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Adding Insult to Injury

06.30.2010 //

Further evidence that USA Cycling neither understands nor seems to care about mountain biking This just came in from a public relations practitioner representing USA Cycling. We at Bike are still trying to wrap our heads around it. “WANT TO BE A TRUE MOUNTAIN BIKE GURU? Learn the Lingo From Competitors at the USA Cycling […]

Banff National Park Bike Fest Prologue

06.18.2010 //

Whitten and Kerr Win June 17th, 2010 (Banff National Park) – Under cloudy skies, some of the top racers from Western Canada and the USA gathered for the Surprise Corner Prologue 1.5km, the opening event of the 3rd  annual Banff National Park Bicycle festival from June 17-20. In addition to the top riders in the […]

Cane Creek Introduces Innovative AngleSet Headset

06.17.2010 //

Source: Cane Creek– As riders have stretched the limits of what is possible on a mountain bike, they’ve begun to realize a need to fine-tune geometry to meet the challenges of the trail. Cane Creek is proud to introduce the AngleSet, a threadless headset that gives users the ability to change the head angle of […]

Machu Picchu Mountain Peak from Strahan Loken

06.10.2010 //

Peru Inca Trail from strahan loken on Vimeo.

HB introduces the new Reverb seatpost from RockShox

05.17.2010 //

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Follow Me: Behind the scenes at Punta San Carlos with Cam McCaul

05.17.2010 //

A quick look behind the scenes at the Cam McCaul’s beachside step-down in Anthill’s new mountain bike movie Follow Me. This was one of the highlights from the film and it represents what Follow Me is all about – friends working together to create a new line then the crew and riders working their asses […]

Chromag Samurai

05.12.2010 //

In a land rife with full-squish machines, big tires and 8-inch rotors comes Chromag—a small manufacturer in Whistler, British Columbia, that has carved a niche by pumping out hand-built steel hardtails and high-quality components.

Billy Lewis shredding trail

05.10.2010 //

Billy Lewis shredding trail. from on Vimeo.

Follow Me rider profile: Cam McCaul

05.05.2010 //

Put NorCal native Cam McCaul in any situation and he’ll steal the show. Whether he’s riding his bike or just standing around, the dude is pure comedy. Cam McCaul Profile – Follow Me from Anthill Films on Vimeo.

Gravity East Season Opener

05.03.2010 //

By Gravity East, assembled by several contributors May 1, 2010; Conshohocken, PA, USA: The Gravity East season opened with 263 entries at Virginia’s Massanutten Resort for the Yee Ha! downhill. The spectacular weather and the off-season improvements to the former World Cup course made for a fast and technical race that showcased all aspects of […]

Who Brought the Chix?

04.28.2010 //

Words By Lydia Tanner Photos By Ethan Scott Picture a girl on a bike: her hair is whipping in the wind, she’s pedaling hard, and she’s leaving clouds of dust curling in her wake. Now picture your doctor, your nanny, the S.W.A.T. team member who just kicked down your door, picture your mom—all chamois-ed up […]

Colin needs a globe

04.23.2010 //

He says a globe is all he needs for world domination, so please help him out by sending him one. Swobo, attn: Colin, 104 Bronson St. Suite 5, Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Lezyne Contest

04.08.2010 //

Source: Lezyne CONTEST Win $300 of Lezyne products and a ride with Geoff Kabush and Andreas Hestler at the upcoming Sea Otter Classic!!! The 2010 Sea Otter Classic is just around the corner and with it your chance to win a boat-load of Lezyne products, along with the once-in-a-life-time opportunity to ride with two legends […]

Easton Haven Carbon Wheels — Part one

04.02.2010 //

All-mountain goes bulletproof 
The use of composites in bicycle manufacturing is hardly a new idea; frame builders have been utilizing bonded carbon fiber tubes since the mid-1970s, and as carbon-composite technology advanced, wheels and components were quickly embraced by the skinny-tire world. Composites also drew the attention of the weight-conscious XC crowd, but the high-impact […]

Follow Me Calgary Premiere

04.01.2010 //

Andrel Reid Enterprises, in conjunction with and Concept Lounge, will be showing Anthill Films latest production, Follow Me, on April 26th in Calgary, Alberta. The event begins at Canyon Meadows Cinemas at 7pm, with tickets going for $12 at the door. In case you need a humanitarian excuse to see an awesome film, half […]

World Cup Race Season Looms Large

03.30.2010 //

Words and Photos by Colin Meagher It seems like the cyclocross World Championships were just yesterday— in fact it’s been nearly two months since that Czech Republic dance in the snow. This means the mountain bike World Cup begins in just a little under a month, kicking off in Yorkshire, England with the season’s first […]

Frankie Vass, Jarrett Moore and Wayne Goss working it for Transmission, coming September 2011.

03.26.2010 //

Transmission Edit 3 – LaRocque vs. Respond from Race Face on Vimeo.

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