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Dylan is the Online Editor for Bike. He likes to get loose, whether it's on the trail or on the slope.

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Photo of the Day: Kevin Lange

09.21.2014 //

Photo of the Day: Kevin Lange | Location: Black Hawk Pass in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado.

Photo of the Day: John Gibson

09.20.2014 //

Photo of the Day: John Gibson | Rider: Mike Kinrade in Barnhartvale, British Columbia.

Photo of the Day: Dan Barham

09.19.2014 //

Photo of the Day: Dan Barham | Rider: An unidentified racer on course in Ecuador.

Apparel company Conation Collective gets a kickstart

09.18.2014 //

Inspired from the desire of comfortable, well-looking clothes that still function, long-time mountain biker Matt Hayes said he grew tired of wearing his lycra to the bar following his rides in the mountains above Boulder, so he designed a line of performance-oriented mountain-bike clothes that include v-cut shirts, western-style plaid shirts and low-cut bibs that allow for easy bathroom breaks.

Video: Bernardo Cruz gets sideways, again

09.17.2014 //

Two-time Whip-Off World Championships champion, Bernardo Cruz gets sideways for the third year since the inaugural “Official” Whip-Off Worlds in 2011. Although he got second this year, it’s clear he knows what it means to whip.

Photo of the Day: Kevin Lange

09.13.2014 //

Photo of the Day: Kevin Lange | Lisa Lieb in Durango, Colorado.

First Look: Bell Super 2R helmet

09.12.2014 //

Now the Bell Super 2R isn’t directly marketed as an enduro-specific helmet, but one look at it, and well, it’s the perfect enduro helmet. Why carry two helmets, when you can carry one?

Photo of the Day: John Gibson

09.12.2014 //

Photo of the Day: John Gibson | Jose Antonio Hermida and Nino Schurter at the 2012 Quebec World Cup XC.

First Look: KTM mountain bikes

09.11.2014 //

Try a carbon, 1×11 hardtail that weighs just shy of 19 pounds. Or if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about a 160-millimeter, 4-bar, all-mountain machine that looks like it’s ready to take on a multi-stage enduro race? Still not convinced, how about a 110-millimeter 29er that looks like it’ll give Trek, Specialized and Yeti a run for their money.

Photo of the Day: Dan Barham

09.11.2014 //

Photo of the Day: Dan Barham | Riders: Bike Editor Brice Minnigh and Wade Simmons in the desolate highlands of Ecuador.

Interbike 2014: Gear roundup day 2

09.10.2014 //

The perusing continued on the second day of Outdoor Demo, with still more products to be seen and more gadgets to be photographed. Fresh shoes, redesigned brakes and of course, innovative electronics were all part of the fun in the south Nevada desert.

Interbike 2014: Gear roundup day 1

09.09.2014 //

For the better part of a week, Interbike is a hustle of bodies moving about, taking quick glances at the latest gadgets of the cycling world and exchanging business cards, and the majority of this happens under great, giant florescent bulbs and artificially cooled air. But for the first two days of the week, the convention attendees head south to Boulder City for the Outdoor Demo. This is what I stumbled upon, during our perusing on first day of the demo days:

Video: Trans Savoie 2014 highlights

09.06.2014 //

Another year, another amazing event. Over 100 racers of all ages, from world and national champions to weekend warriors, completed the grueling Trans Savoie all-mountain adventure race this year.

Video: Fishing with Joe at Eurobike, Ep. 7 – Holger Meyer

09.05.2014 //

Holger Meyer has been to Eurobike 15 or so times and new for this year is a booth that has boxes. So in the spirit of all things dumb, Joe and Holger jump on them.

Photo of the Day: Kevin Lange

09.04.2014 //

Photo of the Day: Kevin Lange | Locations: Sandia Mountains, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Video: Fishing with Joe at Eurobike, Ep. 6 – Wick, The Legend

09.04.2014 //

Joe catches up with Wick, The Legend, over a few bottles. Their talk goes away from fishing and lands on stage with bands that they believe should play at Eurobike.

Photo of the Day: John Gibson

09.03.2014 //

Photo of the Day: John Gibson | Rider: Mike Hopkins in Rossland, British Columbia, Canada.

Photo of the Day: Dan Barham

09.02.2014 //

Photo of the Day: Dan Barham | Rider: Sylvain Turcotte on the “Tin Cup,” Montana Mountain, Carcross, Yukon, Canada

Video: “Trail Ninja,” Ep. 17

09.02.2014 //

What do these riders do when snow blocks their trail? They ride the scariest trail ever seen, instead.
In “Trail Ninja,” Ep. 17, Dan Milner and the crew head to Italy to ride one of the most rewarding trails on the planet: a 50-kilometer mountain bike ride from the mountains to the Mediterranean coast. Starting high in the Ligurian Alps, the Trail Ninja finds that danger is around every turn when snow forces him to take a deviation from the trail in wolf country.

Video: “This is Peaty,” Season 3, Episode 5

09.02.2014 //

The fifth episode of this season takes a look into the lives of downhill legend Steve Peat and the 2014 UCI World Cup Champion Josh “Ratboy” Bryceland, as they venture across the Atlantic to North American. In wild British fashion, they get slapstick crazy during their “summer Christmas” and dive deep into the mental challenges of tackling some of the fastest tracks on the circuit. Windham was the last North American stop and the times across the line were mere seconds apart, but when Ratboy came across, he showed why he’s now number one.

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