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A Tale Of Two Tires — Treading The Line Between Michelin’s Bike And Car Divisions

02.11.2013 //

It’s relatively well-known that Michelin is one of the oldest tire manufacturers in the world, so old, in fact, that it got its start making bicycle tires—there were hardly even cars to make tires for in 1888. Now however, the scales have turned, with bicycle tires making up but a minute fraction of Michelin’s production.

Ferrous Friday

02.08.2013 //

Ira Ryan/Trucker Racks ‘Market Bike’ Collaboration As we look down the barrel of another NAHBS, we though it might be fitting to feature one of last years winners, and one of our personal favorites, Ira Ryan’s ‘Market Bike’, built for a friend and local restaurant-owner’s daily produce-buying trips.

Win-Win: Buy A Pegoretti Help A Child’s Fight Against Cancer

02.05.2013 //

“Hand in hand, pen on steel, outstanding frames.” Few are as capable of breathing such life into a collection of steel tubes as the one-and-only, Dario Pegoretti. It’s fitting then, that he should choose to use this unmatched ability to help breath life into the chances of children afflicted with cancer. Battling cancer himself, Dario

Primetime: UCI Cyclocross World Championships Live Stream

02.01.2013 //

With inclement weather threatening to cause flooding in the lower-lying areas of Eva Bandman park, the venue for the UCI Cyclocross World Championship races, the schedule of events has been truncated and accelerated, with both the mens and women’s Elite races now taking place on Saturday. Men’s Start Time: 2:30 p.m. Women’s Start Time: 11:00

Is The UCI Good At Anything?

01.30.2013 //

With the announcement that the UCI has disbanded their Independent Commission, which was to look at (alleged) internal misdealing and hopefully lead to some oversight and accountability, the critics have been lining up to get their two cents in. We here at Paved, rather than look for the worst in people, try to find their

Sugoi Partners Up With Polartec

01.29.2013 //

Sugoi is a clothing company that cut its teeth in the wet winters of Vancouver (and springs, and falls too—Vancouver sees, on average, 161 inches of rain per year), so whenever the company announces a new batch of wet-weather gear, we tend to take notice. Partnering with Polartec for their latest round of foul-weather threads,

Spotlight: Orp Smart Horn

01.28.2013 //

Straight outta Portland, comes the Orp Smart Horn (or Smorn if you insist on combining things). Half light, half horn and all kinds of safe, the Orp looks to make riding your bike in traffic a much less risky proposition. Sure you may have thought your little bell on your handlebars was hacking it just

Old Is New For The 2013 Edition Of Paris-Roubaix

01.28.2013 //

Making its first appearance in five years, the newly re-christened ‘Pont Gibus’ secteur (named in honor of Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle, who launched both of his successful victory attempts on this very stretch) is headlining the changes featured in this year’s Paris-Roubaix route. Fresh off an estimated 500,000-Euro renovation, the secteur was last featured in the race’s

The Duds Abide: Specialized Rolls Out New Apparel Line

01.26.2013 //

Just a few days ago Specialized showed off the fruits of a two-year labor, unveiling their recently revamped apparel line at their headquarters in Morgan Hill with a good old-fashioned long ride, featuring a route company CEO Mike Sinyard (questionably) calls ‘The Big Easy.’ By the company’s own admission, apparel has always been a bit

Review: Chrome Cardiel ORP

01.20.2013 //

Chrome Cardiel ORP $110 / I’m a [smug]gler. My tool of choice, Chrome’s fan-fricken-awesome Cardiel ORP (Operation Readiness Pack). My cargo? A screw-you attitude and a middle finger to the oppressive car culture found behind the Orange Curtain, otherwise known as the surreal land of Orange County. Smarminess aside, I’ve had the luxury of

Greatest Hits, Night Two Of The Lance Interview

01.19.2013 //

Sure, any music fan will tell you that greatest hits album are the dirge of good music everywhere, but they’re just so damn accessible! So if you missed the second-night’s Lance Armstrong interview, here are the highlights (so to speak) from Oprah’s second bout with Armstrong on her couch of shame. Watch these videos and

Ferrous Friday

01.18.2013 //

In today’s world of shapely carbon-fiber superbikes, it is easy to overlook the understated beauty of a hand-built steel frameset. But simply look to the perfectly executed welds, exquisite paint job, and the tailor-made stem on this steelman and you’ll see why many steel enthusiast are downright rabid in their devotion to all frames ferrous.

Cannondale Goes to Hollywood: 2013 Cannondale Pro Cycling Team Presentation

01.15.2013 //

Cannondale Chooses Tinseltown to Launch the Fresh Face of Cannondale Pro Cycling

Ferrous Friday

01.11.2013 //

Horse Cycles: Mac’s Oathkeeper — Track Bike Thomas Callahan, the builder behind Horse Cycles was kind enough to share his latest creation for this week’s installment of Ferrous Friday. While a relative newcomer, Callahan’s creations seem to belie his five years in the frame-building game. This particular creation, a bespoke track bike featuring a particularly

Screenplay: Posh Without Pretense—Introducing the Donkey Label

01.08.2013 //

INTRO. — Nondescript Corporate Office Setting Paul Krumrich is a triathlete turned cyclist with a passion for cyclocross and road racing. Fresh to the sport by curmudgeonly standards, Kumrich has been on the scene long enough to develop a discerning taste for cycling apparel. Affronted via phone by an archetypal [thoroughly disheveled] journalist of the

News: Portland Design Works Hosts ‘Quicksilver’ Screening to Benefit BTA

01.06.2013 //

We never need much of an excuse to watch (and subsequently post) the the trailer for Quicksilver (also known as the highlight of Kevin Bacon’s film career—and also of sexually charged bicycle gymnastics, but that’s another story), and Portland Design Works’ screening of the film on January 9th to benefit the Bicycle Transportation Alliance in

Ferrous Friday

01.04.2013 //

Sky Yeager’s Pegoretti Luigino Photos by Anthony Smith


12.20.2012 //

Sure, all this talk about the end of the world is pretty grim stuff. Imagining a post-apocolyptic wasteland doesn’t exactly leave room for thoughts of leisurely rides down country roads—not with all the purported zombies and whatnot. But, never underestimate the sheer ingenuity of the human will. Enter the Zombie Apocalypse Bike. Being the failed

Gallery: 2012 Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships

12.03.2012 //

Precipitation and public drunkenness converged on Los Angeles for a weekend of unadulterated racing and revelry at this year’s SSCXWC.

Theater Thursday

11.29.2012 //

It might actually be a bit more fitting to call this week’s post ‘Trailer Thursday’, seeing as that’s what this week’s ‘film’ actually is. Offering a preview of the documentary The Last Kilometer it hints at the film’s attempts to capture cycling’s past, present, and future through the experiences of seasoned veteran Davide Rebellin, up-and-comer

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