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11-20-08 // Em-ai-es-es-ai-es-es-ai-pee- pee-ai

11.20.2008 //

That’s Mississippi, for you phonetically challenged types. It’s the home of a town called Chunky, and it’s also the home of the Mt. Zion trails in Brookhaven, where a dedicated group of Mississippians have built some sweet trails that they’re happy to show anyone who can make the trip. The whole debacle will be showing

11-13-08 // Apple iPod Advertisement Imitation of the Day

11.13.2008 //

And a pretty cool looking little gadget in its own right…

11-6-08 // Victory Lap

11.06.2008 //

Dubya famously rode Trek mountain bikes on his ranch. What will Obama ride?

11-3-08 // Ho, Ho, Ho…Holy Sh*t!

11.03.2008 //

With the holiday seasons upon us (evidenced by the already rampant Christmas kitsch replacing Halloween kitsch in every level of retail hell from the Kwik-E Mart to Wal-Mart), outlandish gift ideas already are starting to circulate on the webbernet. Exhibit A, via Gizmodo, is a post titled “Titanium Tricycle Ensures Trust Fund Babies Break The

10-15-07 // We Have Arrived

10.15.2008 //

In case you missed the memo – mountain biking is officially cool. Exhibit A: Apple is using imagery from Santa Cruz Bikes to pimp their (admittedly pimp) new MacBook Pro Check out the Apple site to see more – the “Introduction to the new MacBook” video is a work of propaganda so fine it would

10-9-08 // And you thought Swobo was expensive

10.09.2008 //

About the only thing creepier than buying the socks of a long-dead colonel in the Virginia State Army is the look of the appraiser who valued these hand-darned Civil War-era wool socks between $1,500 and $2,000. Actually, at $22 a pair, Swobo’s socks aren’t so bad. And if you’re looking for wool cycling socks check

10-2-08 // Reasons #37 through #92 why I don’t ride BMX

10.02.2008 //

Watching this Levi’s commercial outtakes video kind of makes me want to go crash in some nice soft dirt. Hell, or a cactus. (courtesy by way of See More BMX Videos at

9-17-08 // Photographing bikes is FUN!

09.17.2008 //

Isn’t it, Morgan?

9-16-08 // Shimano Goes Kubuki on XTR

09.16.2008 //

The boys in Japan have been busy with the road bike side of things, recently unveiling an electronic shifting road group. And they’ve been busy with the new Saint group as well. But mountain biking weight weenies need not despair, as Shimano next year will roll out an aftermarket upgrade kit for XTR. (Yes, you

9-15-08 // Unable to succeed mountain biking, Armstrong to try for Tour again

09.15.2008 //

Okay, granted, Lance can probably line up with 99 percent of mountain biking’s top XC racers and hand their ass to them in about a lap. But Lance is no mountain biker. He’s a died-in-the-Lycra roadie, and he’s coming back. So, what happens when you assign a historian to cover the news of the world’s

9-11-08 // Wireless Handlebar-Mounted Cell Phone Speakers – This Can’t be Good

09.11.2008 //

From the cover today’s Business section in the LA Times

9-8-08 // Add “Automated Bike Parking” to the Long and Growing List of Stuff that’s HUGE in Japan

09.09.2008 //

Via the Washington Post, via – Tokyo commuters have it made. Check it:

8-5-08 // John Cowan’s Video Preview of the Kokanee Crankworx Slopestyle Course

08.05.2008 //

Crankworx Colorado Crankworx Colorado Freeride Mountain Bike Festival John Cowan, the godfather of mountain bike dirt jumping, walks us through a preview of the world’s premier slopesltye course at Whistler Mountain Resort.  

7-18-08 // Will the real Roscoe P. Coltrane please stand up

07.19.2008 //

Gary Fisher unveiled its latest creation today in Durango, Colorado, home of Trek/Fisher test rider Travis Brown and also home so some pretty incredible singletrack. The bike is called the Roscoe, it has no relationship to the bumbling sheriff from the “Dukes of Hazard,” and quite the contrary, it’s not a bumbler. In fact, Gary

6-12-08 // Saintness

06.12.2008 //

Probably should have been using this squeezy toy a little more than I have been. I think I still have perma-tennis elbow from my last 4-day trip to Whistler last year. Just got up here last night, where we’re building up bikes with the new Saint group from Shimano. There’s snow on the top half

6-2-08 // Caution: Teenagers Onboard!!

06.02.2008 //

It’s that time of year again, when our intrepid team (minus a few unlucky and not-disgruntled-at-all staffers) sets out for a week-long junket to some heralded riding destination for a few days of epic rides, campfires, tequila tutorials and all around good times. The first wrinkle in the plan: the 15-passenger rental van. Turns out

4-28-08 // SEASONS Premiere to hit Laguna Beotch May 4

04.28.2008 //

The theater at PCH and Broadway in Laguna Beach will once again host a mountain bike film premiere—this time it’s for “Seasons,” the latest and greatest from The Collective – the film studio that produced such instant classics as “The Collective” and “Roam.” The new film is organized by… wait for it, wait for it….

4-21-08 // SRAMmerschmidt Unveiled! (sortof)

04.21.2008 //

Had a very interesting morning yesterday. It all started with a bright-and-early 7 A.M. breakfast with a representative of SRAM (which was super fun to wake up for after the premiere of and party for Kranked 7: The Cackle Factor held Sea Otter in Monterey over the weekend). After some bacon and eggs I was

4-14-08 // Spectrum Techwear Unveils New Lineup

04.14.2008 //

This here blog’s been down for a few weeks. We’ve had a crack team of eggheads under the hood, and while no discernible improvements have been made, it’s back online so I’ll just shut up now. In the meantime if you haven’t already seen it, check out Spectrum Techwear’s groundbreaking new line of free ride

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