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Exclusive: Trans-Provence Day 4

09.27.2012 //

Seb muses on the interplay between skill and risk in enduro racing’s big event (the theory also explains why Jerome Clementz loses his pants when he crashes).

Exclusive: Trans-Provence Day 3

09.26.2012 //

Suffering at the alter of self-inflicted mental torture, only to be resurrected by the realization that a tumble and a hiss doesn’t really count.

Exclusive: Trans-Provence Day Two

09.25.2012 //

Seb Kemp dodges lightning, fends off hypothermia, concludes Day Two of Trans Provence in 15th place overall, and has his mind blown by it all.

Exclusive: Trans-Provence Day One

09.24.2012 //

Our man, Seb Kemp, is contending the Trans Provence this year and has this report from the first day of racing.

News of the Tweet: Show Me The Money!

09.18.2012 //

Twitter is supremely successful if success is measured in terms of sheer growth and popularity, but where does the money that keeps Twitter alive come from?

Exclusive: Clay Porter Talks Up New Movie

09.03.2012 //

Seb Kemp catches up with Clay Porter, gets the low-down on his upcoming “Four by Three” video series and gets to the bottom of that Spike Jonze instagram business.

News of the Tweet: Not So Easy PC

08.29.2012 //

One of the biggest name in cycling got in trouble, the world feels the wrath of renegade, raging grannies and so much more.

How To Lose the Deep Summer Photo Challenge

08.28.2012 //

Jonathon Hayward’s entry in the Deep Summer Photo Challenge didn’t make the podium, but Seb Kemp couldn’t give a damn–it’s still a project he’s proud as hell to have been a part of. Besides, it was the only entry with blow-up sex dolls in it.

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