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4-11-09 // World Cup XC and Four-Cross Results

04.11.2009 //

Graves and Beerten take the World Cup four-cross opener; XC titles go to Hermida and Osl. Check back to for updates, complete race reports, photos and live race coverage.  From UCI.CH   “Day 1 of the 2009 Nissan UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, was a resounding success, with exciting racing,

4-03-09 // Fan Mail

04.03.2009 //

We get all kinds of e-mails sent to Bike. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, some of them are from the trustees of wealthy political prisoners in Uganda who desperately need our assistance transferring funds out of the country and are offering generous monetary compensation. But sometimes, we just get cool

9-5-08 // Srammershredding

09.05.2008 //

After spending the last two months unveiling Truvativ’s new Hammerschmidt drivetrain to every media outlet on the planet, Eric Schutt, the company’s mountain bike pr manager spent a few days surfing. Bali? Indo? Even the Jersey Shore? Nope. Schutt caught his waves on the tranquil lakes of the Midwest. His method? Power-assisted surfing. “Yes, this

9-4-08 // SBC Hits the Bigtime

09.05.2008 //

It’s all fun and games until the New York Times gets involved. What started out as a prank, turned into Bike magazine’s popular last page: the Sh*tbike Challenge. When we resurrected an old Softride Bully “beam bike,” and challenged riders across the country to spend a day riding it, we knew we would draw some

1-25-08 // Hog Heaven

01.25.2008 //

About 15 years ago, a local shop near my hometown in Pennsylvania advertised its store by handing out “Funhog” stickers. These rub-on stickers showed up on thousands of cars, but I never quite grasped the Funhog concept. And I still don’t entirely see the connection. But this photo snapped outside a BBQ joint during our

8-9-07 // Rider Down…

08.08.2007 //

Photographers may have a reputation of living life safely behind the lens, but mountain bike shooters are constantly throwing themselves in the line of fire, riding the same gnarly trails as pro riders, often with 35 pounds of cumbersome camera gear strapped to their backs. Most of the time, it’s the pro riders who suffer

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