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Exclusive: Dream Bikes – The Extended Version

01.09.2014 //

Given a carte blanche opportunity to build my one and only, I opted for a bike that was hopefully an evolution of my own riding philosophy. I chose the Ibis Ripley, hoping it would strike a balance between 100-millimeter-travel, XC-oriented bikes and more burly, but less XC-friendly 140-millimeter-plus bikes I had been alternating back and forth between for the past few years.

Reviewed: Kitsbow Soft Shell A/M Shorts

01.08.2014 //

After twelve months wearing Kitsbow’s shorts and jacket I feel that the jacket and shorts are some of the best items of cycle specific clothing I have ever worn. It isn’t just nicer than most, it is considerably better than anything that is available. The fabrics are superior, the cut is without comparison, and the attention to detail is phenomenal. It all feels like it was custom tailored, they are just that good.

Video Exclusive: Bas van Steenbergen Slays Wet, Greasy B.C. Trails

01.07.2014 //

Think you ride fast on wet, greasy roots and leaves? We bet you wouldn’t send it like Bas van Steenbergen does in this new Deity/Bike magazine collaboration, “Island Air.”

January 2014

01.07.2014 //

JANUARY 2014 ISSUE The Bible of Bike Tests We travel to Sedona, Arizona, to test 34 of the year’s best mountain bikes, as well as wheels, forks, dropper posts, tires and groupsets for the fifth year of the Bible of Bike Tests, the most comprehensive and honest gear guide on the market. Read how top […]

SRAM To Officially License Its Popular X-SYNC Technology

01.07.2014 //

Since its successful and celebrated introduction two years ago, SRAM’s popular single-ring 1X Drivetrains featuring X-SYNC chainrings continue to gain popularity. In an effort to provide consumers more choice SRAM has licensed this valuable, precision-based technology to Chromag and the Accell Group.

Tom van Steenbergen Becomes Newest Trek C3 Project Rider

01.06.2014 //

The Trek C3 Project (Competition, Cinematics, Creativity) is gearing up for another year of shredding with a fresh-faced addition to the already-stacked roster of Cam McCaul, Ryan Howard, Andrew Shandro, Brett Rheeder, and Brandon Semenuk.

Gear of the Year: Bike’s Editors Make Some Personal Picks

01.05.2014 //

A lot of gear moves through the warehouse at Bike HQ. The opportunity to test the latest helmets, apparel, bikes and various other bits related to pedaling on dirt is a part of the job that keeps us editors going when the deadlines, late production nights and the ever increasing pressure to create more content bogs us down. Inevitably, one or two pieces of gear rises to the top and wears more than the rest over the course of the year. These were a few of our personal favorites in 2013.

Dream Builds–the Juliana Furtado

12.19.2013 //

The Furtado stole one editor’s heart. It had all the updates from the original Juliana I’d been looking for: a lighter, stiffer carbon-fiber frame, a boost in travel, an upgrade from the single-pivot suspension platform to Santa Cruz’s VPP linkage and 27.5-inch wheels. This is how she built the bike up to be her perfect match.

26 Ain’t Dead?

12.16.2013 //

If you are looking to buy a brand new bike and want to keep on 26-inch wheels then the list of options is very small, and probably getting smaller and smaller by the day. However, the bikes that are still out there are amazing, regardless of anything. Here’s our short list of the best of `em.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – December 13, 2013

12.12.2013 //

Expedition to the Alps, The Power of Dicking About, Doing the Impossible on Road Bikes & More

Friday Five: Dicking About

12.06.2013 //

To be a better mountain biker all it takes is to drop the seriousness and increase the silliness. A radical theory? Perhaps, but you should seriously give “not being serious” a try.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – December 5, 2013

12.05.2013 //

Flogging SRAM XX1, 26 Ain’t Dead, Testing Marin’s New All-Mountain Rig…and More

Video/Gallery: Familiar Territory with Dustin Gilding

12.04.2013 //

Let’s say you bust your leg, spend four months recuperating and then face your first day back on the bike. How would that day unfold? How would you ride? A little rusty? A little timid? Not if you are Dustin Gilding. Here’s some video and a photo gallery of Gilding’s first day back on the bike. Amazing.

Tested: 2013 Cannondale Trigger 29er 1

11.28.2013 //

By the time I got my hands on this test bike I was primed for speed. It didn’t let me down. on the first ride—my mildly technical singletrack commute, filled with abrupt, punchy climbs and sharp descents—the bike felt freakishly fast, its big wheels rolling effortlessly up taxing climbs that often leave me breathless.

Tested: Ten Months On SRAM XX1

11.28.2013 //

After nearly a year on the trails with the SRAM XX1 drivetrain, we give a thorough appraisal of its long-term performance.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – November 27, 2013

11.27.2013 //

Testing the Ibis Ripley, Scotland’s Go-to-Guide, SRAM Wheelset Review and More

Tested: SRAM Rail 50 Wheels

11.25.2013 //

SRAM’s versatile, wide rim wheel, Rail 50 gets a comprehensive test throughout the summer. Here are the final findings. I gave these wheels a really hard time and held nothing back. I rallied around some of British Columbia’s highest, driest, steepest, rockiest descents. One day I raced some local-level cross-country races on them and the next I was in the Whistler Bike Park clocking up Garbanzo laps. The wheels got plenty of punishment

Tested: Ibis Ripley

11.22.2013 //

Versatility inspired the Ibis Ripley’s creation. Never mind that it happened to introduce a promising new suspension platform. Few other trail bikes could be your all-day backcountry mule one weekend, and cutting-edge race machine the next.

Dirty Words: The Longest Minute

11.22.2013 //

I don’t race much anymore, but when I do, I always hate the last minute before the start. It is hard to comprehend how your brain and body can have a great debate in the last seconds before the gun.The brain is screaming “Go for it, you idiot! That’s why you’re here. You spent $100 on a crappy motel room and $50 on your entry fee. Don’t weasel out!” The brain can be fooled, but your body knows better.

Interview: Scotland’s Most Passionate Trailsman

11.21.2013 //

Scotland, like its uisge beatha (that’s Gaelic for “whisky”), is full of surprises that are only uncovered in journeys to far-flung locations. Guide, Andy McKenna, knows this better than most. Here’s our interview with one of the best guides you could ever meet.

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