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RAAM Report | Episode 7

06.16.2013 //

With the team event now underway, host Dave Towle checks in on their early progress and also takes a look at the amazing performances being put down in the Solo field as well.

Cannondale Pro Cycling Taps Osmo for Bottle Duty

06.14.2013 //

The riders and team brass at Cannondale Pro Cycling aren’t the only ones celebrating their recent success at the Critérium du Dauphiné and the Tour de Suisse at the hands of Elia Viviani and Peter Sagan. Upstart sports nutrition player Osmo Nutrition is right behind them.

Theater Thursday

06.13.2013 //

Theater Thursday | ‘The Ends’ John Watson and Mission Worksop went on a cycling adventure in Eastern Asia. Here’s a taste of what went down—and what’s to come. Setting out from Shanghai, John Watson and Mission Workshop began their cycling tour of China’s Yangtze River Delta. Using both film and digital formats, Watson photographed the

Vivé Le RAAM!

06.12.2013 //

Ed. Note: You may be noticing a flurry of coverage on this year’s Race Across America on our website. Why? Because as ‘The World’s Toughest Race’ we think it deserves more than the average he-won-she-won-wow-that’s-a-long-race coverage. Look for race reports from Vic Armijo, veteran RAAM reporter who has embedded with the RAAM press corps for

Spotlight: Rapha & Raeburn City Wind Jacket

06.10.2013 //

Rapha & Raeburn City Wind Jacket $450 / Fortuitously preempting my move to the City by the Bay, a sweet little number made its way to the Paved offices. The fruits of an interesting collaboration between fashion designer Christopher Raeburn and brother, Graeme—Rapha’s lead product designer—the Rapha & Raeburn Wind Jacket is a strictly

Sunday Cinema | Waffle Bike

06.09.2013 //

“Waffle Bike is a fully weaponized waffle making device complete with call to prayer public address system…” Waffle Bike Film by Tom Sachs & Neistat Brothers. Editing by Brett Jutkiewicz and Alex Chohlas-Wood.

Theater Thursday

06.06.2013 //

Join Ted King, Tim Johnson, Ryan Kelly and Co. as they embark on the 2012 200 not on 100 ride—200 miles of fun benefitting the Colorado Red Cross. Spurred by the original 200 on 100 ride, which traveresed the entire length of Vermont on Route 100, the 200 not on 100 takes the 200-mile distance,

Spotlight: Bontrager XXX Aero Handlebar

06.05.2013 //

Bontrager XXX Aero Handlebar $360 / Three Xs. The time-honored marker of things unsavory. Booze, dirty movies, and, of course Bontrager’s top-o-the-line components.

The View From Behind: Pontifications From the Passenger Seat

06.03.2013 //

Taking in the the view from behind at the Amgen Tour of California Stage 6 Time Trial Words and Photos || Kevin Rouse It was engrossing really. Or, maybe just gross, depending on how you look at it. Regardless, at that moment I’d never before been so captivated by the view of a dude’s Lycra-clad

Theater Thursday

05.30.2013 //

Theater Thursday | Cipollini, Mario Cipollini Join Mario Cipollini on his mission to protect his manufacturing secrets in a rip-roaring—and completely over the top—flick that leaves no doubt as to who dreamed up the plot line. All said, however, Daniel Craig could only hope to look so suave in a skinsuit. Guess its time to

Theater Thursday

05.23.2013 //

Theater Thursday | Made by Hand: The Bike Maker The fifth film in the ‘Made by Hand’ series (be sure to check out the rest of their films—they’re great as well), ‘The Bike Maker’ tells the genuinely compelling story of Ezra Caldwell of Fastboy Cycles. It’s a story sadly lacking in happy endings, but solemnly

Video | Riding the Long White Cloud

05.21.2013 //

A featured film in last year’s Bicycle Film Festival, this flick follows several professional skateboarders on a cycling tour of New Zealand’s skating hotspots. It turns out cycling all day and then trying to ride a skatepark a harder than you think. While we’ve already shown the intro in a previous installment of Theater Thursday,

“Thank you _______”

05.18.2013 //

Sure, remembering to tip your bartender will get you far in life (trust us on this one…they also really appreciate Christmas gifts). Randomly telling your significant other “I love you” (and meaning it, of course) can point some serious goodwill in your direction come time for that next weekend Target run when you gather up

Spotlight | Brooks Cambium

05.13.2013 //

Brooks Breaks Tradition—With Intriguing Results Mention the surname Brooks in any cycling circle and immediately minds jump to sumptuous leather saddles and veritable heaps of tradition. Filing his first saddle patent in 1882, Brooks patriarch John Boultbee Brooks, set in motion a chain of events that remains unbroken (although admittedly sporting a kink or two)

House Call | Calfee Design

04.13.2013 //

Words and Photos | Kevin Rouse Nestled away in the tiny town coastal town of La Selva Beach, California, Calfee Design is home to a wealth of innovation—not to mention a healthy dose of cycling history. I took the opportunity to stop by Calfee’s ‘World Headquarters’, which is perhaps better described by the much quainter

Ferrous Friday

04.12.2013 //

Harvey Cycle Works Randonneur Several of my personal favorites from this year’s North American Handmade Bicycle show came from first-year exhibitors. I’ve already gushed over first-year Josh Culbertson’s Avery Cycles runabout, so for this week’s Ferrous Friday installment, I present my personal NAHBS ‘Best of Show’ selection: Kevin Harvey’s Harvey Cycle Works Randonneur.

Video | Interbike by Invitation

04.12.2013 //

If you fancy yourself one of your local shop’s most fervent supporters, you might just want to petition them for a coveted invitation to Interbike’s new “Interbike by Invitation’ initiative, which opens up the show to non-industry types for the first time ever.

Theater Thursday

04.11.2013 //

Theater Thursday — The Man Who Cares The six-day race is an athletic feat matched by few others in its extreme demands placed on the limits of human exertion. As such there has evolved an indispensable support network behind the riders of these events. This week’s Theater Thursday profiles this support network, the soigneurs, the

The Goods: Steve Thomas Paris-Roubaix Poster

04.02.2013 //

Celebrated poster artist Steve Thomas has been creating a series of excellent prints for the Garmin-Sharp team for some time now. They’ve consistently triggered our inner “I want that” voice, and the latest, a 30-inch by 20-inch commemoration of Paris-Roubaix, featuring 2011-winner Johan Van Summeren all alone in the forest of Arenburg, has us contemplating

Ferrous Friday

03.29.2013 //

Ferrous Friday: Winter Bicycles Tool Series Photos: Anthony Bareno Eric Estlund has been in the bespoke bicycle business for 8 years now—but he’s been into bikes his whole life. Wearing the various hats of mechaninc, fitter, tour guide, youth cycling instructor and advocate throughout the years, Estlund “decided it was time to stop thinking about

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