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The Bakery: Don’t Be a Dick, Talk to the Bun Guy.

01.17.2013 //

I’ve chatted with strangers on climbs and met lifelong friends at the dirt jumps…. I can’t see much excuse to ignore fellow riders. Simple trail etiquette, like yelling out “there are three more”, “on your left”, or “have a good ride” is all that’s needed to connect with people, and more importantly, to not be a dick.

The Bakery: I’ve Found Religion

01.10.2013 //

Mountain biking may not be a recognized religion, it has never predicted the end of the world, or as far as I know, been endorsed by Tom Cruise and if there was a single unified mountain bike god, I am fairly certain he wouldn’t kill kittens when you touch yoursel

Bike Magazine Newsletter – January 9, 2013

01.09.2013 //

News: Specialized Gwins Him Over, News: Garmin Unveils New GPS Units, News: Ten Bucks for the Best Calendar on Earth, Left Field: Jilly’s on Smack, and Dirty Words: Cyclist killed by a car, avoidable or inevitable?

Bike Magazine Newsletter – January 3, 2013

01.03.2013 //

The Web Monkey Speaks: The Things I Used to Do, Preview: 2013 Specialized Enduro Expert, News: Ten Bucks for the Best Calendar on Earth, Preview: Rocky Mountain Instinct 970, and Review: Scott Genius LT 20.

The Bakery: My Mom is the Bob Barker of Mexico

12.28.2012 //

LaRae and Donna may seem like your average Mexico living, cruiser bike-riding, margarita-loving, cookie-making moms, but they’re not.

The Bakery: The Trail You Loved and Lost.

12.24.2012 //

When it comes to losing a favorite trail, don’t be the person who regrets the rides that you didn’t get in on it. Go ride your bike, it’s what Ed would want.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – December 20, 2012

12.20.2012 //

The Bakery: For the Love of Independent Bike Shops, Exclusive: “Do Something Crazy, Kenny”, Review: Shimano AM41 Shoes, Video: 2012 Red Bull Rampage-the Full Broadcast, and News: 10 Bucks for the Best Calendar on Earth.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – December 13, 2012

12.13.2012 //

The Bakery: The Power of Not Giving a F*ck, News: The Only Calendar Worth Buying, Review: Norco Shinobi 2, Exclusive: Touching Cloth With Arc’teryx, and News: Chris King Debuts New Products.

The Bakery: For the Love of Independent Bike Shops

12.13.2012 //

My local bike shop is the kind of place where everyone knows your name, or some variation of it. They hassle you and high-five you. They give you hugs and lectures about not taking better care of your ride. They are family.

The Bakery: The Power of Not Giving a F*ck

12.06.2012 //

Our industry has worked hard to gain mass appeal and because of that, we produce entertainment for the masses. We should give ourselves the luxury of never being sorry.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – December 6, 2012

12.05.2012 //

Gallery: 2012 Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships, News: Brilliant Kit On Sale Now, Contest: 12 Ways to Win the New GoPro, Deep Summer Photo Challenge: Mike Zinger, Wildcard, and Left Field: What I’d Do for Your Hat.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – November 15, 2012

11.15.2012 //

Exclusive: The Sombrio Rig Life, Chapter 3, Dirty Words: The Darkest Hour, The Web Monkey Speaks: Big-Girl Pants, Fresh Produce: Knog Lights and Locks, and Video: Why #2 – Ryan Leech.

First Impressions: Gore Ladies Countdown 2.0 GT Jacket

11.14.2012 //

Gore’s Countdown 2.0 GT is a performance waterproof jacket that’s stripped down of any bells and whistles to keep price in check.

News of the Tweet: Robert Scoble’s Big, Bad Brain

11.13.2012 //

New apps, brilliant start-ups and why is this man wearing Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Head?

Bike Magazine Newsletter – November 8, 2012

11.08.2012 //

Exclusive: The Sombrio Rig Life, First Impressions: 2013 Kali Protectives Maraka XC Helmet, News: New Pearl Izumi X Project Shoes Get A Proper Pounding, News of the Tweet: Follow the Leader, and Video: A Closer Look at Roval.

Fresh Produce: Knog Lights and Locks

11.08.2012 //

Knog gives the industrial-design love to their smart, new line of locks and commuter lights.

Butcher Paper: Back in the Saddle

11.06.2012 //

I’ve been off the bike more times than I want to remember and for more reasons than I care to admit. Winters, hurricanes, a couple of douchebag discs
in my back and a general propensity for laziness have all taken their toll on my riding. Throw in the occasional injury and pregnancy, and I’ve been benched enough times to know that getting back on the bike is never quick. Or easy. Or painless.

Scene: The Faithful of Fort William

11.05.2012 //

It is this—the electric crowd so caught up in the glory and the spectacle of
racing, their excitement and enthusiasm so palpable that it makes the hair on your scalp tingle, this roiling party of the sport’s faithful—this is what cements Fort William into legend.

Scene: Valmont Bike Park unites the two-wheel tribes and kids of all ages

11.02.2012 //

For most of us, our passion for riding started when we were simply kids playing on bikes. then we turned into ‘cyclists’ and began sorting ourselves into razor-thin niches. With divisions based upon minutia like wheel size or the irony of one’s throat beard, it’s easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of a particular riding style. that is, until stepping foot into Valmont Bike Park.

Start Here: Open Course, Amateur Driver

11.02.2012 //

Air Terror is not 100-percent curable in every patient and manifests itself in many different ways. In mild cases, it acts as a governor, limiting the amount of space between a rider’s wheels and the ground. In extreme cases, it has been known to send the victim into rabid fits of self loathing, in which they disparage all forms of fun.

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