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Dirty Words: Too Cool for the Tour? Take a walk on the sausage side.

07.06.2012 //

It is July and the biggest thing in bike world is the Tour de France. Yes, there are Olympic MTB XC qualifying races, BC Ride, yadda yadda yadda. But the Tour de France is, at its beating heart, a mountain bike race. That they ride rigid 29ers with skinny tires and wear really tight shorts […]

Proof of Life: Can You Top the Sh*tbike?

07.02.2012 //

Here’s to the beloved Sh*tbike, our world-famous ambassador of sideways enthusiasm. While yours most certainly lacks the A-list celebrity status owned by our intrepid Bikemag beamed blunder, we know you’ve got one—a pile of crap, a relic of a bygone era, that humble bike that got you to class mostly on time, a daily driver […]

‘Proof of Life’ Photo Contest from Teva

07.02.2012 //

Upload pictures of your worn, beat-up bike to the ‘Proof of Life’ Photo Contest from Teva for a chance to win up to $2K in prizes. A winner will be selected each week to receive a free pair of Teva Links Mid shoes, and at the end of August one grand prize winner with the […]

Video: Cam McCaul is Back in Business with Aftermarket Parts

06.28.2012 //

After undergoing shoulder surgery this past winter, Cam McCaul is determined to put in every effort necessary to make it back to the top of his game. Check him out as he hones his skills at some of his favorite local spots. When was the last time you saw a guy riding a mountain bike […]

5 Minute Break: Skidmarx

06.27.2012 //

Earlier this Spring, with rain falling in France and mud season in full swing in Jackson Hole, Brian Lopes invited Anne Caroline Chausson and Andrew Whiteford to ride some tacky but not muddy Southern California trails. Don’t you wish you could ride like this?

Mammoth Mountain: Open From the Top

06.20.2012 //

Photos courtesy of Mammoth Mountain With several more trails opening this weekend, June 22—Brake Through, Bullet, Follow Me, Flow, 7 Bridges, Ricochet and Uphill Beach Cruiser—all 80 miles of Mammoth Mountain’s trails will be ready to shred soon. Current trail information is available here. “The early season riding has been stellar,” says bike-park supervisor Mark […]

Video: Thomas Vanderham Goes Big

06.19.2012 //

“I have always taken inspiration for my riding not only from my peers and my sport, but from other sports as well. Starting from a young age, I was always a fan of the high-flyers. From Terje Haakonsen to Michael Jordan to Bubba Stewart—I can’t get enough of watching these guys seemingly defy gravity. The […]

5 Minute Break: Trek World Racing Fort William Recap

06.19.2012 //

Enjoy Trek World Racing’s weekend at the UCI Downhill World Cup in Fort William, one of the fastest and most challenging courses on the World Cup calendar. Despite some traction issues in qualifying, Aaron Gwin snatched the top spot on the podium for the second time in as many races. Team mechanic Monkey Vasquez talks […]

5 Minute Break: Fort William Training Run with Aaron Gwin

06.18.2012 //

If you’d like to know what Aaron Gwin sees, check out this helmet-helmet cam video from Fort William.

5 Minute Break: Santa Cruz Syndicate World Cup DH 3 Report

06.14.2012 //

Source: Santa Cruz Bicycles 2012 UCI DH # 3 – Fort William, Santa Cruz Syndicate from santa cruz bikes on Vimeo. Santa Cruz Syndicate’s Josh Bryceland had confidence all week and carried it through to his final race run taking the fifth spot on the podium at the third round of the UCI World Cup […]

Help Chopper: Check Out Sun Valley Remedy Contest Finalists

06.12.2012 //

It’s too late to enter now, because Chopper and the crew are getting ready to sequester themselves in a dimly lit conference room and determine a winner in their Sun Valley Remedy contest—and they’d love a little bit of help. Check out the finalist videos and let the judges know which video should win the […]

Big Bear’s New Skyline Trail Announced

06.12.2012 //

“Utah has Porcupine Rim. Mammoth has the Kamikaze. Big Bear needs that destination-location trail that people come from all over the world to see…” says Rich “The Rev” White. A collaboration of the Big Bear Valley Trails Foundation, the San Bernardino National Forest and IMBA, the 15-mile Skyline Trail will be the first new trail […]

7 Reasons why…It’s Good to Unplug and Simplify the Ride

06.05.2012 //

et’s face it: Most of us spend our days staring into the life-sucking glow of a computer. And when we’re not submitting ourselves as slaves to work computers, we’re shackled to various other forms of the ever-expanding electronic universe. Turning off the noise and tuning in to an unfettered
ride in the dirt is a perfect escape.

Start Here: Breakin’ the Law

06.05.2012 //

And then there was a stern, yet polite, email from the Bureau of Land Management regarding the River Recon story that ran in our July 2012 issue. According to the note, the riding depicted in the article had taken place on trails that were not open for mountain biking and, as such, was illegal.

Start Here: Best Enemies

06.05.2012 //

I’ve been told that mountain bikers are passionate about their sport, and that all the chatter is an expression of that passion. But from my limited and, admittedly, self-serving perspective, passion seems better served in the doing of a sport rather than the talking about the trappings of that sport.

Start Here: I Want to Go

06.04.2012 //

The sudden sensation of gloom and despair hit hard enough for me to understand why people drive their cars into trees. We were well into the waning hours of a birthday that I wasn’t really all that stoked to be celebrating.

Dirty Words: Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Ugly Mountain Bikers

06.01.2012 //

Let’s face it, when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, mountain bikers just don’t cut it, not even the female ones.

Bike magazine headed for BC Bike Race

05.31.2012 //

Photos by Anthony Smith Illustration by Ryan LaBar The staff of Bike magazine is proud to introduce Team Sad Sacks for the 2012 BC Bike Race. With better-than-average office-chair fitness, the Sad Sacks—Bike’s Publisher Morgan Meredith and Managing Editor Brice Minnigh—have been officially ‘training’ now for days on end, and are sure to find fighting […]

First Impressions: Uvex XP CC Helmet

05.30.2012 //

By Joe Parkin When it comes to comfort, products like helmets, shoes and shorts have a tendency to show their weaknesses pretty quickly, because ill-fitting models can make an otherwise good ride go pear-shaped in a hurry. I’m happy to report that my first rides in the 260-gram, $100-dollar Uvex XP CC were definitely not […]

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