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Guy Andrews Deconstructs the Custom Road Bike

08.14.2013 //

By: Kevin Rouse To anyone who’s owned, or even aspired to own a custom-tailored road bike, the experience is definitely special. The Custom Road Bike by Guy Andrews does a noble job of embodying this feeling, and serves as a great resource for anyone interested in curating their custom dream bike. Andrews serves as the

Open Road: Part One

08.11.2013 //

A Tale of Monumental Misadventure in the Heart of Southern Utah By Kevin Rouse Photography by Ross Downard Sodas of the Road Variety I’d been warned about situations like these. Strangers in big white vans basically being the universal symbol of a risky encounter, I should have been met with at least a healthy dose

Theater Thursday

07.25.2013 //

Have you ever felt like squeezing every last drop of speed out of yourself and your bike—not to see your name scratched into some record book, but simply to see what’s possible? When you combine that desire with a bit of backyard engineering, you might just find yourself running out of runway.

Everyman Electronics, Shimano Introduces New Ultegra Di2

07.21.2013 //

Words by Kevin Rouse || Photos Courtesy Shimano I remember the first words I read about Shimano’s foray into the world of electronic shifting. (But then there’s also these, of course) In particular I remember the commonly recurring adjectives being used to describe it. “Emotion-robbing,’ ‘robotizing’ and ‘soulless’—to name a few. Questions of reliability and

Theater Thursday

07.18.2013 //

I met Chris McNally for the first time at last year’s Tour of California. We were both riding up to Glendora Ridge Road to catch the Tour of California on their way up to Mt. Baldy. I was particularly jealous of his Volkswagen Westfalia. I don’t remember much else. It was quite hot and Rapha

Fit For A King: Undergoing the Royal Treatment at 3-D BikeFit

07.18.2013 //

Bike industry fixture Keith Bontrager recently declared at Bike Magazine’s ‘Ask A Founder’ event hosted at Mission Workshop that “the bike industry is a fashion industry.” Before you take umbrage to that statement, let’s get one thing straight—he’s right, of course.

Tour de France Sideshow Slideshow | Part Deux

07.09.2013 //

Finding Funny on the Fringes of the Tour de France It’s been an eventful first week of the Tour—hopes have been dashed, fortunes have been raised and holy crap it’s been hot. But, that’s not all that’s been happing. Welcome to the Tour de France Sideshow Slideshow, unknowingly brought to you by the ASO, and

Video | Orica-GreenEdge Celebrates Yellow

07.06.2013 //

Go figure, even Tour de France athletes still sing on the bus.

Ferrous Friday | FUSO OS-LUG

07.05.2013 //

Words by Kevin Rouse || Photos Courtesy Dave Lieberman A name synonymous with high-quality race rigs in the 1980s the FUSO name is fresh off of a 15-year hiatus. For everyone who coveted one of those storied frames back when Hammer pants where en vogue, they’ll be pleased to know that the original frame designed

Highlight Reel | Behind the Scenes at the Tour

07.05.2013 //

Highlight Reel: Behind the Scenes at the Tour Marcel Kittel Gets the Yellow Treatment Orica—GreenEdge Taste of the Tour

Theater Thursday

07.04.2013 //

Theater Thursday Special Edition: #useyourweekend Sorry folks, normally Theater Thursday is meant to let you sit back and relax, but class is in session for this week’s video, which means it comes with a little assignment at the end. Sure, two days (four if you do the right thing and call in sick on Friday)

Sideshow Slideshow | Taking in the Tour from a Different Perspective

07.03.2013 //

A roving carnival as well as a bike race, it’s easy to lose perspective as we immerse ourselves in race-day recaps and finish line photos. All it takes is a look at the numbers behind the Tour de France to realize that it’s an enourmous operation. Welcome to the Sideshow. View Gallery

Spotlight: Factor Vis Vires

07.01.2013 //

Technology with a Side of Style If you’ve never heard of Factor before, no worries. With previous exposure in the bicycle industry limited to projects done for clients like Aston Martin and custom one-offs, it’s not exactly a corporate behemoth of the likes of Trek, Specialized or Giant. What it is, however, is a company

Spotlight: Mission Workshop Arkiv Field Pack

06.29.2013 //

$ Varies / The Arkiv series from Mission Workshop is one I’ve taken a particular liking to. I carry all different assortments of miscellaneous crap (primarily oddly-shaped booze vessels if you must know) so I appreciate a pack that anticipates just such a thing—and so much more. With the Arkiv’s ingeniuos modular system, one

Spotlight: American Classic Hurricane Wheelset

06.28.2013 //

American Classic Hurricane Wheelset $900 / Midnight Adventure Tested, Mayhem Approved “Here’s my keys, take my car and we’ll just meet you at the brewery…and sorry, what was your name again?” … “Who was that?” I ask Morgan Meredith, Paved’s publisher and resident like-a-boss man after he finishes handing off his keys to a

Book Report | Bike Snob Abroad

06.25.2013 //

Bike Snob Abroad / $17 My proper entry to the world of cycling came a bit late. After the sizable gap between jumping over my friend’s little brother on my Haro and my high-school graduation I re-entered the world of two-wheeled wonderment. Instantly I found myself awash in a culture in which I was

Theater Thursday

06.20.2013 //

Theater Thursday | 444 Stay Right Fresh off of Christoph Strasser’s record-setting RAAM victory, this week’s edition of Theater Thursday is a salute to a riveting 2013 Race Across America that saw some impressively long-standing records broken—with more potentially still to fall in the team categories. It’s easy to get caught up in records and

Spotlight: Rapha La Centième Collection

06.19.2013 //

Rapha La Centième Collection $15-$220 | One hundred years is plenty of time to stockpile enough tradition and accumulate enough gravitas to inspire a formidable history, a history that is a tall order to pay homage too. Nevertheless, Rapha has done just that with their La Centième Collection.

RAAM Report | Episode 7

06.17.2013 //

In what has been one of the fastest editions in recent history, riders in this year’s Race Across America have been turning in some absolutely incredible performances. Team Allied Forces is setting an excruciating pace in the 8-person team competition while Solo leader Christoph Strasser is on track to break the RAAM average-speed record—set way

Proof | Staring 3,000 Miles in the Face

06.17.2013 //

It’s a lot to comprehend. If actual comprehension is even truly possible. No matter how you tackle it, 3,000 miles is a damn-long way to ride a bike. It is easy to wonder what is going through these riders’ minds, but hard to actually ascertain—describing the rigors of an event like RAAM begins to enter

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