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Tested: Straitline Silent Guide

06.24.2013 //

By Seb Kemp Photo by Anthony Smith Straitline Silent Guide Price: $168 I love this product for the same reason I hate It. You see, I put one on my bike 14 months ago and in that time it did nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not once did I have to care for it, pamper it, […]

Off Track Gallery & Podcast: Val di Sole and Beyond

06.22.2013 //

The racing action was fierce at Val di Sole. Our guests–Chris and Claire Kovarik, Sven Martin and Seb Kemp–shine a light on all that went down in Italy, both the obvious and the behind-the-scenes stories. Tune in to hear the real stories about racing that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – June 20, 2013

06.20.2013 //

2014 GT Sensor and Force, Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate, Feedback Sports Pro Elite + More

Ask a Founder: A Talk with Keith Bontrager

06.20.2013 //

Few people have had as profound an impact on mountain bike design as Keith Bontrager. Today at 10 A.M. Pacific Standard Time), Keith Bontrager steps on a stage at Mission Workshop, in San Francisco, and tells his story. Watch the broadcast live here.

Tested: Santa Cruz Blur XC Carbon

06.17.2013 //

The XC Carbon remains one of the most capable cross-country race machines I’ve ever swung a leg over. Its geometry is unchanged in this rendition, however, it now comes stock with a 120-millimeter fork—an upgrade I made after writing my previous review of this bike. Over the test period, I found myself riding lines on the Blur that usually make me nervous on 6-inch bikes.

News: Santa Cruz Debuts New Heckler

06.14.2013 //

Words by Vernon Felton/Seb Kemp Photos by Dan Barham Now with the same geometry as the acclaimed Bronson (see the chart a bit further on down the post), plus six inches of travel and 27.5-inch wheels to match, the new Heckler is, well, new. Some things, however, remain the same…. Still single pivot. Still durable […]

Bike Magazine Newsletter – June 13, 2013

06.13.2013 //

The Story Behind Ibis’ New Mojo HDR, 2013 Bible Review – GT Distortion 2.0, Trek’s New Fuel EX and Remedy 29ers + More

The Bakery: Vagabonds, Nomads and Too Many Gonads

06.13.2013 //

So, what is enduro, aside from the poor fashion choices? Enduro is a world of opportunities at the moment and, through this multi-day format and transition stages, it is building a strong community.

Tested: Kali Protectives Amara Cam

06.08.2013 //

While Kali may be a young company, compared to the more established names, it is certainly not lacking in experience. It comes as no surprise then that the company is stirring things up on the technological side of things. Consider the Amara helmet….

Bike Magazine Newsletter – June 6, 2013

06.06.2013 //

First Impressions: 2014 Fox TALAS & Float X, Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review – Specialized Status II, News: Santa Cruz Debuts new “Solo” Model + More

Feature: Tales from the Enduro World Series

06.04.2013 //

After a few hundred dollars in baggage fees, still slightly unsure on our preparation, Brian Lopes and I set off for Italy to compete in the inaugural Enduro World Series race. Enduro mania has been sweeping the globe and what better way to gain and understanding for it’s popularity than to attend, compete in and experience the largest (and potentially most competitive ever) Enduro race to date first hand.

Gallery: Buzz #1

06.03.2013 //

It’s one of the things that has always set Bike apart from its competitors–the best photography and stellar graphic design. With that in mind, here’s a gallery of some killer images.

Friday Five: Buy Yourself Some Real Improvement

05.31.2013 //

To be a better rider you have to make yourself better; buying stuff won’t actually make you better. Unfortunately the sirens of the marketeers are louder than all, so sometimes we may give into the hyperbole and forget that we need to improve ourselves first. Really, the truth is often that we suck, rather than the things we choose to project our suckiness upon.

Exclusive: The Tenacious Booger Injury

05.30.2013 //

I’ve been injured riding bikes for the better part of 50 years. While there have been a few spectacular crashes, I’ve gotten away with mostly minor scraps, cuts and bruises. But for my most recent injury, the most life interrupting, I’ve given myself my own personal Darwin award.

News: Juliana Launches Four New Models

05.28.2013 //

There’s a simple beauty in Juliana’s approach. The bikes aren’t overworked. They aren’t given super short top-tubes and painted to look like doilies under the pretense of meeting women’s needs. Instead, the Juliana line is comprised of damn good bikes shifted down the size spectrum.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – May 23, 2013

05.23.2013 //

Review: News: Trek Remedy and Fuel EX Go to 29, Exclusive: What’s It Like, Racing the Enduro World Series?, The Bakery: Discovering YOLO + More

Bike Magazine Newsletter – May 16, 2013

05.16.2013 //

Review: Rocky Mountain Instinct 970, The Bakery: Chasing the Dragon, Interview: Whistler Bike Park Team + More

News: Enduro World Series Approaches

05.10.2013 //

Over 500 riders from almost every nation will set up camp in the outdoor paddock at Punta Ala beachside resort, in Maremma on the southern tip of Tuscany, over the weekend of May 18 and 19, to take part in the first race of the seven-stop inaugural Enduro World Series.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – May 9, 2013

05.09.2013 //

Exclusive: The Product that Changed the World, Exclusive: Up Close… With Specialized’s Beadless Clincher, Exclusive: Inside the Pro’s Bike + More

Exclusive: Inside the Pro’s Bike

05.06.2013 //

Manuel Beastley has become something of a folk hero since he stomped an international field of competitors at the Sea Otter Classic. In this edition of “Inside the Pro’s Bikes” Beastley reveals some of the exclusive features of his winning ride, including it’s new-school geometry, four-inch tires and classic coaster brake

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