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Interbike Video: Shimano's new M-161 Mountain Shoe

09.25.2009 //

Untitled from Bike Magazine on Vimeo. MORE FROM INTERBIKE

Interbike Video: Pedro's Tulio Tool

09.25.2009 //

Pedro’s New 8-bit Multi-tool—the Tulio from Bike Magazine on Vimeo. MORE FROM INTERBIKE

Interbike Photos: The Double-Down Two-Day Interbike Download

09.25.2009 //

Day One coverage of all the latest and greatest from the trade show floor here at Interbike was delayed due to an urgent mission regrading the Shitbike. Stay tuned to the December issue for the full report, but suffice it to say the mission was a raging success. Without further ado, here’s a double-dose of

Cannondale Unveils "Simon" Suspension Concept

09.23.2009 //

By Ryan LaBar Stuffed into the back of a military surplus Mercedes-Benz Unimog that was tearing around the desert as if to elude pursuers, and with the flaps of the truckbed drawn closed to leave me completely shrouded in darkness, I had no idea what was going on. Cannondale had something top-secret to unveil, and

Interbike Photos: Dirt Demo Rundown

09.23.2009 //

After two full days of desert winds and scorching heat, we bring you a highlight reel of new bikes and gear from Bootleg Canyon. Stay tuned for much, much more from inside the halls of Interbike all the rest of this week. Find the latest reports here: Sabrina Jonnier rode the new Rocky Flatline

Interbike Begins….

09.21.2009 //

For the last few years the trend at Interbike has been fewer vendors and/or smaller spaces inside the Sands Convention Center, and more exhibitors with a bigger presence showing up to offer demo bikes and brave the winds of the Bootleg Canyon Trails here in Boulder City, Nevada. After Day One of the two-day Outdoor is totally blowing it…

09.10.2009 //

A web site called, apparently the authoritative job-search site of Scotland, has enlisted mutant trials rider Danny MacAskill to star in their recent video ad. “Love you job,” indeed.

Tested: Mongoose Khyber Super

09.10.2009 //

Words and Photos by Anthony Smith I’ve spent many years grinding up climbs on a heavy downhill rig not even suitable to ride to the corner store—all for the glory of shredding epic descents. Many companies claim they have a bike that can master both the ups and the downs, but accomplishing such a feat

Peaty takes World Championship DH Gold! Watch the Race Here.

09.06.2009 //

After 16 years as a member of the British team, Sir Steve Peat has finally capped his long resume of accomplishments, including three regular season World Cup victories this year, with a gold medal at the World Championships in Canberra. On the women’s side, Emmeline Raggot took the top spot. Check out the complete racing

Video: Can Peat Cap His Season with a Win at the World Championships?

09.05.2009 //

Can Steve Peat finally pull off a World Championships Win? It would be a fitting end to a stellar season for Sheffield Steel. Watch video of his practice run and a pre-race interview, courtesy Freecaster. INTERVIEW: PRACTICE RUN:

Fuss Vom Gas!

08.28.2009 //

By way of the inimitable Bikesnobnyc. See the full screed, “Cultural Accessorizing: Are Banjos the New Bicycle?” HERE.

Kona TV Discovers Amsterdam

08.19.2009 //

The good folks at Kona have this newsflash for us: People in Amsterdam ride bikes—a lot. Don’t believe it? Check out this video evidence of the Netherlands’ seemingly utopian society:

CRANKWORX COVERGE: Greg Watts wins Kokanee Crankworx Monster Energy Slopestyle

08.16.2009 //

Another Crankworx Slopestyle contest is in the books, and neither the odds-on favorite nor the returning champion came away with the win.

CRANKWORX COVERAGE: Slopestyle Bike Tech

08.16.2009 //

While the world’s best slopestyle riders were busy pouring Monster Energy coffee drinks all over newly anointed champ Greg Watts, a closer look at bikes that were thrown down around the winners circle reveals some tricks to the trade.


08.16.2009 //

Love him, hate him—but beat him? Good luck. Lopes came in second to Kyle Strait in the dual slalom earlier in the week, and he’s been winning everythign he’s entered ever since. He won the Air DH for the fourth straight year on Wednesday—a mad race down Whistler’s famed A-Line. Then he took out Brett


08.15.2009 //

New World Disorder is ringing in its tenth year in business with NWD10, which will premier next month at the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas. But the party started early with a 10 year retrospective hosted at the Blake Jorgenson photo gallery in Whistler Village. Revelers came to mix and mingle amid a few

CRANKWORX COVERAGE: Jill Kitner's Mystery Machine

08.14.2009 //

When she’s not winning races racing for Intense (and sundry other sponsors), Jill Kitner is rolling deep in this pimp-wagon sprinter van. Besides a bed, a pop-out awning and a place to eat, she’s got a full garage in the back and a canvas to fill with her sponsors and various other graffiti. Three words:


08.13.2009 //

Rained most of the day today in Whistler, which meant the Volkswagen Best Trick contest is being canceled until Saturday, when it’s going to get rolled into the Monster Energy Slopestyle Contest. Word to the wise: when it’s raining in Whistler, go to Pemberton—it never rains there. Really. Rocky Mountain led a shuttle there to


08.13.2009 //

Arrived in Vancouver Wednesday en route to Whistler and was greeted by bluebird skies and a clear drive up the Sea to Sky Highway. The denizens of this fair city stayed out of the way of the shuttle bus and I got into town just as a rainbow was breaking over the resort. I barely

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