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Doctors Leinders, Rijckaert & Other Babble

04.03.2013 //

Photo: Kristof Ramon It’s Wednesday, April 3, 2013 and I’m feeling just a wee bit nostalgic. Last Sunday’s Ronde van Vlaanderen is one for the history books. For me, it’s a little bit like the week after the Superbowl would be for a rabid football fan. I guess I’ll have to wait another year for

Video: Riding Has Become More Than Just a Race

04.01.2013 //

Two, old, ex-pro ten-speeders, the co-founder of Kickstarter, some young fast-guys, a film crew, a bunch of New Road clothing and some of NorCal’s finest riding: priceless.

Ronde van Vlaanderen and Specialized Bicycles

03.27.2013 //

“Looking back, you get a little bit nostalgic, but from a competitive point of view, Flanders was one of the most horrible races to ride but one of the greatest races to win.” —Sean Kelly Did you know that a Specialized bicycle has been ridden to victory in the last five Tours of Flanders? I

The Goods: Rapha’s Sky Pro Cycling Season Album

03.25.2013 //

Did you know that Gent-Wevelgem was first organized in 1934 as a tribute to Gaston Rebry, a native of Wevelgem who won both the Ronde van Vlaanderen and Paris-Roubaix that year?

Paved Magazine Feature | Flanders

03.25.2013 //

The following is a story from our inaugural issue. With the Flanders Classics in full swing and just a week to go before de Ronde, we thought we’d take another look. Paved Volume 1, Issue 1 is available for free download on iTunes. By Joe Parkin | Photography by Christian Aslund A quarter-century ago, I

Porsches and Push-Bike Pros at Willow Springs

03.21.2013 //

Note: This story was originally run on our sister site following the 2011 edition of the Tour of California, but with the motor-sports season just starting to enter full swing and Christian Vande Velde in the news with a hand-injury sustained at the Volta a Catalunya we couldn’t help but think back to this

Chrome Releases Truk Pro Urban SPD Shoes

03.20.2013 //

Long known for its burly yet oh-so-cool line of messenger bags, Chrome has, over the course of the past couple of years, steadily expanded its product portfolio to include some pretty damn cool clothing and shoe offerings. With its low-profile silhouette and all-black livery—save for the red Chrome logo—the Truk Pro falls easily into the

Video: We Were Never Born

03.20.2013 //

I’ll admit an almost unhealthy attraction to about anything with two wheels. It looks like these guys have the same problem. It seems certain, though, that Danielle Baker would not approve of this video. And I’m pretty sure the farmer is bummed about his field.

Eight Hours of Rollers and Boredom: “Just a Bet Between Friends”

03.19.2013 //

Photos by Kristof Ramon This past Sunday was the 2013 running of Milan – San Remo, La Primavera, La Classicisima or, as Jen See dubbed it in an article here last Friday, “The Monkey Wrench Race.” By now, hopefully, you already know the outcome and every bit of the insane story of this year’s opening

Teaser | Race Across America: Riding the Line

03.19.2013 //

The Race Across America (RAAM) is one of the toughest endurance events in the world. If you haven’t ever wondered—even secretly—what it would be like to compete in the RAAM, you’re possibly either devilishly smart or surely completely unimaginative—or both. The Paved staff is not that smart and often suffers from acute over-imagination, so we’re

Video: 3T at BMC Racing Team Training Camp

03.12.2013 //

Yes, we know this is a straight-up 3T ad, but seeing a white-haired Allan Peiper reminded me that back before he retired from racing—which was a few years before Cadel Evans became a pro mountain biker and even longer before he made the switch to the road—the company was also known as “Triple T” “Three

Giro Changes the Ride with “New Road” Clothing Collection

02.28.2013 //

Giro’s New Road clothing line is perhaps the worst-kept secret in history. Despite requests from the company to keep the news hush-hush, everybody’s been talking about it, tweeting about it and reporting various facts and figures. But now it’s official: Giro has a brand-new clothing collection called New Road. And it is absolutely fantastic. If

Gallery: #notatNAHBS

02.23.2013 //

Exactly what it is that I’ve done to anger the travel gods, I’m not sure. But I’m pretty sure I’ve thoroughly pissed them off. It started back in November, when, despite arriving at the living hell that is Los Angeles International Airport a solid three hours before my flight, I missed it anyway because American

Video: Bicycle Freedom with Kym Perfetto

02.19.2013 //

Affinity Bicycles Featuring Kym Perfetto from Roberts Horowitz Creative on Vimeo. “I got to know the place where I lived…” Come to think of it, the last time I really knew the place where I lived, I didn’t have a car. –

Book Report: The Art of Racing in the Rain

02.13.2013 //

In keeping with our recent motorsports slant, I thought it’d be acceptable to offer my take on Garth Stein’s The Art of Racing in the Rain. If you’ve read it—and based on the fact that it stayed on the New York Times bestseller list for 156 weeks, it’s highly likely you have—please forgive me for

Retrospective: 1991 Cyclocross Worlds

01.31.2013 //

You may call this a bit of shameless self-promotion, perhaps, but with the World Cyclocross Championships just a couple days away, and in light of pro cycling’s recent flood of doping confessions, I felt that a Paved ‘rebroadcast’ of the following excerpt might interest readers jonesin’ for a bit more ‘cross. Republished from A Dog

Compton, Page Perfect in Madison

01.14.2013 //

“This would be a warm day for cross-country skiing,” said one spectator to another. By all accounts, it could’ve been far worse—nature could’ve been dosing out freezing rain and a gale-force wind. Instead, nature saw fit to set the temperature somewhere near the 17-degree mark (Fahrenheit) and bestowed intermittent doses of sun to the riders

What Would the Badger Ride? Look’s 695 I-Pack Heritage

01.12.2013 //

More than a quarter-century ago, American Greg LeMond endured an epic battle with Bernard Hinault, his own teammate, en route to winning his first Tour de France. That three-week punching match is considered by many to be the greatest Tour ever contested and is beautifully documented in Slaying the Badger, by Richard Moore.

Cyclocross Champ Jeremy Powers Gets Schooled in Santa Cruz

01.09.2013 //

No, it wasn’t a ‘cross race but a round of disc golf in Santa Cruz, California’s DeLaveaga Park. Just a few minutes away from downtown Santa Cruz, DeLaveaga Park is about perfect for a lunch ride—or a game of disc golf. JPOW, however, seems more suited to the riding part than the golfing.

Registration is open for the Ronde van Vlaanderen

11.16.2012 //

On Saturday, March 30, 2013—the day before the professional race—the Tour of Flanders is open to anyone with a few Euros and a desire to ride part or all of the race route. Riders may choose one of three distances: 80 or 140 kilometers, which depart from Oudenaarde in the Flemish Ardennes, or the 240-kilometer route that starts in the ancient Belgian city of Bruges.

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