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Bike Magazine Newsletter – November 6, 2013

11.06.2013 //

2014 Marin Attack Trail XT8, Thoughts From The Bible: Horses for Courses, Tested: Trek Fuel EX 9.8 29 + More

Video: Life Behind Bars—Season Two, Episode Eight

11.06.2013 //

In this latest episode of “Life Behind Bars,” Brandon Semenuk, Graham Agassiz and Matty Miles travel to the legendary Kamloops, B.C., to build a high-speed, big-air line for Freeride Entertainment’s upcoming film “Rad Company.”

Exclusive: Tribal Summit

11.05.2013 //

This is the annual Yeti Tribe Gathering—the pin¬nacle of organized rides for Yeti owners—and a weekend so memorable it’s the sole reason why some tribe members plunk down the cash for an SB66 or an ASR in the first place.

Long-Term Test: Kind Shock LEV

11.05.2013 //

Regardless of where the post is in its travel, it is rock solid. there is zero squish, and I didn’t notice any fore-aft or side-to-side play, even after countless miles in the saddle.

Thoughts From The Bible: Horses for Courses.

10.30.2013 //

Who are you? How do you like to ride? What are your strengths as a rider and do you want a bike that masks your weaknesses or plays to your strong points? These are important questions to ask yourself, but make sure you are brutally honest and candid with your answers–if you’re not, you’ll wind up buying the wrong bike.

Chemtrails and mountain bike trails

10.28.2013 //

Momentum is building for Sedona, Arizona. There’s a rising tide of partially spandex-clad bikers washing up on the sandy desert floor around Sedona. More and more cars, laden with riders and their marvelous looking mechanical contraptions, flow into the red rock ravine.

Tested: Giro Chamber Shoes

10.26.2013 //

The Chamber has a skate-inspired, street shoe aesthetic,which looks great but also provides function.

Tested: Trek Fuel EX 9.8 29

10.25.2013 //

The EX performs brilliantly on everyday singletrack—the kind of trails you want to ride for hours upon hours. Its handling traits are balanced and nimble, thanks in part to its low bottom bracket and ample standover. The efficient DRCV suspension platform and the 27.5-pound weight make the EX 9.8 feel like a no-holds-barred race whippet while on the pedals.

VIdeo: The Salvadorian Way

10.25.2013 //

By Mike Gamble We take the bicycle for granted. We have great days, we have not so great days. For a Salvadorian, the bicycle is life. For some, a necessity, for others an escape. Not just for the mind, but for the soul of its user. Through the dreams of a dedicated group of riders, […]

Bike Magazine Newsletter – October 24, 2013

10.24.2013 //

2014 Bible of Bike Tests Begins, Interview: Kirk Pacenti, Tested: M.U.L.E.® NV™ + More

First Impressions: Dakine Hip Pack

10.22.2013 //

Save yourself from the evil of the rider who fails to bring a spare tube. Buy him a hip pack and tell them to smarten up.

Friday Five: Increasing Hip Power

10.18.2013 //

Can you make your glutes dance? Do you want to be faster or better? Then take notice of what Monika Marx has to say about you butt muscles.

Dirty Words: Our Long National Nightmare is Over

10.18.2013 //

Congress has finally seen the light and reopened the government. Thank goodness, it was starting to get really weird here in the capital of the United States of America.

Tested: Topeak Joe Blow Ace Floor Pump

10.14.2013 //

A bicycle floor pump that works well for seating mountain-bike tubeless tires and high-pressure road bike tires.

Exclusive: 2013 Heavy Pedal Tour–Vail

10.11.2013 //

Day two, we set out nice and early. We were ready for a fresh new start. First run up the mountain and Trey’s derailleur cable snapped. But he didn’t care he was going to ride it anyways. Then, half way down the mountain, the spring in his derailleur broke, causing his chain to bounce violently. We needed to fix it super quick…

Dirty Words: A Simple Twist of Fate

10.11.2013 //

The world has gone mad. At least it seems that way on this gray and wet afternoon. On the macro level, our society is unraveling. At the personal level, two amazing cyclists I admired and aspired to be like have met tragedy, both as a result of a simple twist of fate.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – October 10, 2013

10.10.2013 //

Transition Klunker, The Brake that Changed Everything, Pearl Izumi X-Alp Launch + More

Exclusive: Totem–John Tomac’s Custom Bell Helmet

10.10.2013 //

Tomac’s red-white-and-blue, American flag-design Bell XC helmet captured a moment during mountain biking’s heyday and perfectly represented what America’s greatest racer was truly all about.

The Bakery: Off the Bike at Outerbike

10.10.2013 //

Outerbike is a holy grail for bike enthusiasts to access all the bikes they have been dreaming about, in a location that’s a destination all on its own. And when you get past the chatter of tire width and carbon frames, you find a group of people who are passionate about riding bikes and value those who actually make our industry run, the consumer.

Bike Magazine Newsletter – October 3, 2013

10.03.2013 //

Afghanistan, Santa Cruz 5010, Kali Protectives Aazis Knee Guards + More

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