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Proof | Getting Ready for the Interbike by Looking Back at the Eurobike

09.17.2013 //

Yes, the entire bicycle industry is celebrating itself this week in the wonderful town of Las Vegas, Nevada. (If you don’t like this ridiculous city, you’re taking yourself far too seriously.) We thought it might be a good exercise to take a quick peek back at some of the things to be seen at the

Video | Ben Farver and the Argonaut Dream Build

07.29.2013 //

By Joe Parkin | Photo: Van Swae I first met Argonaut’s Ben Farver in the Paved magazine booth on the second day of the 2012 Interbike trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, through a mutual friend. The booth was a flurry of activity and I’d been conversation-hopping from road bikes to mountain bikes, listened to

Rerun | Letter: The Trouble with Tap Shoes

07.27.2013 //

We don’t see a lot of letters here at Paved, and to be honest, this one was actually directed at our sister publication, Bike. And despite its somewhat critical tone toward a reasonably large percentage of recreational road riders, it made us laugh. We cyclists are a goofy lot. What is it about becoming a

Slow is Fast | Video

07.26.2013 //

By Joe Parkin You’ll never truly enjoy the act of riding a bicycle until you learn how to ride one slowly. Yeah, I know, you’ve just dropped twice the cost of your parents’ first house on your shiny new 15-pound Ferrari, you’ve been gluten-free for the past six months in order to get down to

Spotlight | Boombotix Boombot2 Wireless Speaker

07.10.2013 //

When I stuff myself into the ol’ speed-cycling kit and tighten up the tap shoes, I prefer that the sounds entering my ears are ones made by the wind and perhaps my riding companion’s voice—or my own voice if I’m solo and start to lose my mind. But if my riding companion is a toddler

2013 Tour de France: Now on the Mainland

07.02.2013 //

Photo: ASO/G. Demouveaux I don’t mean to diminish the efforts of everyone involved in the Tour de France, but now that we’ve got a time trial under our belts, it feels like we’re finally racing. I missed the prologue, that ceremonial, official launch of the Tour. The scenery on Corsica was absolutely stunning, but now

Shinola: Open for Business in Detroit

07.02.2013 //

“Is that you, man?” I asked, pointing in the general direction of a set of framed portraits lining a wall of Shinola’s Midtown Detroit, Michigan, store. “Yeah, that’s me,” he answered, smiling proudly. At 7:00 a.m. on Friday, June 28th, Shinola opened its first Flagship Store to a long line of people anxious to spend

Showcase Rerun | Eddy Merckx Art Box

06.27.2013 //

Are you the ultimate Eddy Merckx fan? Is your copy of Merckx 525 already dog-eared—the spare copy, that is, the one you don’t keep locked in a climate-controlled safe? If your collection of cycling books and memorabilia isn’t quite large enough yet, and you have a spare thousand Euros burning a hole in your pocket,

Spotlight | Islabikes Rothan Balance Bike

06.26.2013 //

I’d lay dollars to donuts that if you’re Paved reader you’ve got a certain penchant for well-designed and properly appointed bicycles. I’d also be comfortable wagering that if you’ve been around cycling for any length of time you’ve sweated the details of a bike build—or perhaps even the level of expertise with which your handlebars

Cycling’s Top Ten Influencers of the Past 25 Years — Good, Bad and Ugly | Part 2

06.06.2013 //

What started as a quick exploration of who and what influenced cycling over the past 25 years ended up needing more words for a single sitting than we typically like to subject you to, so we cut our list in two. Like Part 1, this list is subjective, un-scientific, speculative and at times sideways. Doping:

Cycling’s Top Ten Influencers of the Past 25 Years — Good, Bad and Ugly | Part 1

05.30.2013 //

Perhaps it’s the close connection with Bike magazine, which turns 20 this year, or maybe it’s that we recently put to bed our Summer issue, which explores some of our sport’s romantic past, and it could even be Gary Boulanger’s ode to Dave Stohler that has me reminiscing. Suffice it to say, I’m feeling a

Video: Coppi and Bartali Duet

05.18.2013 //

Two of the most iconic cyclists of all time singing a duet on Italian television? Yep. Could this be a hint at what we’re working on for our next issue of Paved? Perhaps. If you’re impatient and/or can’t understand a word of Italian, skip forward to about the 2-minute mark. — —

‘Job Description’ Revisited

05.18.2013 //

About 18 months ago, photographer Daniel Pasley and I were discussing plans for a feature story we were planning to do for Paved magazine’s sister publication, Bike. At some point during the discussion, the “Manual for Speed” project that he and business partner Emiliano Granado had been working on was brought to my attention—and I

Follow Friday | Johan van der Velde

05.10.2013 //

He’s not the most prolific Twitterer in the world, and if you don’t read Dutch you won’t understand anything he Tweets anyway, but this badass three-time Maglia Ciclamino winner is worth a follow if for no other reason than his profile photo that was taken on an epic day on the Passo del Gavia 25

Countdown to the Giro d’Italia | It’s always a fight for pink at the Giro

04.29.2013 //

In less than a week, the 2013 Giro d’Italia will kick off in Naples. In Brescia, on May 26th, we’ll find out if Ryder Hesjedal can repeat on his history-making victory in last year’s Giro or if Sir Bradley Wiggins can add the 2013 Maglia Rosa of the Tour of Italy to his 2012 Maillot

Rogue Ales and Asylum Cycles Partner for Team Bike Project

04.27.2013 //

My other car is a bike and my other bike is a beer. Whether you live in Portland or not, if you take your bikes, beer and/or cyclocrossing seriously, you’ll probably be pleased to know that Rogue Ales & Spirits and Asylum Cycles have partnered to produce a Rogue Team version of Asylum’s Meuse cyclocross

Theater Thursday | 50 Years of Park Tool

04.25.2013 //

There must be something in the water of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes—something that enhances or inspires the bicycling gene—because, despite a climate that has often been described as nine months of winter followed by three months of darn poor sledding, bike shops positively thrive there. At one time or another, the biggest Schwinn, Specialized and Trek

Rider Down | Get Well Soon, Kevin

04.17.2013 //

Photo: Ross Downard I’m sad to report that my right-hand man Kevin Rouse has sustained some serious injuries in a bicycle crash while attending a new-product launch in Italy. Details are a bit vague, but it seems Kevin’s accident was the result of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and hitting a

Video | The Back of Hell

04.09.2013 //

Photo: Kristof Ramon The dust hasn’t quite settled yet from this past Sunday’s Paris-Roubaix—and the riders have at least one more day before it has cleared their lungs—so we’re still talking about the race. And though no worn-out string of clichés and superflous adjectives can do adequate justice to Fabian Cancellara’s victory, we’re happy to

A Letter to the Sky Pro Cycling Team before Paris-Roubaix

04.06.2013 //

Dear Sky Pro Cycling Team, Thank you very much for the offer to join your prestigious and successful UCI ProTour team for this weekend’s Paris-Roubaix classic. At least I think that was the offer you were extending when you had your clothing partner, Rapha, send me a race kit with my name and national flag

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