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3-19-08 // A Case for Fix-Pushers

03.19.2008 //

I suppose this has been out for a little while, but it is just brilliance defined.

3-18-08 // A Case for Fixies

03.18.2008 //

These fixie kids get a bad rap sometimes. And some of it is deserved (stealing your sister’s jeans—or worse: jean shorts—is just not cool). But too often I see these guys pulling moves on their brakeless, suspension-less, free-wheel-less skinny-tire bikes that make me all that much more shamed that I was not born with the

3-17-08 // Belgian Gangsters and the new V.I.O. wide-angle lens

03.17.2008 //

Shuttled San Juan trail Sunday afternoon. It was raining on the top and the dirt was all-time tacky. One of my riding partner was “Belgian Tom,” who has lived in the States for a couple years and was brought up racing road bikes. He picked up mountain biking just one year ago and now rides

3-17-08 // Awareness Test for Drivers

03.17.2008 //

Courtesy: MoFo

3-17-08 // A Bad Case of the Mondays

03.17.2008 //

Seems like everyone got beat up this weekend. From Keyesville Classic carnage to the windblown hellscape at the first inaugural St. Patty’s Day Feast in Bootleg Canyon  to ‘scoped knees, tweaked backs and shoulders, artichoke-spine -spiked ankles and some pretty good crashes here at home. Insightful coverage to come. For now, this says it all:

2-28-08 // Hosed

02.28.2008 //

Eric Schutt over at SRAM is having a hard winter. He commutes to work in Chicago via a two-bike/one train system. The other day the beater bike he leaves at his home train station got hit with the slush machine. I tried to make him feel better by sending him a shot of the mud

2-19-07 // Buenos Dias a que Gran Canaria

02.19.2008 //

Cannondale launched two completely new, designed-from-the-ground-up bikes to an international field of 40 international media wankers last weekend on the island of Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria is a principality of Spain off the north-west coast of Africa. Eternally sunny, it’s a popular European tourist destination. And with miles of epic, windy, freshly paved roads and

2-12-08 // Bike to Invade Laguna

02.12.2008 //

We’re hijacking the movie theater in Laguna Beach for a the premier of the latest Earthed movie. Should be a good time, complete with an after party and raffles and whatnot. Proceeds go to recently scorched local trails. See attached: /// Earthed Premiere Comes to Laguna Beach Bike Magazine, along with Shimano and Felt Bicycles,

2-12-08 // Think you are tough enough, Punk? Do you?

02.12.2008 //

Have you raced 24-Hours of Whatever on a rigid singlespeed and lived to tell about it? Do you masochistically throw yourself at epic rides? Laugh at pain? Relish puking? Are you tough enough to go up against the cream of America’s steroid swilling/out-of-work-up-romance-novel-cover-model crop? If you answered yes to any of the above, then American

2-5-07 // Super Tuesday, Gary Fisher and 172 Pages of Goodness

02.05.2008 //

Travis Ott from Gary Fisher Bicycles, along with the Godfather himself, stopped by this morning for a visit. And while we schleps are on deadline and stressing on print and photo deadlines our web editor Alan Davis and these scoundrels are out riding the San Juan trail on the new Fisher Pro Caliber on this

2-4-08 // Sketchy Landing

02.04.2008 //

Ever get this feeling?

2-3-08 // Another Working Weekend

02.02.2008 //

San Juan trail. Muy Bueno. Image courtesy of the New Garmin 705 and Google Earth.

1-28-08 // The End is Nigh! The Revolution will be YouTubed!

01.28.2008 //

Your daily two minutes of utterly wasted time, brought to you by those kooky Brits…

1-15-08 // MacBook Air, Eat Your Heart Out

01.15.2008 //

Photo courtesy of Mr. Ric Hjertberg

1-11-08 // Specialized’s ‘Innovate Or Die’ Contest

01.11.2008 //

While the good folks at Specialized assure us that no one actually “died” for their failure to innovate, the contest held by the Big Red S (in conjunction with Google, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners) drew entries from more than a hundred people. The goal of the contest: create a pedal-powered solution to minimizing climate change.Entries

12-19-07 // Bah Humbug

12.19.2007 //

Not one for all the spam Christmas cards that companies send out in shameless acts of self promotion, but this one is pretty damn cool. …that’s one badass dove.

12-3-07 // A Truly Innovative Way to Break Stuff

12.03.2007 //

Welcome to Truvativ’s test lab – where perfectly good bike parts go to die. It’s sort of slow around the office but will be picking up soon. In the meantime I’m cleaning out my hard drive and these pictures and video snippets deserve a little play. We visited Truvativ’s test lab back in July for

11-30-07 // A Legend Lost: Evel Knievel

11.30.2007 //

“CLEARWATER, Fla. – Evel Knievel, the red-white-and-blue-spangled motorcycle daredevil whose jumps over crazy obstacles including Greyhound buses, live sharks and Idaho’s Snake River Canyon made him an international icon in the 1970s, died Friday. He was 69.” —Courtesy Yahoo. See HERE for full story.

11-29-07 // This Guy is Rad

11.28.2007 //

Brian Bartlett, who rides for Iron Horse and Hayes, just launched a new company to market a prosthesis of his own design. For the last couple years Brian has been test riding, refining, re-engineering and retooling an artificial leg capable of not just pedaling but of bona fide free riding. The fruits of his labor:

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