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7-5-07 // Day Five Report from the B.C. Bike Race

07.06.2007 //

Bike magazine publisher Derek Dejonge sampled a bit of the B.C. Bike Race today, jumping in to ride stage five, a delicious singletrack-heavy, 58-kilometer stage on the Sunshine Coast. Meanwhile, Bike’s two-man crew of managing editor Kip Mikler and guest ringer Mark Sevenoff from Moab enjoyed the trails so much, they rode some extra miles.

7-4-07 // Day Four Report from the B.C. Bike Race

07.05.2007 //

Happy fourth. Long day here, but I got a little somethin’ to slap up on the blog. Feeling pretty wasted tonight, chamois butter is becoming a critical part of my existence. The Bike Magazine team of Kip Mikler and Mark Sevenoff (a ringer from Moab) celebrated the Fourth of July by taking jabs from Canadians

7-3-07 // Day Three Report from the B.C. Bike Race – The Kipper is hanging in there!

07.04.2007 //

Bike’s Kip Mikler, racing the seven-stage, 324-mile B.C. Bike Race, is checking in with occasional updates from the trail of suffering in British Columbia. Typing and drinking a beer with three-time TransRockies winner Andreas Hestler, he sent this update from Cumberland, a woodsy mountain town on Vancouver Island. Greetings from the mountain bike paradise known

7-2-07 // Day Two Report from the B.C. Bike Race

07.03.2007 //

Bike’s Kip Mikler, racing the seven-stage, 324-mile B.C. Bike Race, is checking in with occasional updates from the wilds of British Columbia. He posted this report right before going off to OD on Advil. Day two, a 118-kilometer stage, ended in Port Alberni, where the small logging town’s mayor showed up to crack a few

7-1-07 // Day One Report from B.C. Bike Race

07.01.2007 //

Bike‘s managing editor just finished the first stage of the B.C. Bike Race. His first day sounds pretty far from a lazy Sunday. His dispatch was apparently sent from a bar in Lake Cowichan, the only establishment in town with an interweb connection. Without further ado, here’s the report from our own intrepid Kip Mikler:

6-29-07 // Sneak Peek: Kona’s new Magic Link

06.29.2007 //

Just when you though maybe you were starting to understand this whole full suspension thing, Kona goes and throws us this curveball. Giving new meaning to “CoilAir,” the new Magic Link design from Kona uses a coil-sprung pivot , similar to a piston engine’s valve spring, to manipulate the lower shock hock mount—in this case,

6-24-07 // Waterloo West

06.24.2007 //

Greetings from Sun Valley, Idaho, where Trek and Gary Fisher are doling out test rides of the latest and greatest bikes for the coming year. Look for a complete report on the front page of in the next day or two. Trek Travel, the global tour guiding outfit, was on hand to help an

6-22-07 // Late to the party…

06.22.2007 //

If you’re a hard core bike blogging type, you’ve likely already seen this. I’m not, and haven’t, but here it is. Maybe you’ve heard of the flicking-off-hummers phenomenon? Particularly of the H2/exceedingly-useless ilk? Well if you approve, check out this entry to General Motor’s “make your own commercial” promotional contest. It’s a montage of many,

6-20-07 // Be Safe. Hydrate.

06.20.2007 //

These arrived at the mothership a while back. Early samples of Camelbak’s “Elixir” electrolyte tablets. Yes. The packaging caused some giggling around the office. The production packaging, seen below, is a little more conventional. $10 gets you 12 tablets, each good for 24 ounces of water. The tablets don’t have any sugar in them, so

6-18-07 // Downieville Fashion Contest Announced

06.18.2007 //

Start pruning those mullets and grooming that fu man chu, the dates have been announced for the Downieville Worst Hair Contest. The bar was set high with last year’s mustache contest, and this year’s show promises to be equally as heinous.

6-14-07 // Top Ten Worst Cities for Bike Theft

06.14.2007 //

Courtesy of our friends at Kryptonite, who know a thing or two about bike theft, here are the Top Ten cities for bike theft in the U.S. Read more HERE 1. New York City 2. Chicago 3. Boston 4. Philadelphia 5. San Jose 6. Los Angeles – tie San Francisco – tie 8. Seattle 9.

6-14-07 // Spy Shots of Trek’s New Fuel EX Bike

06.14.2007 //

We’ve managed to get some spy shots of the latest and greatest from Waterloo, Wisconsin. Trek’s newest suspension platform, dubbed R1i, will be used on all of next year’s Fuel EX bikes—everything from this OCLV carbon to the hydroformed aluminum Fuel EX 9, 8 and 7 models. The big news here is the redesigned linkage

6-13-07 // The madness must end.

06.13.2007 //

Why, oh why, do more and more bike manufacturers insists on running full length derailleur housing? Middleburn, a cool little company from the UK has been making its “cable oilers” for a decade, and we’re getting a batch sent in to mount up in-line with a couple of the test bikes we’ve got in that

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