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Video: Words With Andy Schleck

01.29.2013 //

In another interview from the newly-launched Global Cycling Network, Andy Schleck talks about his fitness—or lackthereof—and how he plans to return to his winning ways.

Video: The World is Coming!

01.29.2013 //

Have a look at the course for the upcoming Cyclocross World Championship in Louisville, Kentucky.

Video: Ryder Hesjedal Talks 2013

01.28.2013 //

Ryder “Pretty in Pink” Hesjedal recently sat down with upstart cycling media outlet, Global Cycling Newtork (subscribe to their youtube channel here), to discuss his wild ride in 2012 as well as discuss his upcoming season. It looks like we can expect quite the show in 2013 if all goes according to plan.

H & M Catches On To Cycling

01.27.2013 //

Clothing giant H&M (Hennes and Mauritz) have taken to cycling as of late, launching a full line dedicated to cycling. First off, we’re not surprised it’s a European company who are the ones to go and do something smart like this, but secondly, consider yourself warned, some of the color choices aren’t for the faint

Video: Cannondale Pro Cycling Team Bikes

01.25.2013 //

Check out the steeds the boys on Cannondale Pro Cycling will be riding this year. And, if you haven’t seen it already, be sure to check out Paved’s recap and photo gallery of the CPC team presentation held a few weeks ago in Hollywood, California.

Ferrous Friday

01.25.2013 //

A personal favorite of ours at the North American Handmade Bike Show in Sacramento last year, this week’s Ferrous Friday selection is the handiwork of Tim O’Donnell, builder and frontman over at Shamrock Cycles, hailing from none other than the “mountains” of Indiana.

Video: Giant Launches Propel Aero Bike

01.24.2013 //

Aero has been the new black for the past couple years, so to speak, and Giant has just introduced this stylish hue into it’s lineup, launching the all-new Propel aero road bike Down Under in the Southern Hemisphere (where the wind blows the opposite way, so we hear) at the Santos Tour Down Under. Laying

Rewind: Staring Sideways at the Cyclocross World Cup

01.24.2013 //

By Michael DiGregorio | Photography by Brian Vernor “Groove is in the Heart” was originally featured in the Spring 2011 issue of Paved It didn’t make sense to stage the midway point in the 2010 Cyclocross World Cup Series in Spain’s Basque region. No. But viewed on an intuitive, innate level it made perfect sense.

Theater Thursday

01.24.2013 //

Sure, they’re not exactly “fresh” these days, but we still always enjoy a good frame building video. Call us suckers for the open flame and the mid-braze glow, but it never seems to get old. This week, have a look at the process of frame builder Vincent Rodriguez of VR Bicycles, located in Kansas City,

Pain-free Philanthropy: Specialized Introduces the Source 2

01.23.2013 //

Claiming to “ride locally and help globally” Specialized’s new Source 2 LTD brings the ‘buy one, give one’ model, a la Toms shoes, to the bicycle world. For every Source 2 LTD sold, Specialized will donate a Buffalo bike to healthcare workers in Africa through the World Bicycle Relief.

State Bicycles: Why didn’t we think of that?

01.23.2013 //

The folks at State Bicycles sent us a press release and this video to announce their new city bikes, which start at just $389.00. During the two minutes of his-and-hers, la-la-la-la-la, steamy city-riding action, we couldn’t help but wonder whether the star-crossed couple might get together and make peanut butter.

Over The Tour Down Under

01.23.2013 //

As the Tour Down Under gets underway, we thought we’d take a second to go back and look at the race from a slightly different perspective. If you thought shots from the back of the moto were cool, think again. Find the entire issue in digital form here. —Ed.

The Lance Interview We Wish We’d Seen

01.22.2013 //

Leave it to Conan O’Brien to bring some laughs to Oprah’s Lance Armstrong interview. .

The Streets of Chrome Photo Contest

01.22.2013 //

It’s no real secret that we at Paved magazine are fans of photography. So it should come at no surprise that we’re happy to announce that hot on the heals of OG messenger-bag manufacturer Timbuk2’s photo contest, our friends at Chrome have their own photo contest going to celebrate the launch of their expanded selection

Timbuk2 Photo Contest

01.22.2013 //

Another fine contest from the folks over at Timbuk2: Submit a photo, win a bag. It’s that damn simple folks.

Retrospective: Pack of Lies | From the inaugural issue of Paved

01.21.2013 //

In light of current admissions and events, we re-read Pack of Lies—and thought others would find it interesting, too. Enjoy. —Ed. By Vernon Felton Illustration by Steve Smith In late April [2010], Floyd Landis sent an e-mail to USA Cycling that immediately eclipsed every other event this year. Sure, Ivan Basso won the Giro and

Theater Thursday

01.17.2013 //

Today’s Theater Thursday selection may have something to do with the fact that a real-life, honest-to-god, espresso machine finally took up residence in the office, but we’d like to spin it off as a much more high-brow selection, based on the intrinsic relationship, nay, veritable covalent bond, between the sport of cycling and coffee. We’ll

News: Lance & Oprah…It’s Come to This

01.16.2013 //

By Vernon Felton Tomorrow, Lance Armstrong will sit down on the couch across from Oprah Winfrey and face some serious questions. Or maybe not. Oprah isn’t known for grilling celebrities who’ve massively crapped the bed and then visit her show in a public act of contrition.

Extended Cut: ‘Inward Significance’ Paved Spring, Volume Three

01.16.2013 //

In last year’s Spring issue of Paved we chronicled the story of industry luminary Sky Yeager and her incredible bike collection. We thought we’d give you a chance to revisit that story, along with the extended photo gallery published in the digital edition of the issue (Note: to get more exclusive digital-only content i.e. extended

Photo Gallery: 2013 U.S. National Cyclocross Championships

01.15.2013 //

USA Cycling’s 2013 U.S. National Cyclocross Championships may be done and dusted, but they won’t soon be forgotten by the droves of fans who came out to Badger Prairie State Park in Verona, Wisconsin—and they certainly won’t slip from the minds of the competitors who braved the mud, ruts and cold weather. Photos and captions

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