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5 Reasons Why She Was Beryl Burton And You Couldn’t Have Held Her Wheel

09.04.2013 //

Words || Gary J Boulanger During a career that spanned five decades, the fiercely competitive British cyclist Beryl Burton won seven world titles (two road race championships and five track pursuit titles) and 96 national titles (12 road race championships, 13 pursuit titles, and 71 time trial titles against the clock). Dutch phenom Marianne Vos

5 Reasons Why He’s Valentino Campagnolo And You’re Not

08.28.2013 //

Words || Gary J Boulanger This year marks the 80th anniversary of Campagnolo S.r.l., based in Vicenza, Italy. Six years after company patriarch Tullio struggled with frozen wing nuts in an effort to flip his rear wheel while leading the 1927 GP della Vittoria on the Croce d’Aune in the Dolomites—muttering ‘Bisogno cambiá qualcossa de

5 Reasons Why He’s Paul Willerton And You’re Not

08.21.2013 //

Words || Gary J. Boulanger Bend, Oregon resident Paul Willerton is resourceful. A former pro on the road for Team Z and Subaru-Montgomery, Willerton has raced around the world many times. After hanging up his leather hairnet in 1993, he spent six years on the World Cup and NORBA circuits, racing first for Bontrager, then

5 Reasons Why She’s Katie Compton And You’re Not

08.13.2013 //

Words || Gary J Boulanger American cyclocross racer Katie Compton has repeatedly defied the odds of European tradition by winning ginormous UCI Elite World Cup races on European soil. In fact, she’s the only American to win the cyclocross World Cup series, a feat accomplished for the second time earlier this year prior to the

5 Reasons Why He Was Laurent Fignon And You Couldn’t Have Been

08.07.2013 //

Words || Gary J Boulanger Laurent Patrick Fignon, born August 12, 1960, was a French thunderbolt in the 1980s, winning the Tour de France twice in a row as a young professional in 1983 and ’84. He closed out the decade winning Milan San-Remo back-to-back, in 1988 and ’89, the year he was more famous

5 Reasons Why They’re The Velominati And You Could Be

07.31.2013 //

Words: Gary J Boulanger || Photos: Jesse Willems Two things have stuck with me since 1980: the first, my initial disdain—then love—for Latin, which was required as a freshman at Abbot Pennings, my all-male Catholic high school; the second, the dedication to cycling modeled by my former boss at Rivendell Bicycle Works, Grant Petersen. The

5 Reasons Why He’s Gary Fisher And You’re Not

07.24.2013 //

Words & Photo || Gary J Boulanger Since 1981, nearly 2 million bicycles with the name ‘Gary Fisher’ have been sold worldwide, the majority of them for off-road use. Many hail the California native as the godfather of the modern mountain bike, but Fisher himself is quick to point out it was an open-source effort

L’Etape du Tour: The Experience Itself Is The Prize

07.20.2013 //

Words & Photos || Gary J Boulanger With a 4 a.m. wake-up call for breakfast to make our 5:30 ride departure for the start line in downtown Annecy, it was a little vexing to ride the streets and bike path after listening to wedding revelers at our hotel. Ever been to a wedding in France?

5 Reasons Why He’s Greg LeMond And You’re Not

07.17.2013 //

Words || Gary J Boulanger California native Greg LeMond won his first of three Tours de France in 1986, a breakout year for American cycling. Team 7-Eleven took the leader’s yellow jersey in their debut, when Canadian Alex Stieda broke away on a short, 53-mile stage to claim every jersey on offer. LeMond see-sawed his

L’Etape du Tour: Boats, Cafes and Blick

07.13.2013 //

Words & Photos || Gary J Boulanger Breakfast and riding began an hour earlier on Saturday, due to a full day of riding, race pack pickup, and final preparations at the hotel. We were getting into a collective rhythm by now, and the group was gelling nicely.

L’Etape du Tour: Savoring the Moment

07.12.2013 //

Words & Photos || Gary J Boulanger With 11,475 riders toeing the line to celebrate the 20th anniversary of L’Etape on July 8, the nine of us had our work cut out in the days leading up to the Big Ride: 130 kilometers traversing the same roads the pro peloton will tackle on Stage 20

L’Etape du Tour: The Journey

07.11.2013 //

Words & Photos || Gary J Boulanger Pedaling a bicycle through the French countryside, I found, is on the short list of many friends who ride. Participating in the popular L’Etape du Tour ranks highly on this list, and it was through the graciousness of Trek Travel that I experienced France—specifically Annecy—for the first time

5 Reasons Why He Was Hiram Hutchinson And You Couldn’t Have Been

07.10.2013 //

Words || Gary J Boulanger In 1852, Americans Charles Goodyear and Hiram Hutchinson met. Goodyear had developed and patented a process called vulcanization, which cures rubber. Hutchinson purchased the patent and applied it to the manufacture of rubber boots for farmers in Europe, while Goodyear used the process to manufacture tires. Hutchinson called his company

5 Reasons Why He Was Henri Desgrange And You Couldn’t Have Been

07.03.2013 //

Words || Gary J Boulanger Tour de France founder Henri Desgrange was a stubborn old cuss who didn’t suffer fools gladly, and carved a sporting event into infamy out of the same granite resolve he wielded on riders, team managers, sponsors and manufacturers from 1903 to his death in 1940. There’s no way he would

L’Etape du Tour: Prologue

07.02.2013 //

On July 3, Paved contributor Gary Boulanger gets on a plane bound for Annecy, France, where he’ll ride his first L’Etape du Tour. Filing travelogue reports throughout his adventure, he’ll chronicle his experience to shed light on what it takes to enjoy saddle time on the same route as the professionals. This first installment sheds

Finding Tommy Boy

06.22.2013 //

Words & Photos || Gary J Boulanger Listening to the Dave Brubeck Quartet’s ‘Jazz at Oberlin’ while eating a chicken wrap on Air Canada flight 758 to Toronto, it strikes me that I’ve somehow become a bit cultured since relocating to the South Bay of Mountain View, California seven years ago. In 2006, I was

5 Reasons Why He’s Justin Spinelli and You’re Not

06.12.2013 //

Words || Gary J Boulanger On a recent road ride in the Santa Cruz Mountains with my friend Anthony Mangieri, I noticed a unique glint off the rear Royce hub of his new wheelset, built by Luxe Wheelworks in Boston. Intrigued by the quick-release skewer, I did some cursory research on the man behind the

5 Reasons Why He’s John Vande Velde And You’re Not

06.05.2013 //

Words || Gary J Boulanger The bicycle-racing blood runs deep in Chicago native John Vande Velde’s family. It was his destiny, he explained, to become a bike racer because his father, uncle and brother raced. Vande Velde’s grandfather immigrated to Chicago from Belgium and the love of the sport has been passed from generation to

Pampered: NICA Gran Corsa in Healdsburg, CA

06.01.2013 //

Words: Gary J Boulanger || Photos: Jon Suzuki Due to scheduling conflicts, neither Bob Roll nor Chris Carmichael could join our peloton in Healdsburg, California on May 20, and a busted collarbone kept Garmin-Sharp pro Dave Zabriskie from some rolling fellowship as well. The event? A National Interscholastic Cycling Association Gran Corsa, a 45-mile road

5 Reasons Why He’s Dave Stohler And You’re Not

05.29.2013 //

Words || Gary J Boulanger To many, Gino Bartali, Fausto Coppi, Felice Gimondi, Francesco Moser, Dave Stohler, Gianni Bugno, Ivan Basso and Vincenzo Nibali are all famous Italian cyclists from the 1940s to present day, elevated to legendary status based on their exploits in the Giro d’Italia or on the cinder track at Indiana University.

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