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Bike Test: Ibis Tranny 29

12.07.2014 //

Words by Nicole Formosa $5965 | IBISCYCLES.COM The Ibis Tranny 29, as its name suggests, is much more than meets the eye. What the bike appears to be at first glance is actually covering up something far more complex and versatile. And with this use of the word ‘Tranny,’ that’s a good thing. Our test […]

Photo of the Day: Paris Gore

12.07.2014 //

Photo of the Day: Paris Gore | Amelia Colasurdo in Port Angeles, Washington

Photo Gallery: Santa Cruz Bicycles’ Holiday Party

12.07.2014 //

Santa Cruz Bicycles’ annual holiday party took over its headquarters last night, ushering in the season of winter revelry with an unveiling of the new V10 downhill bike, appearances from the Syndicate team, karaoke, a photo booth and a mechanical shark.

Review: Smith Pivlock Overdrive RX

12.06.2014 //

This review is for the roughly 30 percent of us who are nearsighted. Making sure the person we’re checking out across the bar is the correct gender requires us to fumble around and take out our second set of eyes. I’m one of those people. When riding, I’ve always paired contact lenses with normal riding glasses, and over time I’ve adapted to the irritating discomforts and dry eyes that anyone who rides with contacts knows about.

Dan Atherton | Escape. Create.

12.05.2014 //

When you think of Dan Atherton, you probably think of him blazing downhill and enduro tracks at mach 15. This video shows that he’s also an accomplished builder of both jump lines and trails.

Photo of the Day: Mattias Fredriksson

12.05.2014 //

Photo of the Day: Mattias Fredriksson |Richie Schley in Whistler, British Columbia.

Video: Joe Connel | Rise of the Shredder

12.05.2014 //

Joe Connel destroys some loamy lines on his downhill bike.

Video: Beyond the bike | Cam Zink

12.04.2014 //

From world-record backflips to falling from the sky at Rampage, Cam Zink has left an unquestionable mark on the mountain bike world. In “Beyond the Bike,” Dirt TV delves into Cam’s life to discover what motivates him to continue pushing the limits of freeride. Read the full story at Dirt TV. DirtTV: Beyond the Bike […]

Press release: Jerome Clementz re-signs with Cannondale

12.04.2014 //

Cannondale today announced that 2013 MTB Enduro World Champion Jerome Clementz of France will ride with the brand for another three years.

Video: Fall in the Elk Mountains with Yeti

12.04.2014 //

There is a small window in the Colorado high country when the trail conditions are perfect. Some would call it fall, but nature is fickle here — often the warm days of summer push up against the sting of winter. In the high country, cold winds blow and snow dusts the peaks. Lower in the […]

Photo of the Day: John Wellburn

12.04.2014 //

Photo of the Day: John Wellburn | Kurt Sorge in Turpan, Xinjiang, China.

Feature: Mood Swings

12.04.2014 //

We can’t see anything as we pedal through downtown Hood River. It was supposed to be sunny and 75 degrees, but the weather shifted overnight and now all but the lower corner of Hood is shrouded in gray, swirling rain clouds.
“Hood is a moody bitch,” says photographer Tyler Roemer as we pedal past one of the town’s breweries, telling us that the mountain seems to create its own, erratic weather patterns. “People get caught on Hood and have to get rescued all the time.”

Shimano XTR 360 Experience

12.03.2014 //

You control the point of view in this next-level experience from Shimano.

Video: Thomas Lapeyrie | Last Ride on Scott

12.03.2014 //

Thomas Lapeyrie shreds some soft and loamy trails with style and speed in this edit.

Photo of the Day: Sterling Lorence

12.03.2014 //

Photo of the Day: Sterling Lorence | Andrew Shandro and Rene Wildhaber near Queenstown, New Zealand.

Video: It’s not a race, right?

12.03.2014 //

It’s not a race, right? Or is it? In this Cat Topham video, two friends compete on some fun looking trails.

Seminal Force

12.03.2014 //

The old newsboy bikes were heavy and unwieldy, and they made better downhill rigs than they did cross-country machines. Also, going downhill fast fit the new sport’s all-fun, all-the-time vibe. The first real organized contest was the ‘Repack’ race, a 2-mile downhill time trial. The Craggs became Repack’s most prolific photo-documentarians. Wende also claimed the women’s record for fastest time.

Video: Rider Chased by a Grizzly Bear

12.02.2014 //

Being chased by a grizzly bear on trail is a nightmare for many of us, and thankfully this rider had his helmet camera on when “what if” turned into “oh shit.”

Video: Horsepower | Brett Rheeder

12.02.2014 //

Take Brett Rheeder, the Mind Spark team, a rad line, and you can expect a pretty banger edit – but this one exceeds expectations.

Photo of the Day: Margus Riga

12.02.2014 //

Photo of the Day: Margus Riga | Leanne Tomkins in North Vancouver, British Columbia

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