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Where Are They Now? Jordie Lunn

02.19.2014 //

Don’t worry; Jordie Lunn is still going to be sending it this summer, hoping to grab another one of those big checks for Best Trick at Crankworx. He’s got a solid list of other contests to hit this year, as well as a strong desire to do some more filming. It’s where Jordie is now and what he’s doing that makes his ‘vacation’ from the summer riding season interesting—at least to a keyboard jockey like me.

Where Are They Now: Lisa Sher

02.11.2014 //

Had Lisa Sher been born a decade later, the world of mountain biking might well have lost her to the United States Olympic hockey team. Instead, the sport gained the 2002 United States national DH champ.

Where Are They Now: Derin Stockton

02.05.2014 //

Derin Stockton’s two-wheel adventure started on a little Schwinn, like so many other children of the ‘70s. Derin and brother Kurt, himself a former United States professional road-racing national champion, rode their bikes everywhere. Trips to the California desert, where their parents raced motorcycles, were an early introduction to off-road bicycling.

Where Are They Now? Leah Garcia

01.29.2014 //

Our sport was created largely as an escape from the rigid constructs that too often govern other forms of cycling and is young enough where historical hero worship seems out of place. But still, there are some great stories that have been created along the way to where we are now, stories that, even if they’re about those people you hate, might surprise you.

Tested: Cannondale Jekyll Carbon

07.10.2013 //

Cannondale credits its ECS-TC (Enhanced Center Stiffness-Torsion Control) system for this super-precise ride quality. And all marketing hype and terminology aside, every single one of our test riders has commented about immediately feeling this true-tracking ride quality.

First Impressions: Salsa Cycles’ New Split Pivot 29ers

06.26.2013 //

Seeking to improve on its already successful Horsethief and Spearfish full-suspension 29ers, Salsa Cycles partnered with Dave Weagle to incorporate Split Pivot into the bikes’ rear-suspension design. The results are impressive.

Exclusive: An Ode to Tioga’s Tension Disc

02.20.2013 //

Throughout the year we’ll be looking back at the products that changed (or at least shook up) the world of mountain biking. This time around, our subject is the Tioga Tension Disc, which Joe Parkin, and a great many other pros, rode right into the history books.

News: 2013 U.S. National Cyclocross Championships

01.16.2013 //

Nature saw fit to set the temperature somewhere near the 17-degree mark (Fahrenheit) and bestowed intermittent doses of sun to the riders and spectators of USA Cycling’s Elite Cyclocross National Championships. Or as they call it, cyclo-cross.

Video: Four by Three — Rachel Atherton

09.11.2012 //

Red Bull Media House has just released the first in a series of short films about the Atherton family. Today’s episode of the Four by Three series, which is produced and directed by Clay Porter, features Rachel Atherton. The video spotlights the relationship between the youngest Atherton, who has UCI Mountain Bike World Cup and

Within the pages of “The Secret Race”

09.08.2012 //

From: The Secret Race, a new book from ex-pro bike racer Tyler Hamilton and the author of Lance Armstrong’s War, Daniel Coyle, hit bookshelves this past Wednesday, September 5, 2012. On the morning of the book’s release, Hamilton and Coyle appeared on the Today Show. The show’s host, Matt Lauer, focused his interview mainly

Reuben Krabbe Wins Deep Summer Photo Challenge

08.15.2012 //

By Joe Parkin Video and Photos by Reuben Krabbe Music: “Do Not Resuscitate” by Tall Heights Synthesis / noun / the combination of components to form a connected whole. Often contrasted with analysis. Considering this definition, it would be a shame for us to offer our own analysis, so we’ll just leave it to you

Crankbrothers Introduces Iodine All-Mountain 29er Wheels

08.06.2012 //

I don’t know about you but for me wheelsets are a lot like the all-American breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast: It seems like wheels and breakfast should be difficult to mess up but, all too often, they fall far short of our expectations. Seriously, any cook worth his or her apron should

And in Other News: Van Hoovels Loses Sprint

07.24.2012 //

When a guy drops his chain twice, catches back up with the leader, and then loses the sprint for the title of XC Mountain Bike Champion of Belgium because his foot comes out of the pedal, a guy gets pretty angry. Perhaps Kevin Van Hoovels will have better luck at the Olympics.

Bike magazine’s 2012 Photo Annual

07.10.2012 //

In case you hadn’t heard, the 2012 edition of Bike‘s Photo Annual is in bike shops, on newsstands and available for download. We caught up with Margus Riga, Dan Barham and Sterling Lorence to find out what they think when one of their photos is printed in Bike

Dirty Words: Too Cool for the Tour? Take a walk on the sausage side.

07.06.2012 //

It is July and the biggest thing in bike world is the Tour de France. Yes, there are Olympic MTB XC qualifying races, BC Ride, yadda yadda yadda. But the Tour de France is, at its beating heart, a mountain bike race. That they ride rigid 29ers with skinny tires and wear really tight shorts

Proof of Life: Can You Top the Sh*tbike?

07.02.2012 //

Here’s to the beloved Sh*tbike, our world-famous ambassador of sideways enthusiasm. While yours most certainly lacks the A-list celebrity status owned by our intrepid Bikemag beamed blunder, we know you’ve got one—a pile of crap, a relic of a bygone era, that humble bike that got you to class mostly on time, a daily driver

‘Proof of Life’ Photo Contest from Teva

07.02.2012 //

Upload pictures of your worn, beat-up bike to the ‘Proof of Life’ Photo Contest from Teva for a chance to win up to $2K in prizes. A winner will be selected each week to receive a free pair of Teva Links Mid shoes, and at the end of August one grand prize winner with the

Video: Cam McCaul is Back in Business with Aftermarket Parts

06.28.2012 //

After undergoing shoulder surgery this past winter, Cam McCaul is determined to put in every effort necessary to make it back to the top of his game. Check him out as he hones his skills at some of his favorite local spots. When was the last time you saw a guy riding a mountain bike

5 Minute Break: Skidmarx

06.27.2012 //

Earlier this Spring, with rain falling in France and mud season in full swing in Jackson Hole, Brian Lopes invited Anne Caroline Chausson and Andrew Whiteford to ride some tacky but not muddy Southern California trails. Don’t you wish you could ride like this?

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