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News Of The Tweet: Twitter Dialogue

07.04.2012 //

Between xgames bashing and Mtb twitter wars, twitter its cool tonight — Craig Stik Glaspell (@stikmanglaspell) June 30, 2012 This week I’ve decided to hand over The News Of The Tweet to Stikman it seems. He was the sun around which so much humorous tweeting revolved this week. Watching x games live on espn, over […]

Team Sad Sacks – BC Bike Race Stage 3: Powell River’s Pleasure Trove

07.04.2012 //

Words by Brice Minnigh Photos by Morgan Meredith The 500-strong field in the 2012 BC Bike Race converged yesterday morning on the tiny community of Powell River, disembarking their ferry to a rousing welcome from the local community—including bagpipes, a choir and applause from hundreds of the town’s residents. Within a half-hour of arriving on […]

Team Sad Sacks – BC Bike Race Day 2: Let the Mud-Wrestling Begin

07.03.2012 //

Words by Brice Minnigh Photos by Morgan Meredith From the steady rain that pelted our tents through the wee hours this morning to the noisy German-language conversation that served as our early 5 am wake-up call, Bike magazine’s own Team Sad Sacks knew today would be a day of reckoning with untoward elements. Unable to […]

Team Sad Sacks – 2012 BC Bike Race Day One: The Shred Fest Begins

07.02.2012 //

Words by Brice Minnigh Photos by Morgan Meredith Bike magazine’s own Team Sad Sacks is off to a fun start at the 2012 BC Bike Race, making countless new friends and savoring highest-quality singletrack they’ve ever experienced in a stage race. Riders from 33 countries were either pleasantly surprised or shocked by the technical nature […]

7 Reasons Why…

07.01.2012 //

hile you’re thumbing through the pages of this year’s Photo Annual, basking in the majestic glow of the images and marveling over the consummate skill of
the craftsmen who created them, consider this notion: Mountain-bike photography is a piece of cake. Here’s why…

Preview: Brian Lopes Featured in July Issue of Bike

06.12.2012 //

By Brice Minnigh Photography by Anthony Smith Brian Lopes might just be the most polarizing figure in all of mountain biking. People love to hate him, and the mere mention of his name can evoke some surprisingly visceral reactions. But our gut-level presumptions don’t matter that much. And, truth be told, Lopes doesn’t really care […]

Video: Green River Recon Featured in July Issue of Bike

06.06.2012 //

By Brice Minnigh Photography by Haruki Noguchi Video by Justin Olsen A small group of mountain bikers set out on an exploratory mission down a stretch of Utah’s Green River last autumn in search of remote and untarnished riding territory. Floating on inflatable rafts retrofitted with bike racks, the team navigated 68 miles of water […]

In Praise of… Common Sense

06.05.2012 //

Regardless of whether we are rule-followers or not, most riders routinely ignore certain aspects of gravity and inertia, trying to work these forces to our advantage while knowing that it might not work out the way we hope it will. And that’s exactly the way we like it.

7 Reasons why…

06.04.2012 //

At the end of the day, having fun on the trail is far more important than how hip we look at the trailhead. Ever been dropped by some kid on a shitty hardtail wearing jeans, a T-shirt and skate shoes? Who’s cool now? –

First Impressions: 2013 Rocky Mountain Element 970 RSL BC Edition

06.01.2012 //

By Brice Minnigh Photos by Van Swae Rocky Mountain Bicycles is rolling out its 2013 line of carbon 29ers—the Element 29 RSL—and Bike magazine somehow managed to shanghai one for some early-summer shredding. The bike we have is the 970 BC Edition—the only one of the company’s four new Element 970 RSL models that comes […]

Showing Off Idaho’s Finest Singletrack

05.23.2012 //

Nine days might sound like a long time for a bike festival, but when you’ve got 400-plus miles of interconnected, high-speed singletrack to ride, you’re likely to end up extending your stay.

Why the XC Eliminator is Bad for Mountain Biking

05.18.2012 //

Highway to Hell: The cathedral backdrop might be stunning, but the ‘downhill’ section of this course wasn’t the answer to our prayers. Story by Brice Minnigh Captions by The Commissariat Photos by Marius Maasewerd News flash to the Union Cycliste Internationale, our sport’s so-called ‘governing body': Mountain biking takes place in the dirt. Preferably in […]

Red Bull Final Descent Series Ready to Rip

05.12.2012 //

Imagine doing hot laps down some of North America’s burliest bike-park runs for three hours in a row—and then multiply that by four. The leg-numbing result would be one of the 12-hour races of the Red Bull Final Descent series, which pits pro and amateur racers against each other for 12 hours of non-stop downhill runs in three of the continent’s best bike parks.

Strength in Numbers Exemplified in SoCal Premiere

05.11.2012 //

Words by Brice Minnigh Photos by Anthony Smith Demonstrating the central theme of this year’s defining mountain-bike film, Strength in Numbers, a sellout crowd of rowdy mountain bikers turned out for the movie’s Southern California premiere at the historic La Paloma Theatre in the legendary surf town of Encinitas. True to the tradition of surf-film […]

Hayes Components Introduces New Offerings for 2012 Season

05.02.2012 //

Hayes has made some key adjustments to its product line for the 2012 season, introducing new technology designed to make brake tuning idiot-proof and stiffening up one of its best-selling forks.

New Records Set in Ninth-Annual Whiskey Off-Road Races

05.01.2012 //

It was a record-setting weekend for the ninth-annual Whiskey Off-Road races in Prescott, Arizona, where several of the pro men shattered previous best times in a hard-fought battle for the lion’s share of a $30,000 prize purse.

2012 Sea Otter Classic Gear Wrap-Up

04.25.2012 //

Photos by Anthony Smith Words by Brice Minnigh Dirt, sweat and gears—look for the artist-collaboration series of Dark Timbers, an apparel company that is by riders, for riders. The up-and-coming components company Rove—which specializes in headsets and bottom brackets—is introducing a new line of headsets in a wide range of sizes and colors. Simplify your […]

Sea Otter 2012: Style and Substance

04.22.2012 //

Photos by Dave Reddick and Anthony Smith Words by Brice Minnigh Race day—The Sea Otter rests his weary legs on the way to the children’s’ race. Is this cat 1 or 2…anyone? Sun’s out, guns out. Beating the heat and the rest of the field. Dump ‘em out. Martin Söderström with a stylish 360 tuck […]

Kyle Strait wins 2012 Sea Otter Classic Dual Slalom

04.21.2012 //

By Brice Minnigh Photos: Anthony Smith (unless otherwise noted) In one of the most dramatic moments of this year’s Sea Otter Classic, Kyle Strait fended off some of the world’s fastest racers to win a commanding victory in the dual-slalom event. Under blue skies and a searing-hot sun, Strait proved to an exuberant crowd that […]

Suntour Rebounds into High-End Market With New Forks

04.20.2012 //

By Brice Minnigh Photos: Anthony Smith After several years in the mass market, Suntour is refocusing much of its efforts on higher-end suspension, introducing a new 650B fork and a long-anticipated downhill model. The company is throwing its chips in with 650B, developing a fork for what it anticipates will be the dominant wheel size […]

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