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Bike Magazine Newsletter – May 2, 2013

05.02.2013 //

Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review – Norco Range Killer B-1, Exclusive Report: Fat and Furious, Feature: Riding High in Italy + More

Feature: Riding High in Italy

05.02.2013 //

Imagine travelling through one of the most beautiful countries in the world and then getting dropped off in Cortina; the word stunning is an understatement. Our goal was two fold – make our way up to one of the highest Refugio’s in Italy and two – discover some perfect pieces of singletrack along the way.

Nine Questions for Brandon Ontiveros

05.02.2013 //

If you haven’t heard of enduro racing by now, you have some serious catching up to do. The European-rooted race discipline is sweeping across North American this summer, with new races cropping up all over the West. California, Oregon and Washington all have their own series now, and this year marks the inception of the World Enduro Series. In other words, enduro has hit the big time.

Video: Rippin’ the Trails of Bend, Oregon

05.01.2013 //

The trails around Bend, Oregon are famous. This video, in which Kirt Voreis and Tyler McCaul try out Fox’s latest All Mountain and Trail gear, make it clear why that’s the case. Road trip, anyone?

Video: Speed & Style Finals at the 2013 Sea Otter Classic

04.28.2013 //

The Sea Otter Classic hosted the Speed and Style competition in which riders competed against each other and the clock on a modified pump track, with time deductions at judges’ discretion based upon the quality and difficulty of their tricks.

Exclusive Report: Fat and Furious

04.26.2013 //

Stunned. Shocked. In awe. Words hardly explain our amazement at the athletic display played out by Manuel Beastley and signature Fat Bike of Glory at the 2013 Sea Otter Classic. Beastley made it no secret–he intended to dominate every style of mountain biking at Otter…then he went and did just that.

Video: Why Do People Keep Coming Back to the Sea Otter Classic?

04.26.2013 //

What is Sea Otter? It may have started out as a race, but it’s grown into something much bigger and more important than that. We interviewed the people of Sea Otter to find out what the event means to them and why they keep coming back each year.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – April 25, 2013

04.25.2013 //

The Best Bits from Sea Otter’s Dual Slalom, Fat-Bike Rider Vows to Crush Sea Otter, Sea Otter News: Yeti Launches Carbon SB95 and ARC Models and more.

The Bakery: Are You Going to Crush Your Race Season?

04.25.2013 //

Working out in a gym may not be a thrill-a-minute proposition for most of us, but the grunt work leads to more fun out on the trail. A growing number of riders are learning that lesson from trainer Monika Marx.

Sea Otter News: Shimano XTR Gains New XC Bits

04.19.2013 //

For 2014, Shimano’s latest XTR series will see the addition of new lighter weight hydraulic disc brake components, new drivetrain components including a lighter bottom bracket (and a more durable chain) and carbon 29er wheels.

News: Scott Scale 650b Hardtail Release

04.18.2013 //

Just before all the Sea Otter commotion began, we headed out for a few laps on Scott’s new Scale 700 series 650b hardtail.

Exclusive: Rides Like Slickrock, Tastes Like Chicken

04.15.2013 //

To the uninitiated, the big-tired bikes may appear as the next dorky fad for bored bicycle geeks or winter-challenged non-skiers – but to those who have had the opportunity to ride one in conditions where they excel, they quickly become the next must-have addition to one’s outdoor gear quiver.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – April 11, 2013

04.11.2013 //

26 Inch/650b Death Match, Brandon Semenuk to compete in fewer FMB events, SRAM Unveils New Roam and Rail Wheels and more.

The Bakery: Why Do You Hate My Vagina?

04.11.2013 //

The fact that you could kill someone while simply texting or talking on your cell phone while driving, I assume, would be enough of a deterrent not to do it. And obviously you weren’t drunk… With the exclusion of these factors, I can only assume that you were out to get my vagina and I am left wondering what it possibly could have done to offend you.

Video: RockShox Pike in Action

04.05.2013 //

Yesterday we ran one hell of a comprehensive story on the return of the RockShox Pike. Today, we’re adding another video (it’s of the official, party line variety) to the mix. Enjoy.

The Bakery: Playing Hooky

04.04.2013 //

Obviously we won’t all make it to all the trail days. In the real world most of us don’t have the luxury of being that kid that got the perfect attendance record at school. Seriously, what was the deal with that kid? However if you do go riding on a trail day the guilt may weigh on you and people may judge you.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – April 3, 2013

04.03.2013 //

Blueprint: Bronson-Santa Cruz’s New 650b Trail Bike, News: Bell Super in the Spotlight, Dirty Words: Brother, can you lend me a Hand Job?, Video: Giant Takes Off the Gloves, and Video: Converting Your Bike from Chain to Belt.

Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review – Felt Edict Nine 3

04.03.2013 //

Felt’s smartly dressed, carbon 29er is more than just a good value, it’s an excellent choice for aggressive XC racers desiring a fast and nimble bike.

Exclusive Video: Bronson—Santa Cruz’s New 650b Trail Bike

04.01.2013 //

What’s the story on Santa Cruz Bicycles’ new Bronson 650b bike? Here’s the exclusive Blueprint video and story on the Bronson’s development. Bike Magazine’s Seb Kemp is the only person outside of Santa Cruz Bicycle’s inner circle to have extensively ridden the Bronson. Check out Seb’s impressions of the Bronson and the bike’s designers thoughts on the new bike.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – March 28, 2013

03.28.2013 //

Exclusive: What is Enduro? What is Super D?, The Bakery: Child’s Play, Bike Test: Fatback Titanium, Video: An Evil Uprising, and Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review – Scott Gambler 10.

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