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Dylan H. Brown

Dylan is the Online Editor for Bike. He likes to get loose, whether it's on the trail or on the slope.

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Photo of the Day: John Wellburn

07.25.2014 //

Photo of the Day: John Wellburn | Rider: Kurt Sorge near Fraser River, British Columbia, Canada

A life of tribulations: How Oklahoma mountain biking saved Tommy Duvall

06.25.2014 //

Great singletrack brought a once-convicted felon back to the (not-so) straight and narrow.

Photo Gallery: Oklahoma biking – Not as flat as you think

06.21.2014 //

In one of the flattest places in the country, a contingency of riders have built a network of trails that even the most jaded of riders can appreciate.

Norco enters the DH World Cup circuit

06.18.2014 //

Team Norco International looks solid for World Cup circuit.

Preview: Nicolai Bikes Available in the U.S.

06.03.2014 //

Germany based Nicolai Bikes will now be distributed throughout the US by Nicolai USA and dealers.

Whistler Bike Park Death Devastates Trail Community in Hood River

06.02.2014 //

Whistler bike park death; Klee was a man of unsurmountable passions, and his devotion to the riders of Hood River was irreplaceable

Video: Hometown Shredding with Kurt Sorge | Going Hoff, Ep. 1

06.02.2014 //

After breaking his tibial plateau last August, Kurt Sorge takes us on a thrilling ride with “Hometown Shredding.” Powder-like turns, huge whips and many, many crashes are part of the ride in this first episode of “Going Hoff.”

Video: Fox MTB presents “Welcome Back Steve Smith”

05.30.2014 //

Quick edit of Steve Smith in the hills of Southern California, shot and edited by the guys from Rootone. More downhill videos: Matt Simmonds’ MTB Shredding Secret Marcelo Gutierrez’s POV from the Cairns World Cup Best of Sea Otter Classic 2014 Downhill Race

Preview: All-new Cannondale F-Si Carbon 29

05.30.2014 //

Cannondale has announced the launch of the all-new 2015 F-Si Carbon 29. Based off the successful Cannondale F29, the F-Si sets the bar higher for a stiffer and lighter platform. “While we pride ourselves in building the most cutting edge frames in cycling, our real advantage is in our System Integration approach to bike design,” […]

Video: Crankworx Whistler 2014 teaser

05.29.2014 //

Crankworx Whistler 2014 preview video

Preview: RockShox Pike DJ

05.29.2014 //

As progression advances forward and athletes are demanding more from their forks, RockShox has responded with the RockShox Pike DJ.

Photo of the Day: Kevin Lange

05.28.2014 //

Photo of the Day: Josh Deuto in Poncha Springs, Colo. | Photo: Kevin Lange

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