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NAHBS: It’s Not About the Bike

03.08.2013 //

There’s something nobody tells you about the North American Handmade Bicycle Show: It’s not about bikes. Sure, you might be led to think otherwise, what with the prevalence of bikes of all kinds, conspicuous cog tattoos, and guys wearing shirts saying things like “Rosebud was a bike” and “Your mom digs my bikes.” But you’d

Bourbon and Bikes

02.05.2013 //

By Kristin Butcher Like the rest of the world, when I think of Kentucky, one thing comes to mind: world-class cyclocross racing. Just kidding. Instead, like most folks, the mention of Kentucky elicits images of horse racing, bourbon, and folks clad in Carhartt overalls topped with Carhartt jackets (a.k.a. “the Midwestern tuxedo”). It came as

The Connect

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