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Scene: Friday Freedom

05.08.2014 //

FOR MOST OF US, FRIDAYS ARE SPENT WATCHING THE CLOCK, waiting anxiously for the workweek to end. At Chromag Bikes, however, the weekend starts a day early. On Friday–every Friday–staff and friends of the Whistler-based frame and components company spend the day riding.

First Impressions: 2015 RockShox Boxxer

04.01.2014 //

RockShox has revisited its Boxxer downhill fork with some pretty substantial tweaks, even if it doesn’t look like it from afar. SRAM gave us the opportunity this February to spend three days trying out the new fork on the trails of the Queenstown Bike Park in New Zealand.

“Between The Eyes”: Grant Robinson – We Have Served Thee Well

03.19.2014 //

While many action sport photographers create beautiful, pixel-perfect photos, Grant is one of the few who doesn’t just document the act but the emotion and feeling of the moment. He doesn’t often attempt to stage perfectly choreographed action sequences. While some photographers and their subject work tirelessly to manipulate the surroundings and reproduce The Moment, Grant is more than happy to snap and move on, avoiding recreating a synthetic representation of The Moment.

Video: Between The Eyes – Jordan Manley’s #dailywalk

03.07.2014 //

Between The Eyes: Jordan Manley’s #dailywalk from 2FLAT on Vimeo. Between The Eyes is an ongoing series of short videos that attempt to explore and communicate the fascinating stories behind photographers and their craft. This isn’t a how-to or a discussion of techniques, but rather it’s a look at the personality and thought that goes

New Zealand Trail House: SRAM X01 DH

03.04.2014 //

XX1, SRAM’s dedicated single ring 11-speed drivetrain debuted at Crankworx 2012 and it has proven to be a smart, rider-focused drivetrain solution that has captured the attention of a lot of mountain bikers, despite its high cost. Last summer SRAM announced X01, a slightly less expensive 1 x 11 group. It’s expected that the technology will eventually trickle down to lower price points, allowing it to become attainable for even more riders, but we’ll have to wait a bit longer for that. The February SRAM camp in Queenstown, New Zealand was all about downhill.

Friday Five: When not to pedal

02.28.2014 //

The established wisdom in mountain biking is that pedaling will make you go faster. I can’t argue that on a smooth, straight piece of trail (like a gravel road) you will go faster if you pedal harder. However, on singletrack it often pays to not pedal. Why? Read on.

Friday Five: Technical Climbs

02.21.2014 //

Being a brute won’t help you too much on technical climbs Instead focus on finesse, timing, poise and balance. Seb Kemp breaks it down in this week’s Friday Five.

Friday Five: How To Tackle The Big Obstacles

02.14.2014 //

Mountain biking will often present us each with a series of challenges. Literal obstacles in the trail will test our mind, body and capacity to problem solve. Riding singletrack as we do will put us face to face with challenging sections of trail, cruxes and burly moves. Here’s five ways to break down the gnar into kitten-shaped pieces.

Reviewed: Merino Wool Fabric Garments

02.11.2014 //

Merino is a wonder fabric. It’s soft, warm, cool, dry, breathable, lightweight and odor resistant, making it just about perfect for mountain biking attire, or mountain bikers who live an active life in variable climates. And those who probably would rather run the washing machine less often, but stink less.

Reviewed: RaceFace Mud Crutch

02.04.2014 //

Last week a few people questioned why I reviewed an $18 solution to many of your bike woes. Apparently $18 is just way too much to spend on having peace of mind. So, just to give those same people something to whine about, I thought I’d find another $18 product to evaluate.

Friday Five: Simple Suspension Setup with Arthur Gaillot of Suspension Therapy

01.30.2014 //

This week we have enlisted the help of suspension guru Arthur Gaillot of Suspension Therapy in North Vancouver. Arthur offers suspension setup for mountain bikes so that riders can get the most from their machines.

Review: Sugru

01.28.2014 //

Nothing is perfect. Even your fancy new bike might not be perfect, no matter the price you paid for it. There’s always going to be something that was overlooked or isn’t ideal for your exact requirements. Which is why Sugru might just be the rescue medicine you need.

Friday Five: Suspension Glossary

01.23.2014 //

Suspension is scary stuff. I get cold sweats thinking about it despite having a front-row seat to some of mountain biking’s most educated suspension technicians and having to spend a great deal of time learning about it all because it’s my ‘job’ to do so. And I don’t think I’m alone, which is why I see a lot of poorly adjusted or badly setup suspension out on the trails.

Review: SRAM Roam 60 Wheelset

01.22.2014 //

Weighing in at 1,600 grams with tape and valves, the Roam 60s are tough enough to endure demented levels of abuse but nearly XC-light, making them suitable for anything from XC to all-mountain daily use.

Reviewed: Bell Transfer-9

01.17.2014 //

The Transfer-9 is a trickle down of the Full-9, which benefits from technology afforded by its older motocross brother, the Moto-9, but was designed exclusively for downhill and BMX, and is compliant all bicycle helmet safety standards. Actually, ‘trickle down’ isn’t entirely telling the whole story. This helmet is very feature-packed at just half the cost of Bell’s own Full-9 or other high-end full-face helmets.

Tested: Crankbrothers Mallet 3

01.14.2014 //

The two-piece design of the Mallet body comprises a composite half that helps lower the overall weight of the pedal and an aluminum outer half which is more durable against strikes, abrasion and wear and tear. The forged chromoly axle is designed to be stronger than previous models with an improved sealing to keep out unwanted mess and prolong the life of the pedal between service intervals (I couldn’t find and strip down an older version to compare them directly).

Friday Five: The Turkish Getup with Marx Conditioning

01.10.2014 //

This might seem like an awfully odd exercise, but if you are serious about becoming stronger and not just bulking up your pecs for shirtless paddock prancing then the Turkish Getup (TGU) should be in your regular routine.

News Of The Tweet: Viral Video

08.06.2013 //

Internet reinvigorated the video star? This week NOTT looks, very briefly, at six-seconds of creativity with Vine App.

Exclusive: Daniel Scott’s Foldable Chromag

08.05.2013 //

Determined to get around the cost of flying with a bicycle, Daniel Scott of Trail Solutions/IMBA approached Chromag to build him a very special one of a kind two-piece bicycle.

Video Review: Why ‘NotBad’ Is A Whole Lot Better Than Not Bad

08.02.2013 //

Here’s a review, a terribly subjective and opinionated judgement of Anthill’s “NotBad” movie.

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