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…and in Other News: Cycling Study by the UCLA School of Nursing

05.21.2012 //

A new study conducted by UCLA School of Nursing researchers has found that serious leisure male cyclists may experience hormonal imbalances that could affect their reproductive health. The study, “Reproductive Hormones and Interleukin-6 in Serious Leisure Male Athletes,” was published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology.

5 Minute Break: Red Bull Berg Line & The Muppets

05.19.2012 //

We went riding today. So did Andreu Lacondeguy. Check out his work at the FMB World Tour here. Or watch this—and then head back to the ‘fridge for another beverage.

5 Minute Break: Life Behind Bars – Mountain Bike Series Teaser

05.10.2012 //

This is bound to be an Oscar winner.

Mini Reviews: What is this Bike Magazine Editor Packin’?

05.02.2012 //

Though both of these guys did a good job of packing their packs, the goodies in my own carry-on luggage always kick-start strange conversations.

Oakley Releases its New RadarLock Sunglasses

05.01.2012 //

Anyone who has ever ridden in the woods knows that varying light conditions often make it difficult to keep sunglasses covering those precious and tender eyeballs—unless, that is, you left the house using lenses with absolutely no tint.

Dirty Words: Thoughts on 29ers, 28ers, 650b-ers, 26ers and Singlespeeding in France

04.20.2012 //

By Sal Ruibal Because I write about bikes in a magazine called Bike, people think I actually know a lot about bikes. Truth is, I know a lot about writing about bikes. There’s a big difference. Take the issue of 29er mountain bikes. The most-asked question I get is, “Spare change, bro?” The second most-asked […]

Easton Introduces Havoc 35

04.19.2012 //

Just when you thought you’d gotten it all figured out, Easton Cycling goes and creates a new handlebar clamp diameter for its Havoc line. Yes, you might’ve guessed by their moniker that these new bars require a 35-millimeter stem in order to be properly attached to a mountain bike. The company claims that its 31.8-millimeter […]

Dirty Words: The Short Arm of the Law

04.13.2012 //

Let’s get this straight right off the bat: I have nothing against road bikes. Hey, 12 percent of my bike herd is a road bike.

Around the World by Bike and as Brothers

04.10.2012 //

And perhaps after a few beers, you and a couple of your best buddies make a solemn vow to make this global trek, only to totally forget about it when you sobered up.

Start Here: Style Unconscious

04.02.2012 //

Next time you finish a ride and someone points out your awesome helmet hair, leave it alone. Keep your hands and combs away from that ’do. Tell your riding buddies, the teller at the bank, your boss, your coworkers and the person looking sideways at you in line at the grocery store that you know your hair has formed itself into ridges—you’ve done it on purpose. Rock that messed-up coif loud and proud. It’s time to start a movement.

Is there a better option than 29er, 650b or 26?

04.01.2012 //

As we were putting the final touches on Vernon Felton’s “War of Wheels” story for the March issue of Bike, our edit staff couldn’t help but wonder if we shouldn’t have another mountain-bike standard.

Travel-free Friday Shopping

09.23.2011 //

It’s Friday and there was a surf contest in town this week, which means much of the office we share with Surfer and Surfing magazines is vacant. At times like these we are able to find a wee bit of time to actually click the links our friends email us. Here are three of the […]

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