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News Of The Tweet: What’s Up Doc?

05.14.2013 //

Trolls are what exactly? Is the internet a sort of digital-biological valve and storage container into which bile is safely secreted before it builds up to dangerous levels and poisons the body of the individual. Trolling doesn’t mean much if ignored. Like the gall bladder we can forget it even exists and just let it keep spitting out venom that hurts only those that peer into the horrible, stinking abyss where trolls swim.

Review: Kitsbow Mixed Shell Jacket

05.13.2013 //

I’ve worn this jacket on every ride so far this year. I’m sad that now it is summer I won’t be needing to use it as much…

Cinema Of Puppets: Sea Otter

05.11.2013 //

Everett Burl-Sap and Beverly Beaver take a look through the looking glass at Sea Otter. What do they see? Enduro and mid-sized madness everywhere, a bunch of heroes’ armor cracking and Duncan Riffle packing his tent.

Friday Five: Setup

05.10.2013 //

This weekend, before setting out on your ride, spend five minutes going over your bike, checking the dials, presets, and science tubes that adore your all terrain vehicle. It might save your cherished and long awaited ride.

News of the Tweet: Doom, Gloom and Absurdity as Tincture

05.08.2013 //

“Everything is a case in hyperbole: the first ever, most moving, most dramatic. The idea of harnessing the intelligence of the readership has been lost in the quest for Facebook likes. For many, readers have become synonymous with hateful commentators. It’s time for a renewed push to realize some of the original dreams of the web.”

News of the Tweet: Tweets as Weapons and “Slow News” as Boss

04.30.2013 //

What happens when the world’s most trusted news source becomes a proxy for utter bullish*t? Well, that just happened. Here’s the story. Sorry, Associated Press…this one is going to hurt.

News: Marzocchi 2014

04.29.2013 //

Marzocchi suspension has had its ups and downs, but they showed up to Sea Otter with new products up their sleeve and a clear mission to get back on track.

The Corner: Sea Otter Dual Slalom 2013

04.26.2013 //

The crowd at the Sea Otter Dual Slalom event are as interesting as the racing. We immersed ourselves into one section of the rowdy rabble to find out why this event is as important for them as it is for the racers.

Sea Otter News: Norco Makes the Leap to Carbon

04.21.2013 //

After years of focusing on aluminum-framed mountain bikes, Norco is moving into the carbon-fiber realm. We interviewed Norco’s Peter Stace-Smith to find out more.

Exclusive: Brothers to Bring Backcountry to Your Laptop

04.12.2013 //

This year will see a relatively large expansion in the coverage we’ll be producing for Dirt compared to previous years with the addition of the Enduro World Series to our schedule.

News: SRAM Unveils New Roam and Rail Wheels

04.11.2013 //

What SRAM wanted to create were wheels that were very stiff laterally (meaning they track true and hold a line), had a subtle amount of vertical compliance (offering a more comfortable ride) and were light enough to make them incredibly versatile.

News: Brandon Semenuk to compete in fewer FMB events

04.08.2013 //

In 2013 Brandon Semenuk will be trimming the time he spends on the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour. Bike tracked down Brandon to find out why he’s changed his focus and what he has in store for 2013.

News: Curtis Keene Signs With Red Bull

04.08.2013 //

Curtis Keene is making a run on the Enduro World Series title this season and just signed with Red Bull. We sat down with Curtis in Sedona last week to find out more about his preparations, his thoughts on wheel sizes, and his shiny, new helmet.

Exclusive: Five Minutes With…Allan Cooke

04.05.2013 //

I had the privilege of riding with 2002 X-Games BMX Dirt gold medalist, Allan Cooke. Allan retired from competition in 2009 and now works for Bell Helmets. After following his lines down some rocky, dusty Sedona trails, I cornered him for a few moments and snagged this interview with Cooke.

News: RockShox’s Pike is Back

04.04.2013 //

RockShox has resuscitated the Pike for 2013, but only in name and character. The 2013 iteration is a total redesign, and not just externally. The Pike’s internals feature a few major design developments as well. We spent a few days sliding around the Sedona desert on the Pike and were given the chance to pick the brains of RockShox’s engineers.

Video: Taking it Blind–the Essence of Enduro

04.03.2013 //

Enduro racing was originally a “blind” racing format where, unlike downhill or cross-country competitions, racers could not pre-ride and learn every detail of the timed stages. This is the purest format of Enduro. In recent years, however, organizers have added practice runs to the schedule. Pre-riding the course is supposed to even out the advantage of local riders or racers who have raced the same event previously. Is that how it actually works out? Ash Smith scouts this year’s Trans-Provence and shares his thoughts on keeping enduro pure.

News: Bell Super in the Spotlight

04.02.2013 //

Bell is back on form with a rash of new, innovative products. We took a trip down to Sedona and gave their new enduro-style helmet, the Super, some ride time. Here are our impressions.

Exclusive: What is Enduro? What is Super D?

03.27.2013 //

Super-D and Enduro seem to be divided by the Atlantic. In Europe, Enduro has been raced for the past fifteen years. In the US, Super-D has been the dominant version of events. What sets the two apart and what are their relative merits? Can they co-exist? We asked Joe Lawwill a few of these questions. Here are his answers.

News of the Tweet: Battle of the Sexes

03.21.2013 //

This past week I’ve noticed more gender-based antagonism and friction than ever before. Is there something in the water or something more malicious building?

News of the Tweet: 97 percent of the Internet is as dumb as a hammer.

03.13.2013 //

RockShox’s marketing plan went to plan perfectly, and all because they knew that walking amongst us all is an entire army of utter mouth breathers who would be willing to bite on the lure set for them.

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