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Dirty Words: The Hamburglar stole my summer

08.16.2013 //

Scientists, such as myself, have determined that so much meat is being grilled these days that waves of oleic acid – a byproduct of cooking meats – have permeated the atmosphere above D.C. and Northern Virginia to the point where microscopic droplets of burger drippings are becoming the nuclei for raindrops. You can look it up in the Cliff Notes.

Gallery: Crankworx Garbanzo DH

08.14.2013 //

The Garbanzo DH has been described as a “vertical marathon”–an absolute suffer fest of a downhill course that requires not only tremendous skill, but nearly super-human levels of endurance . Covering some of the best terrain in the Whistler Bike Park, the Garbanzo DH is, as Reuben Krabbe’s gallery above shows, always ground zero for some riveting action.

Feature: Crankworx Canadian Open Enduro / Enduro World Series

08.13.2013 //

An adventure wrapped up as a race but smells like thunder. Seb Kemp brings you an insight into the hearts, minds and motivations of the top twenty racers at the Crankworx Canadian Open Enduro.

Video: An Open Letter (of complaint) to Crankworx

08.10.2013 //

Bike Magazine heads to the first event of this year’s Crankworx Whistler, the Fat Tire Crit. Duped by the title of the event, Bike Magazine’s correspondent Seb Kemp got hold of a Norco Bigfoot fat bike, only to find that it wasn’t much of a fat tire flavored race. Broken spirits and dismay ensued.

Blueprint Exclusive: Kona’s 2014 Process

08.09.2013 //

We loved the 2013 Kona Process DL. They scrapped the bike for 2014 and replaced it with a new line of both 29er and 650b bikes. Why? We went looking for answers in our latest Blueprint Series video. We’ve also put more than 600 miles and 150,000 feet of descending on the new bikes and have in-depth reviews of all three 2014 Kona Process models. Here’s the most in-depth coverage you’ll find of a bike line that should turn heads this coming season.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – August 8, 2013

08.08.2013 //

News: SRAM Debuts X01, News: Giant Goes Big with 27.5, Off Track Podcast & Gallery: Vallnord Andorra DH/Winter Park Enduro + More

The Bakery: The Hangover

08.08.2013 //

After spending a few days with no responsibility but riding bikes, nothing to assume about strangers than they must be great because they ride bikes and drinking beer as an acceptable morning drink, the harsh reality of home, routine and fending for oneself can feel like a hangover. Not the kind that makes you vomit in your helmet bag, but the kind where your soul feels a little heavier than usual.

Hit the Road: The 545-Horsepower Shuttle Van

08.05.2013 //

Mountain bikers Kyle Strait and Sean McClendon tear up some hills while on a road trip to San Francisco with J-Turn’s Jessi Lang.

Dirty Words: Get up, stand up! Stand up for your rides.

08.02.2013 //

One man is on a mission to stop you from riding like a baby…surprisingly, his solution involves bar ends.

The Bakery: Meat Pies and Meatheads… A DH Race Weekend

08.01.2013 //

A DH race weekend is a magical world, the kind of place you find if you stumble through the back of a wardrobe or fall down a rabbit hole. Only the Cheshire cat would be wearing a pajama suit and Alice would be manically adjusting her tire pressure. Men run around in women’s clothing, scale buildings naked and drop their pants on course like baboons in heat.

Video: Not All Vacations Are Created Equal

07.30.2013 //

You remember the long, lame vacations you took with your family as a kid–the trip to see the world’s biggest cow pie or the visit to the Ear Wax Hall of Fame? Well, this isn’t one of those vacations. Apparently, it pays to have a dad who rips.

Gallery: Yeti Tribe 2013 Gathering

07.27.2013 //

Last weekend we packed our bags and headed to Telluride for a weekend of turquoise-shaded mayhem. It was the 2013 Yeti Cycles Tribe Gathering–this time, set within the beautiful Uncompahgre National Forest. Lots of riding. Lots of good food and great people and, of course, beer and mini bikes. The gallery tells the story.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – July 25, 2013

07.24.2013 //

Exclusive: You Don’t Know…Mark Weir, Searching for Singletrack in Afghanistan, Banshee Bikes’ Longest Day Ride + More

Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review–Rocky Mountain Element 970 RSL BC Edition

07.22.2013 //

Rocky Mountain’s Element 970 RSL BC Edition is a cross-country racer, British Columbia style. Light, efficient and surprisingly capable in technical conditions—an excellent choice for grueling endurance races.

The Bakery: Hangry

07.18.2013 //

Friends don’t let friends ride “hangry”, it can be messy. Educate yourself and always carry extra food. You never know when a low, blood-sugar emergency will have you pinning down a friend on trail, stuffing food into their mouth and yelling ‘the power of Christ compels you’.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – July 17, 2013

07.18.2013 //

2014 Specialized Trail Bikes, Carving Turns, Les 2 Alpes + More

Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review–Marin Rift Zone 29er XC8

07.16.2013 //

More frolicsome than its serious, speed-seeking counterparts, this bike has solid parts that make it good value.

The Bakery: Inside Our Traveling Circus

07.12.2013 //

Whenever a racer shakes my hand and compliments our professional event, I have to stop myself from gesturing over my shoulder and asking, “but didn’t you see the bearded woman over there?” Yes, we have the ultimate singletrack, which goes without saying, but it’s the band of misfits that create our traveling circus who make each year a unique experience.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – July 11, 2013

07.11.2013 //

BC Bike Race-Squamish and Whistler, 2014 Kona Process, Front Wheel Lifts + More

Video | “Giant Sabotages Shabby Bikes” Campaign

07.10.2013 //

In an inspired turn, Giant Bicycles takes a page out of the Sabotage-era Beastie Boys book with this smart video. Well played, guys. Until August 31, 2013 the folks from Giant Bicycles Canada (yeah, sorry Americans, this one is north of the border) are excited to surprise random riders of bad, jiggly, rusty, beaten-down bikes […]

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