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News of the Tweet: Twitter Hates Your Life

03.05.2013 //

’m a big fan of Twitter and one of the most frustrating things about liking Twitter is explaining to non-Twitterati that it isn’t just a scrolling screen of tedious social statuses. But now I’m struggling to argue with them anymore.

Exclusive: The Heart of Enduro

03.04.2013 //

Mountain biking is about the experiences you have on and off the bike, the jokes that are shared, friendly races between mates, waking up with sore legs yet wanting to get back on the bike…and getting into situations that you wouldn’t if you stayed at home playing it safe.

News: Mavic Turns it Up a Notch

02.28.2013 //

We spent two days racing Enduro in France and testing Mavic’s expanded line of apparel aimed at trail and enduro riders. Here are our impressions of the gear.

Video: “The Escape” Teaser

02.26.2013 //

This video is about bringing you the pleasure of the road and the thrill of the trails. Although the video’s backdrop is the back roads of British Columbia, we want to remind the world that adventure can be found on your own doorstep; you just need to get off the couch and seek it.

Feature: The Escape–Day 13–Journey’s End

02.21.2013 //

We may have been strangers to many of the people we met on our circuit of the Salish Sea but every one of them greeted us warmly and offered us assistance.

Feature: The Escape–Day 11–The Islands

02.19.2013 //

Today was a boat day. We took three to jump from Vancouver Island to Saltspring to Pender to Saturna Island. The Southern Gulf Islands, along with the San Juan Islands in U.S. waters, form an archipelago of hundreds of islands and islets….There could be a lifetime of discovery here.

Feature: The Escape–Day 10–Duncan

02.18.2013 //

Before setting out on this trip I knew that every little town in B.C. had great singletrack. I even suspected that they had bustling mountain biking communities. Nevertheless, I’m astounded by how deep the passion and ambition runs in every town we visit.

Feature: The Escape–Day 8–Heroes in a Half Lid

02.14.2013 //

Meeting these people – the real cogs that make mountain biking go around – is what fuels us on our trip now. Our bodies might be tired, but our spirits keep rising because we are being invited into the heart of mountain biking.

Feature: The Escape–Day 6

02.12.2013 //

Cumberland is the epitome of the idea that every town in B.C. has trails. Cumberland is tiny but it has trails – a lot of them–and all of them make you want to stay.

Feature: The Escape–Day 5

02.11.2013 //

We spent most of the day looping the green and gold treasures that wind through the forests, but the real riches we discovered were the down-to-earth people who seem to experience mountain biking sremoved from the baloney that distracts us from what really got us into mountain biking in the first place: time spent communing with our surroundings and the people we share that space and time with.

Feature: The Escape–Day 4

02.10.2013 //

This little corner of the Northern Gulf of the Salish Sea seems like a perfect little pocket: good people, a tight knit community, a cracking brewery, and fantastic trails.

Feature: The Escape–Day 3

02.09.2013 //

The Sunshine Coast dirt, made famous by the Coastal Crew, is the stuff mountain bikers’ dreams are made of. But beyond the bounty of gold dirt, the thing that makes this place so special to ride is that there are trails: carved-and-cared-for-by-mountain bikers trails.

Feature: The Escape–Day 2

02.08.2013 //

Like a tractor beam we were pulled west towards the sunlight. Bikes had brought us there and we drank in the illusionary warming rays of the falling red blob, content enough.

Feature: The Escape–Day 1

02.07.2013 //

By the time we freewheeled into Squamish it was engulfed in low-lying rain clouds, so we treated this exactly like any normal bike day: get on the singletrack and then find a cool beer once the goods were got.

Feature: The Escape–Day 0

02.06.2013 //

The mountain biking that most people experience and fall in love is radically different than the image of energy drink-fueled aerial tricksters, cowboy huckers, and jock-like racers that dominates the media. Most mountain bikers I know are under represented….This trip is about bringing the pleasure of the road and the thrill of the trails back into people’s lives.

News of the Tweet: Follow the Leader

02.06.2013 //

Is anyone else nervous that the star of Enduro has flared up too brightly, too quickly and will burn out just as fast? Certainly in North America there is far too much talk and excitement, especially when very few people have tried Enduro or even know what it is.

News of the Tweet: The Value of a Like

01.22.2013 //

Can you reduce brain-dead commentary and message-board bombast by charging people for the privilege of commenting on the articles they read online? Perhaps that’s just as idiotic as the idiocy it seeks to eliminate.

News of the Tweet: Reefer Madness or Transfer Madness?

01.15.2013 //

It’s been a busy week in bikes. Not much of it happy news.

Exclusive: A No-Gwin Situation

01.14.2013 //

For the media the game has become about numbers. Who got the scoop first and who got the most traffic. But is that the measure of success? Is there a cost to this feeding frenzy?

Exclusive: The Inside Line on TLD & Aaron Gwin

01.09.2013 //

Craig ‘Stikman’ Glaspell gives us the nitty-gritty on Gwin, Enduro and butt patches.

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