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Happy 25th, Timbuk2

10.24.2013 //

The San Francisco bag company Timbuk2 is celebrating 25 years. And that means some new stuff. The company recently partnered with Mission Cycling, a cycling club in San Francisco, to design a pair of new products for happy on-the-bike adventuring. Because we all love happy bike adventures. Mission Cycling has a standing early morning ride

Book Report | Skills, Drills and Bellyaches

10.15.2013 //

By Jen See All your friends are talking about it. They go on and on about the mud and the barricades and the beer. Mostly, the beer. You’ve begun to think that cyclocross sounds pretty cool, but you are also forced to admit that you don’t have the first clue how to go about it.

Proof | Interbike Day 3

09.24.2013 //

Photos By Jen See By Day 3 of Interbike, you’re ready to say goodbye, but the Stuff. So much Stuff.

Proof | Bikes and Beer a lá Vegas

09.20.2013 //

Photos and Beer-drinking by Jen See Exploring the neon jungle of Las Vegas by bike on The New Belgium Brewing Company Mobile Social. Bikes, beer and a barrel of fun…what could go wong?

Paved Does Clif Bar Cross Vegas

09.19.2013 //

Photos by Jen See Beer, cyclocross, full moon, good friends. The way it should be, always.

Proof | Interbike 2013 Day One

09.19.2013 //

Photos By Jen See Welcome to Vegas. Now wait in line.

Spotlight | Bicycle Coffee Company

09.18.2013 //

Coffee. As you know, we’re pretty obsessed with the stuff. Like, our little world pretty much comes to a screeching halt without it. Also, we get a little cranky. The Bicycle Coffee Company is on our team. And yours! Based in Oakland, they hand-roast their beans in small batches. Currently, they’re cooking up beans from

Thoughts on a Solo Breakaway

08.30.2013 //

Words by Jen See On Thursday, Tony Martin rode a solo breakaway for nearly 175 kilometers at the Vuelta a España. That’s pretty much the entire stage. The field caught him in the final meters, in sight of the finish line. That’s the way it is sometimes with cycling. You might win, but more often

Bikes are stupid

08.09.2013 //

You’d think by now I’d know better, but it turns out when it comes to bikes and climbing, you never learn. You might get faster, but you never get smarter. And so when John and I decided to take a day away from our keyboards and internet tethers, I naturally decided we should go ride

Tour de France Dreams

07.23.2013 //

By Jen See | Photo: ASO/Pauline Ballet Watching the Tour from the west coast is not what you’d call easy, unless you’re a morning person. Wait, you’re not a morning person, are you? Because I don’t think we can still be friends, if you are. Each night, I stare at the stage profile, trying to

Brianna Walle Makes European Racing Debut in Giro Rosa

07.02.2013 //

Photo: Casey Gibson/Optum Pro Cycling The Giro Rosa started in Italy on Sunday. It is one of the most prestigious races on the women’s calendar, and the U.S. National Team has sent an eight-rider team that includes 2010 Giro winner Mara Abbott. The team also includes first-year professional Brianna Walle. Walle is not only in

Paved Exclusive | An Interview with L’Alpe d’Huez

06.25.2013 //

By Jen See The Alpe d’Huez appears twice in this year’s Tour de France, twice on the very same day. The first time up, the riders continue past the traditional finish line to climb the Col de Sarenne. The second time, it’s regular style. It’s a veritable gluttony of Alpe d’Huez. It would be easy

Caffeinated Hipsters and the Tour de France

06.14.2013 //

By Jen See If the bike racing season follows the phases of the moon, Milano-Sanremo is the new moon, it winks with its hints of mysteries and new beginnings. The Tour de France is a full moon high in the sky. Try to turn away, and its brightness is inescapable. The great world spins, the

Today’s Word is Snow

05.24.2013 //

By Jen See || Photo by Kristof Ramon Hello boys and girls, today’s word is snow. What is snow? It’s cold. It’s wet. And it’s stuck to all the mountains in Italy in exceedingly large quantities. Also, it seems to be falling from the sky at a very high rate. At least, on all the

Coffee Drinkers’ Guide to the Amgen Tour of California

05.09.2013 //

Words and photos by Jen See So you’re planning to follow the Amgen Tour of California from start to finish, end to end, Escondido to Santa Rosa. That’s a pretty ambitious plan you’ve got there. Definitely, you’re going to need coffee—and lots of it. Here at Paved, we are looking out for your best interests.

The Garibaldi | This isn’t about a fish

05.05.2013 //

By Jen See | Photos by Kristof Ramon I sit in a coffee shop and read the Garibaldi. And I’m not talking about gold fish. Is that obscure? Maybe for you, but the Garibaldi is the state fish in California. It’s big and orange. This really has nothing to do with the Giro except for

Specialized-lululemon Cycling Team Sports Special Edition Colors

04.25.2013 //

By Jen See If you were watching the road events carefully last week at the Sea Otter Classic, you might have noticed something new and different in the women’s field. Ally Stacher, riding for Specialized-lululemon, was wearing a new kit. Gone were the usual black-and-white stripes. Instead, Stacher’s sported an eye-catching floral print jersey. Her

20 Minutes with the Incomparable Marianne Vos

04.20.2013 //

By Jen See | Photography by David Reddick It is easier to count the races Marianne Vos has not yet won, rather than list her many successes. She is one of the most decorated riders in the sport of cycling, and even the most creative of writers will fast run out of superlatives to describe

Spotlight | AluBoo—The Commuter

04.18.2013 //

Nick Frey wants you to have a custom bike, or if not a totally custom bike, at least a bike that is unique. His flagship Boo race bikes are custom-built from bamboo tubing hand-joined with carbon fiber. His new adventure is AluBoo, a less expensive, but still customizable option, that mixes aluminum and bamboo. “The

Project Diabolique: Paris-Roubaix Is All Grown Up

04.05.2013 //

Words by Jen See | Photos: Kristof Ramon; Courtesy The official website for Paris-Roubaix describes the race as striking a balance between tradition and modernity. This modern word, do they know what it means? People, there is nothing modern about racing bicycles over bread-loaf sized cobbles. If this is modern, my car is a jetpack.

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