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RAAM Report | Episode 2

06.12.2013 //

Join host Dave Towle as he looks at the start of this year’s Race Across America and the ‘one-percents’ that can make the difference between winning and the dreaded ‘DNF’. Not to mention, the 30,000-plus miles that make up the average RAAM Solo rider’s annual training load. For more up-to-the-minute info, be sure to check

Race Across America 2013 | The best ever?

06.11.2013 //

Words and photos by Vic Armijo June 11, 2013. Oceanside, California — The Race Across America begins today at noon, boasting the most competitive field of solo riders in its 32-year history. On the start line will be 2012 winner Reto Schoch (Switzerland), 2011 winner Christoph Strasser (Austria), and 2009 and 2006 winner Daniel Wyss

Bike-Sharing Gone Rad

06.11.2013 //

Now that bike-sharing is finally catching on in the Big Apple (much to the chagrin of crotchety people everywhere), it appears Danny MacAskill may have some competition. Disclaimer: No Vélib’ bikes were (majorly) harmed in the making of this video.

Video | Portland Design Works: The 3wrencho

06.11.2013 //

The 3wrencho Embrace the mullet—and the many uses of PDW’s 3wrencho.

RAAM Report | Episode 1

06.11.2013 //

Dave Towle hosts the first RAAM Report of the 2013 Race Across America as this year’s solo riders prepare to embark on their three-thousand-mile journey across the continental United States—an outing normally given a month and a station wagon by most who attempt it rather than Just over 8 days and their own leg power.

New York City and its “Ugly” Citi Bike Program

06.10.2013 //

“You have a historical neighborhood being desecrated by these ugly bikes.”

Nature Valley Gran Prix Kicks Off on June 12

06.04.2013 //

With the start of the nature Valley Grand Prix, one of the premier events on the domestic calendar, coming up on June 12, this video seemed like a good way to set the tone for the five-day stage race. The best way to approach such a race? “You put your head down and you give

RAAM | Riding the Line — Episode 3

06.04.2013 //

With the Race Across America start just days away, check out the third installment of Riding the Line, where host Micky Dymond checks in with severe 2013 competitors. Episode Three Ride along with motocross star Micky Dymond as he gets to know some of the athletes of RAAM—all while he prepares to tackle the 2014

Blackburn Design Wants You to Get ‘Out There’

05.31.2013 //

In announcement of Blackburn’s new ‘Out There’ initiative, they’ve gone and produced an entertaining little edit that highlights the importance of keeping adventure off of life’s back-burner.

Ferrous Friday: Speedvagen 2013 Lookbook

05.31.2013 //

Sure, by now you’ve probably realized that this isn’t your standard Ferrous Friday post, but the launch of Speedvagen’s 2013 lookbook is reason enough to break from the mold. A house brand of the famed Vanilla Workshop, Speedvagen is the brainchild of frame builder Sacha White. Offering the custom steel experience in stock size runs

McKenzie Pass Open for Busyness

05.30.2013 //

Folks, it’s time to get busy. Making travel plans that is. Every year the McKenzie Pass, one of Oregon’s most beautiful rides, is open just to cyclists for a limited time. Well, as you’ve hopefully gathered, that time is now.

News | San Francisco’s Mission District to Host Rivendell Pop-up Shop

05.29.2013 //

You may have had a chance to read about Grant Petersen in the 5 Reasons column, several weeks ago. But, now you also have a chance to visit him in San Francisco from June 1st until June 9th, where Rivedell Bike Works has set up a pop-up shop.

You’re Doing it Wrong

05.28.2013 //

Here’s some evidence for your pseudo-monday stupor to prove that yes, indeed, you’re most definitely doing it wrong. Next Tuesday, you know what to do.

Proof | 2013 Tour of California Stages 7 & 8

05.19.2013 //

Photo gallery by Mark Johnson View gallery Stages 5-6 gallery Stages 3-4 gallery Stages 1-2 gallery

Proof | 2013 Tour of California Stages 5 & 6

05.18.2013 //

Photo gallery by Mark Johnson View gallery Stages 3-4 gallery Stages 1-2 gallery

Gears and Loathing: 2013 USA Crits Finals Move to Las Vegas

05.17.2013 //

As if Interbike needed another setting to encourage opportunities for bikes and booze to collide in the bliss of not-so-holy matrimony, the spectator-friendly finals for the USA Crits series have been moved to Las Vegas for 2013. Specifically set to coincide with the trade show, the course will be on the grounds of the Mandalay

Theater Thursday

05.16.2013 //

Theater Thursday | Remembering Wouter May 9th, 2011 marked a day a dark shadow engulfed the cycling world—a reminder that life is much more vulnerable than we’re ready to admit, and our sport far from being free of risk. This one’s for you Wouter.

Proof | 2013 Tour of California: Stages 3 & 4

05.16.2013 //

Photo Gallery by Mark Johnson Sprinters and Superfans take top honors in stages 3 and 4. View Gallery

ATOC: The Cliff Notes

05.15.2013 //

Not everyone can afford using up all their sick days to stay home and watch every stage of this year’s Amgen Tour of California from start to finish, so with that in mind, we’re compiling a sort of slacker’s cheat sheet to this year’s race. Be sure to bookmark or check back regularly as we’ll

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