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The Bakery: Chasing Waterfalls with Team Gong-Show

09.26.2013 //

Everyone has a friend like Jessica; whenever you are together chaos and adventure ensue. One minute you are meeting up for a drink and the next thing you know you are passed out on an inflatable dolphin in Mexico. There is a reason why Jessica and I do not hang out all that often–self-preservation.

Exclusive: The Rooster Of Marcelo

09.24.2013 //

The thousands of bunkers that contained the internet’s servers fell silent, the whir of the digital processing stopped forever. Laptops, home computers, network hard drives and cell phones all became obsolete. All just empty plastic boxes that did nothing, contained nothing, provided nothing. The glass screens that had been caressed, stroked and fawned over no longer reflected back the hopes and desires of the bearers. Instead, nothing.

Exclusive: The Pitch

09.20.2013 //

Oh, anyone can crank out a superlight, super-adjustable, carbon-fiber dream bike, but it takes a special someone to invent the world’s smallest, folding electric scooter. We roamed the floors of Interbike and gave the more daring entrepreneurs 30 seconds to pitch their products to the world. Get ready for the weird.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – September 12, 2013

09.12.2013 //

Retro Bike Heaven, a Freerider Turns Filmmaker, Manitou Surprises Everyone, We Beat Up a Gambler & More

Reviewed: Scott Gambler

09.12.2013 //

We rode and wrote about the Scott Gambler 10 for the 2013 Bible Of Bike Tests, and we liked it. So much so that we needed to make sure we liked it as much as we did. So, we had one shipped up to Whistler for some bike park bashing throughout the summer. Here’s what we found after a summer of bashing about on the Gambler.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – September 5, 2013

09.05.2013 //

Here’s Next Year’s Gear!, Testing the Most Underrated Tire on the Dirt Today, Jamis Dakota D29 Put to the Test, Why Your Dog Deserves to Go on a Ride, Santa Cruz’s Latest Model is…the Bantam

Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review–Jamis Dakota D29 Team

09.03.2013 //

This lightweight hardtail race whip will force any rider to go faster, yet it pulls few punches in the fun department.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – August 29, 2013

08.29.2013 //

Friday Five: Drink Water, Dammit!, I Went On a Date with Rob Warner & This Is All I Got?, Moots MX Divide – Art Meets Dirt + More

Exclusive: 2013 Bible Review–Moots MX Divide

08.29.2013 //

Elegantly crafted and brilliantly equipped, the MX Divide is pure eye candy and a unique ride.

First Ride: Schwalbe Rock Razor And Magic Mary

08.28.2013 //

This is not the complete review, just some early impressions from one ridiculous ride on some of Schwalbe’s newest offerings – the loam destroying Magic Mary and the speed demon Rock Razor.

Gallery: 2013 Heavy Pedal Tour – Granby Ranch

08.27.2013 //

Our crew was itching to get out and ride Granby Ranch as it was one of our favorite bike parks on last year’s Heavy Pedal Tour. Here’s a gallery showcasing Granby’s goods.

The Bakery: My Date with Rob Warner

08.23.2013 //

Rob Warner is a legend whose World Cup commentary is as worthy of your attention as the racing itself, Seriously, when was the last time you heard an announcer state, “He’s all over the place like a monkey dry-humping a football!”? When I found out that Warner was in Whistler for Crankworx, I had to get an interview with him.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – August 21, 2013

08.21.2013 //

Video: An Open Letter (of complaint) to Crankworx, Blueprint Exclusive: Kona’s 2014 Process, First Impressions: SRAM X01 + More

News Of The Tweet: Information Burial Ground?

08.21.2013 //

Is the internet a black hole of time or a brave new world of opportunity? The endless stream of Crankworx coverage proves that’s it’s probably a bit of both.

Exclusive: “What is a ‘Crank Works’?”

08.18.2013 //

When it comes to the spectacle of mountain biking, we are the die-hard, the devoted. We show up to places like Whistler with bikes on our brains… But what about all the other people–the citizens, who arrived at Whistler with nothing more in mind than a cold beer, a foot massage or a Sunday stroll? What do “ordinary” people think of all this? We spent an afternoon finding out. Check out the slideshow.

Video: Brandon Semenuk’s Winning Slopestyle Run at Crankworx

08.18.2013 //

Video by Rupert Walker Brandon Semenuk awed the massive crowd at the Crankworx Joyride slopestyle competition on Saturday evening with his variety of high-amplitude, technical switch tricks and tailwhips. Semenuk nabbed his second Joyride victory since first landing on the podium’s top spot in 2011, taking home the $25,000 first place prize. Here’s Semenuk’s winning […]

Dirty Words: The Hamburglar stole my summer

08.16.2013 //

Scientists, such as myself, have determined that so much meat is being grilled these days that waves of oleic acid – a byproduct of cooking meats – have permeated the atmosphere above D.C. and Northern Virginia to the point where microscopic droplets of burger drippings are becoming the nuclei for raindrops. You can look it up in the Cliff Notes.

Gallery: Crankworx Garbanzo DH

08.14.2013 //

The Garbanzo DH has been described as a “vertical marathon”–an absolute suffer fest of a downhill course that requires not only tremendous skill, but nearly super-human levels of endurance . Covering some of the best terrain in the Whistler Bike Park, the Garbanzo DH is, as Reuben Krabbe’s gallery above shows, always ground zero for some riveting action.

Feature: Crankworx Canadian Open Enduro / Enduro World Series

08.13.2013 //

An adventure wrapped up as a race but smells like thunder. Seb Kemp brings you an insight into the hearts, minds and motivations of the top twenty racers at the Crankworx Canadian Open Enduro.

Video: An Open Letter (of complaint) to Crankworx

08.10.2013 //

Bike Magazine heads to the first event of this year’s Crankworx Whistler, the Fat Tire Crit. Duped by the title of the event, Bike Magazine’s correspondent Seb Kemp got hold of a Norco Bigfoot fat bike, only to find that it wasn’t much of a fat tire flavored race. Broken spirits and dismay ensued.

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