2012 Heavy Pedal Tour

Heavy Pedal Tour Photos

Heavy Pedal Tour Photo Gallery #4: Stevens Pass


Natty and Trey hit Stevens Pass Bike Park, near Leavenworth, Washington.

Heavy Pedal Tour Photo Gallery #3


Natty and Trey hit the road in search of the best that Utah and Wyoming have to offer--moose encounters, bucking broncos and big descents ensue.

Heavy Pedal Tour Photo Gallery #2


Natty and Trey hit a trio of famed destinations--Crested Butte, Vail and Breckenridge--and discover that, though all bike parks are not created equal, there's always amazing riding of one flavor or another to be had.

Heavy Pedal Tour Photo Gallery #1


By Vernon Felton Though Natty and Trey are still in the first stretch of the 2012 Heavy Pedal Tour, they’re already racking up a sizeable horde of photos. Including these right here.

Featured Tour Athletes

Neal Clay and Natalie Gentry

Neal Clay & Natalie Gentry

They sold their house, hawked their belongings on Craigslist and are piloting the Heavy Pedal Tour on a mountain biking road trip of epic proportions.