble upon Brevard, North Carolina’s ‘Zombie Squirrel’ Alleycat Race—a celebration of bikes, beer, brains and bar chords. The inimitable DFB was there to capture the undead action.

Bike Magazine Hits DuPont State Forest

10.06.2011 //

Someone tweeted us and said, in effect, that we’d have our heads up our collective asses if we were testing trail bikes and didn’t happen to take them up the Big Rock Trail to Cedar Rock Trail loop in DuPont State Forest.

The Bike Bible Begins

10.05.2011 //

And so it begins…four of us stumbled off of airplanes in Asheville, North Carolina, loaded up the Chevy Silverado, and headed for the nearest pitcher of Negra Modelo and pile of beans and rice (which turned out to be Cielito Lindo, in Brevard). Welcome to the Bible; Bike magazine’s less-than-reverently-named annual Gear Guide. The premise

Video: Making Of Cane Creek’s 110 Headset Top Assembly

10.04.2011 //

Check out how Cane Creek makes the top assembly for its 110 headset.

Stund: Season 3 – Episode 2

10.04.2011 //

Episode 2 takes you to Williams Lake, the hometown of James Doerfling. The video features big natural features and the mossy forests of the Carboo Interior.

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