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Tested: Ten Months On SRAM XX1

11.28.2013 //

After nearly a year on the trails with the SRAM XX1 drivetrain, we give a thorough appraisal of its long-term performance.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – November 27, 2013

11.27.2013 //

Testing the Ibis Ripley, Scotland’s Go-to-Guide, SRAM Wheelset Review and More

Tested: SRAM Rail 50 Wheels

11.25.2013 //

SRAM’s versatile, wide rim wheel, Rail 50 gets a comprehensive test throughout the summer. Here are the final findings. I gave these wheels a really hard time and held nothing back. I rallied around some of British Columbia’s highest, driest, steepest, rockiest descents. One day I raced some local-level cross-country races on them and the next I was in the Whistler Bike Park clocking up Garbanzo laps. The wheels got plenty of punishment

Tested: Ibis Ripley

11.22.2013 //

Versatility inspired the Ibis Ripley’s creation. Never mind that it happened to introduce a promising new suspension platform. Few other trail bikes could be your all-day backcountry mule one weekend, and cutting-edge race machine the next.

Dirty Words: The Longest Minute

11.22.2013 //

I don’t race much anymore, but when I do, I always hate the last minute before the start. It is hard to comprehend how your brain and body can have a great debate in the last seconds before the gun.The brain is screaming “Go for it, you idiot! That’s why you’re here. You spent $100 on a crappy motel room and $50 on your entry fee. Don’t weasel out!” The brain can be fooled, but your body knows better.

Interview: Scotland’s Most Passionate Trailsman

11.21.2013 //

Scotland, like its uisge beatha (that’s Gaelic for “whisky”), is full of surprises that are only uncovered in journeys to far-flung locations. Guide, Andy McKenna, knows this better than most. Here’s our interview with one of the best guides you could ever meet.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – November 21, 2013

11.21.2013 //

Tested—Specialized Enduro 29er, Riding (and tasting) Scotland, the One Bike that Changed Everything & More

Exclusive: One (More) for the Road

11.20.2013 //

The upcoming December issue of Bike Magazine includes “Angel’s Share”, an exploration of Scotland’s singletrack and single malt whisky. There is, of course, a story behind that story…and here it is.

Totem: Detail Devil

11.19.2013 //

On the outside, Tinker Juarez looks like Mr. Laidback. But his signature dreads and mellow demeanor belie a world-class athlete’s focus on details. When Tinker began racing mountain bikes, he became obsessed with the composition of parts on his bikes—especially a specific model of Look clipless pedals that were big, chunky and very red….

Tested: Shimano Winter Shoes

11.18.2013 //

If you are a mountain biking junkie, winter riding doesn’t have to mean losing your toes. Not with the Shimano MW81 at least.

Tested: Mavic Notch Helmet

11.17.2013 //

At 320 grams, the Mavic lid comes in right where you’d expect, based on the amount of coverage it offers.

Exclusive: Lasting Bond

11.13.2013 //

If you’ve ever worked In a bike shop, or paid a shop to work on your bike, you’ve benefited from Bradley Reid’s craftsmanship. Not that you would ever know it. Reid, 65, is one of the mountain-bike industry’s unsung heroes.

Why Hans Rey Is The Greatest Of All Time…Maybe

11.11.2013 //

My nomination for the greatest mountain biker ever? Hans Rey. Let’s consider a few things. He has won the UCI World Champion title three times, and won 15 national titles in three countries before retiring from competition in 1997. Yet, Rey still remains relevant long after the champagne and podiums portion of his career.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – November 6, 2013

11.06.2013 //

2014 Marin Attack Trail XT8, Thoughts From The Bible: Horses for Courses, Tested: Trek Fuel EX 9.8 29 + More

Video: Life Behind Bars—Season Two, Episode Eight

11.06.2013 //

In this latest episode of “Life Behind Bars,” Brandon Semenuk, Graham Agassiz and Matty Miles travel to the legendary Kamloops, B.C., to build a high-speed, big-air line for Freeride Entertainment’s upcoming film “Rad Company.”

Exclusive: Tribal Summit

11.05.2013 //

This is the annual Yeti Tribe Gathering—the pin¬nacle of organized rides for Yeti owners—and a weekend so memorable it’s the sole reason why some tribe members plunk down the cash for an SB66 or an ASR in the first place.

Long-Term Test: Kind Shock LEV

11.05.2013 //

Regardless of where the post is in its travel, it is rock solid. there is zero squish, and I didn’t notice any fore-aft or side-to-side play, even after countless miles in the saddle.

Thoughts From The Bible: Horses for Courses.

10.30.2013 //

Who are you? How do you like to ride? What are your strengths as a rider and do you want a bike that masks your weaknesses or plays to your strong points? These are important questions to ask yourself, but make sure you are brutally honest and candid with your answers–if you’re not, you’ll wind up buying the wrong bike.

Chemtrails and mountain bike trails

10.28.2013 //

Momentum is building for Sedona, Arizona. There’s a rising tide of partially spandex-clad bikers washing up on the sandy desert floor around Sedona. More and more cars, laden with riders and their marvelous looking mechanical contraptions, flow into the red rock ravine.

Tested: Giro Chamber Shoes

10.26.2013 //

The Chamber has a skate-inspired, street shoe aesthetic,which looks great but also provides function.

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