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News Of The Tweet: #FB

06.18.2013 //

For a while hashtags have existed in Facebook but in a sort of stillborn sense. Many people have unleashed a string of messy characters preceded by the hash symbol, or number sign, or pound sign, or even the Octothorpe.

Video: Melting the web

06.15.2013 //

By now you should have watched Drew Bezanson’s latest web melting video. However, the behind-the- scenes video is even more telling of his super-alien powers.

Video: The Entrance of Vengeance

06.15.2013 //

A little more relaxed look at the race weekend from the eyes of the Evil Vengeance Tour.

News: Schwalbe Launches Super Gravity Tires

06.15.2013 //

Schwalbe has been quietly going about making some very impressive tires over the last few years and recently announced a few new additions to the range.

Friday Five: Trail Maintenance

06.14.2013 //

Trails sustain our mountain biking experience. Without them all we would have is some really expensive fat tire bicycles with nowhere to go. To preserve our experience we need to conserve our trails. Below is a very cursory look at some techniques that make for good trails and which you can apply to existing trails to prolong their excellence.

Video: This Is Peaty Season 2 Episode 2

06.12.2013 //

The hilarious and entertaining This Is Peaty show rolls on with Peaty making a trip to the Isle of Man to do a few laps of the TT course and then onwards to California for Sea Otter. Josh Bryceland is clearly having a lot of fun and he makes this episode even more worthwhile watching.

News: SRAM 7-Speed Drivetrain

06.09.2013 //

There is no official word from SRAM at this point but we did track down Jon Cancellier, Blackbox’s man on the ground, and squeezed some information out of him.

News: Santa Cruz Refines Tallboy 29er

06.07.2013 //

Santa Cruz engineer, Joe Graney, sums up the changes to the Tallboy thus, “We learn more so we add these things to existing bikes in our range rather than make up new acronyms. We just improve our bikes.” How did they improve the Tallboy? We went to Scotland to find out. Read on.

News Of The Tweet: Liberty and Lawbreaking

05.29.2013 //

Web 3.0 is jeopardizing our privacy and liberty, but we seem more than eager to let that happen. However, we can’t narcissistically broadcast to the world one minute and then claim to be owed privacy the next. Especially when it comes to threatening tweets of a criminal nature.

The Escape: Video

05.28.2013 //

This trip is about the pleasure of the road and the thrill of the trails. It might show you that, yes, nothing is easy, but the rewards of seeking soothe all hardship.

Ride Sun Valley Bike Festival

05.28.2013 //

The 3rd annual Ride Sun Valley Mountain Bike Festival showcases the area’s 400-plus miles of continuous singletrack in an event centered around some of the best race courses in the US. Sun Valley is a bike rider’s paradise with more than 32 miles of multi-use paved bike paths, two bike parks and miles of scenic road riding.

Exclusive: 2013 Nimby Fifty

05.27.2013 //

The fourth annual Nimby Fifty marathon XC race was held in Pemberton, BC at the weekend. The participation of 400 racers proved that cross-country events are still very popular, even in British Columbia.

Preview: Magura eLECT compression damping

05.24.2013 //

Electronic, automatic suspension lockout. Has the future arrived? Or is it a bit ahead of itself?

Friday Five: Hardtail

05.24.2013 //

Call it a hardtail if you must, but truly this is just a very capable, all-terrain, all-mountain, all-seasons, all-weather, all of the above, all-purpose, all-around, all-aboard, all-inclusive, all-hell-breaks- loose, all-star, all manner of brilliance, bicycle.

Preview: Vredestein Tires

05.23.2013 //

Vredestein might not be well-known to many mountain bikers but the Dutch-Indian tire manufacturer has been moulding rubber rings for cars, tractors, road bikes and mountain bikes for 105 years.

News Of The Tweet: Rules Of The Internet

05.21.2013 //

It turns out there are rules for the internet. You might not believe it, and neither will you once you read them.

‘Twas The Night Before Opening Day

05.19.2013 //

The Whistler Bike Park opening weekend is like Christmas, birthdays and Halloween all rolled into one, and the party continues like this all summer long. The smiles, high fives and good cheers are testament to this.

Friday Five: Tires

05.17.2013 //

Choosing the right tires is an absolutely vital part of setting up any bike. Seb Kemp takes you through some of the fundamentals to getting the most performance out of your bike.

Interview: Whistler Bike Park Team

05.16.2013 //

The Whistler Bike Park Team are about sharing the stoke of shredding sculpted berms, high fives, and having a ruddy good laugh while prating about on bicycles. It’s simple, honest, good natured fun – don’t knock it, join in.

Interview: Sven Martin Makes His Enduro World Series Predictions

05.15.2013 //

Who will do well? How will the newcomers cope in Italy? What are the chances of overall success for Enduro racers in the new Enduro World Series? These are some of the questions we asked Sven Martin.

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